Hauck Dream N Care Portable Crib, Beige

Hauck Dream N Care Portable Crib, Beige

The new Hauck Dream and Care is the perfect companion for the new addition. The light weight construction and compact size of the Dream and Care allows parents the ability travel from room to room as easily as from home to vacation destinations. The Dream and Care is equipped with a velvety soft bedding area and cushioned rails for maximum comfort. Plenty of storage below and on the pockets located on the side.

Main features

  • Ultra portable bassinet/bed plenty of storage below mattress safe-lock side rail system for stability
  • Quick to assemble and collapse
  • Bed area; Length 32″, width 18″
  • Assembled size is length 35″ width 20″ height 30″
  • Collapsed size length 30″ width 9.5″ depth 9.5″ weight: 16 pounds

Verified reviews


Really more of a bassinet than a crib – use only with a young baby

The Hauck Dream N Care Portable Crib works pretty well as a bassinet but should be limited only up to ages 4-5 months or whenever baby starts lifting itself. The information is included in the hazards portion of the booklet included with the item but the word “crib” infers, to me at least, that an older baby could still use it. I don’t see that noted in the Amazon description and I think it is important to know this prior to purchase.Given that, I think that the item is slightly overpriced compared to other young infant portable bassinets and that there are other solutions similar in price that could be used longer.Putting the crib together took a little effort. The instructions are not written in English and are illustrations only. It made it difficult to understand what needed to be done. The best thing to do is to watch the video on the Amazon page – that will give you the best idea of what to do. It is important to open it and close it in the precise order necessary. Two things I noted when putting it up were 1) that the hinges need to be hyper-extended up to lock into position otherwise they will not lock in place and 2) that when collapsing the crib, you need to push the buttons until the crib is completely collapsed. If you stop before, the crib will lock into a semi collapsed state. This makes sense for safety for baby but was not intuitive to me.The crib is a neutral beige tone but for some reason, the manufacturer decided to put a pink animals decal on the non-zipping side of the crib. To stay gender neutral, it would have been nice if the animals were yellow, orange, brown, or even green. It might put someone off buying it for a baby boy.The crib is surface washable only and does not include either a sheet or a rubber pad to keep baby from having an accident. This, more than anything else, would make me look for alternatives.As a bassinet for bedside for a newborn, I think it could be great. It has wheels on one side so that you could move the crib to vacuum under it or to move it to another location (not with baby on board, please!) The zipper areas and the pockets are useful for baby extras like diapers, cleaning items, a change of clothes, etc. I wouldn’t use it for full time storage, but just enough to get through a night could make a big difference for the new parents and baby. Once I figured out the order of opening and closing, I was able to do it on my own, but with two people, it goes a lot easier. I thought that once collapsed, it would never fit back into its carry bag but I was wrong, this was actually the easiest part of putting the crib up and taking it down.I give it a qualified recommendation – if you are looking for a lightweight bassinet for a newborn and don’t think you will use it for more than one baby (as it doesn’t clean easily or thoroughly), I do recommend it. If you are looking for something longer lasting, more durable, and which can be cleaned, I would suggest that you continue looking for alternatives.

Deanne Myerstown, PA

Hauck Dream Portable Crib…

This is a very nice little crib/bassinette. Very useful if you on the move allot or just need to keep an extra at a relatives house. Its seems sturdy and comfortable, fairly easy set up, and even room for some storage there is nothing wrong with it in my opinion. I gave it 4 stars because baby will outgrow it pretty fast it really is more of a bassinette and a slightly darker or more sex neutral color would be nice as well. Nevertheless; if you are on the move with a little one this will be very handy atleast for a few months time with that in mind maybe they could drop the price a bit.

Patricia Church View, VA

cute but challenging

• very compact
• comprised of 3 pieces: bed, mattress, and carrying case
• infant size and low heightCons:
• directions contain obscure pictures, so not helpful
• only able to set it up after watching the video on the Amazon product pageOpinion that can go either way:
• Velvety plush railing and mattress are nice to the touch, but I have concerns about how nice they will stay with use.

Keri Sparta, GA

Hauck Portable Crib

I agree with the other reviewer, it is more like a bassinet. It’s ultimately too small for a 2 year old but is perfect for newborns. It was very easy to set up and take down for the car rides home. We used this a few times for picnics in the meadow (we added an umbrella for the baby). We also being it to relatives houses for parties and we have no problems. Definitely seems like it will last for our 2 other future babies (planning on 3 total over the course of 6 years). Also, you will need to buy a baby mattress cover so that you wont have to buy a new mattress. Its only memory foam which is not washable. We found one that is plastic but doesn’t have the crinkle noise like grandmas plastic wrapped couch. Highly recommend and its cheap enough for the quality you need for portable. Spend more money on the actual crib and other necessities.

Lakeisha Pierceton, IN

Good idea in theory

Maybe its just me, or maybe I got a faulty crib but I hard the hardest time putting this thing together. The rails just didn’t want to lock. I like the storage compartments but to me its not useful if it takes 20 minutes to setup so this is being returned and I’m going to keep the travel lite graco crib that I got instead. Its easy and lite and will last longer than this one since you can remove the bassinet and put at the bottom just like a crib.

Stacy Sitka, AK


The product was as described. It came in a timely fashion and was shipping right away. It was exactly what I wanted. It was perfect I do think it needs more pocket space. I ended up ordering a diaper caddy to attach to the side.

Estella Tuxedo Park, NY

Very simple to set up crib!

I really like this portable crib. It is relatively light, easy to open up, and my baby naps comfortably in it. I can take this with me when I’m visiting friends and when baby gets tired, if I’m going to be there for a little while, I don’t need to keep my baby in his car seat. Instead, I can open up this portable crib in a minute and baby can rest comfortably. Once open, it is very sturdy and there is absolutely no danger of it falling or collapsing. And with two wheels, it is easy to move from one room to another, even with baby in it.It is also pretty small when folded up, so I can keep it in my car and use it when I need. Once open, it’s big enough for my 8-month old. However, once my baby starts to be able to pull himself up (which should happen in a month or two), he will no longer be able to use this portable crib. Still, to be able to use it for a full year or so, that’s still pretty good for a baby product!The materials are very soft and comfortable. Unfortunately, there is no cover on the “mattress” that opens up for the crib, and I think the soft material can get dirty easily.All in all, I am quite satisfied with this portable crib and its ease of use.

Victoria Fort Riley, KS

Great for daily use

I would rate this product a 5, but I had difficulty getting the sides to stay up. It has the same structural set up as a pack-n-play and I dislike those as well. Otherwise, this comes as two pieces (frame and mattress) and the mattress is very nice and soft. A big plus is that the mattress attaches to the support so that the mattress doesn’t shift. The bad news is that the velcro doesn’t work if you use a sheet.I also love the fact that this is mesh on all sides unlike the co-sleepers that you typically find. My daughter frequently looks out the sides to make sure she is not alone and will then fall back asleep. Overall, this is a great product and my daughter sleeps in it every night.I have recommended this instead of a traditional bassinet to everyone I know that is having a baby.

Faye Harper, OR