Hauck Malibu All in One Child Carrier Set – Baby stroller and bassinet with car seat adaptor ,Black

Hauck Malibu All in One Child Carrier Set – Baby stroller and bassinet with car seat adaptor ,Black

The Malibu all in one comes with the stroller, universal infant car seat adaptor and the bassinet plus the bassinet stand. As always the ever versatile Malibu offers exceptional quality and streamline design.

Main features

  • Hauck Malibu all in one stroller comes with bassinet and stand, universal infant car seat adaptor, easy to fold, very light aluminum frame and soft foam handle
  • Easy to removable front bar, single foot brake break system, 5 point safety harness with shoulder pads and front wheels swivel/lock
  • Over size extendable canopy, hand washable fabric, outer material: 100% polyester; filling: 100% polyester fleece and weight 18 lbs
  • Length of seat back and recline platform: seat 7”, back 18”, reclining platform 33”, seat width: 13”, wheel diameter: front 7” / back 7.5” and front wheels swivel/lock (360 degree)
  • Infinite seat recline, from position 163 degree to sitting position 115 degree, shock absorption, 3 position adjustable footrest and large shopping basket

Verified reviews



It is amazing how many modes this stroller can be turned into. As the baby grows, it can be altered to suit the needs. The manual is only pictures and no language. So setup will take a little longer than with written instructions. You hear those clicks and you know the setup is alright. The bassinet feature is very handy with its mobility and smaller footprint compared to other playard that come with bassinet option. More as all functions are deployed.

Lavonne Sabana Seca, PR

Reasonably priced bassinet stroller!

I unfortunately discovered this stroller system right at the time my son was too big for a bassinet. However, I love that this is a quality item at a reasonable price that has a bassinet attachment. I know that when baby #2 is born I will use this all the time. Having a bassinet attachment is wonderful so that you have a clean safe place for the baby to play while outside.

Manuela Plainfield, IL

So-so, not my favorite stroller.

I really wanted to love this stroller…however, I just don’t. It’ll be nice as a back up or for when friends fly in so they don’t have to lug one (I actually have a double stroller for that purpose though!)First and foremost, as others have said – there is an impressive amount of things in the box.Assembly is a bit annoying – the pamphlet seems to forget to include a lot of steps – as in the stroller comes a lot more broken down then what the pictures show. I was able to assemble it alone in about 20-30 minutes, but had to reference looking at the finished product online a few times to see exactly how some pieces went together.I don’t like that the bar going across the stroller has to remain in place. This may be one of my main complaints. I don’t want that bar there but without it they’ll be two pieces of plastic jutting off the frame. Better of two evils – leave it on. It does have a swing door release for convenience for when putting your child in or taking your child out but I still do not like it. Maybe it it was a snack tray or something but it isn’t. My daughter has decided it is entertaining to zip and unzip the slip cover on it though – so I guess that’s something.The canopy leaves a bit to be desired. It is pretty small and since I live in Seattle, I would definitely not rely on it to block any rain or sun (haha) if caught outside without the proper guards.It does not fold flat (once I figured out how to fold it, since the directions lack words and the pictures leave a bit to be desired), so I don’t know if I did something wrong with the assembly or if thats just the way it is – but it definitely does not replace the ease of my Britax B-Agile which folds down pretty small. The seat feels like it may break if you force it flat. Did anyone else have this issue? Did I assemble it wrong?The bassinet feels unstable on the stand, but my daughter is too old for that anyways. I liked it on the ground and as a pram, it is quite nice but I would be concerned about the fabric and a young child. I like that this comes with a universal car adapter. That’s a really great pro.I do not like the brake, it requires a lot of force and feels a bit cheaply constructed. I also kick it on a regular basis and I do not have a long stride (same issue with the Citi Mini – the bar is low and *right there*).I do not like the straps on the seat, or the cheap shoulder cover slips that fell off the first time I unstrapped my daughter and she thought would be fun to hide. I DO like that I don’t need to use the shoulder straps when snapping her in and can only use the lap straps – at 16 months she is okay without being totally constrained.Maybe my over-all general complaint – for the price, you get A LOT of stuff, but all of the stuff you get does not make a great system because the majority of it feels cheap.I think if you wanted all of the stuff, and planned on using it all — this could be a good stroller — especially at its price point. It does look really nice, and maybe I am jaded because I do really like my other stroller. If I was going from a cheaper stroller to this one – I think I would absolutely love it without realizing the things I now see as “flaws” because it does feel like a downgrade.If you could though, I would spend a bit more and get something that is and feels a bit more high end like the Vista or spend less and go more reliably well constructed like the Britax B-Agile, which will remain my everyday stroller.

Jade Lamont, KS

When Engineering Becomes Art.

When I opened the box and started pulling everything apart, I was first amazed how much stuff was inside. I started putting everything together and realizing the features for myself without reading the assembly instructions, and I became truly amazed how well thought out everything was with the design. I saw the video on Amazon, but putting it together made me realize some other great things about it as well:For one, everything comes back apart easily and folds down smoothly, including the bassinet and the actual stroller frame. You can even easily remove all four casters, which I was not expecting at all, but that will save a lot of room if you ever wish to store this between children.All the fabric comes off – even of the front handle, so you can basically machine wash the entire ensemble.I was able to discover just about everything for myself without the manual, so most people should have no trouble even if they do need the manual. That said, the manual is the type that only has pictures to avoid writing everything in multiple languages. That’s sort of a detriment in this case, because those not mechanically inclined might not notice some of the great features.The whole setup only requires two bolts be installed with included locking nuts for the bassinet stand. I feel like they should have been able to find a way to do without those yet, so that that stand could break down further – it does fold up and has a hook to keep it together, but it doesn’t save as much room as it could have. I suppose it was done this way to ensure safety, so this isn’t a serious complaint.It also has a nylon bag that one can house the toddler carrier when one is still in the phase of using the bassinet, which is a great bonus. And the great way the bassinet locks into the stroller or the stand via hidden hooks is just a fabulous design.There are numerous small design details that were surprising and clever as well, such as how handles are integrated where convenient, fully adjustable everything, a plastic window that can be fully covered with fabric that can be hidden when not in use, wheels that can lock into “straight only” mode, and plenty more.Also included is a frame that can be mounted onto the stroller or the bassinet stand in the same manner that the bassinet can be attached that is said to be a universal car seat adapter. I personally don’t see myself bothering to remove the car seat for this purpose, but it could come in handy. I suppose if you just wanted to grab the stand to take over to Grandma’s for the evening…Despite the obvious careful packaging, I did have a few scratches on the frame, not noticeable enough to bother me. There will be more eventually.I get the idea that some people even use strollers as a status symbol of sorts. That seems absurd to me as a guy, but if that’s your thing, I don’t think this set will disappoint: it’s good looking and the materials are of obvious quality.This is a great product, especially useful considering it’s an interoperable set. And most of all, as an engineer, I’m super impressed at the design and benefits of said design, particularly ease of use and portability. This is by a German GmbH (similar to an American LLC), presumably designed by Germans known for all their mechanical works of art (H&K;, BMW, et al.), made in China, but almost assuredly under German supervision. I’m sold.

Lina Horse Creek, WY

Difficult collapse mechanism and wobbly bassinette outweigh attractive features; not as good as other strollers on the market

With so many high-end and feature-loaded strollers in the market today I expected this new stroller to be better than the competition or offer something innovative. The easily removed bassinette is a nice feature for transferring a sleeping baby from stroller to home but unfortunately that’s where this stroller stops impressing.The most important negative for me is also the reason we won’t be keeping this stroller – the folding mechanism to collapse this stroller is exceptionally difficult. You must depress and hold a release button on one arm of the handle and at the same time slide up a release tab on both arms of the handle. This process is made even more difficult by the fact that the release button is extremely tight and takes a lot of effort to get all three things accomplished together. It’s so difficult to collapse that I called customer service to find out if I was doing something wrong or if my stroller was defective. I was dumped into voicemail without an option to stay on hold and talk to a customer service rep. I decided to e-mail instead of leaving voicemail and received a reply the next day. Their reply was that I was doing it correctly and that it would be tight at first and get easier as I broke it in. I suppose it’s good that the release can be broken in over time, but even if the release process went smoothly I still find this type of collapse cumbersome. I often have my toddler by the hand while I open or close a stroller and can’t imagine how I would accomplish keeping my toddler safely next to me while using both hands to struggle with this collapse. Our prior stroller, the Britax B-Agile, is a similar stroller that collapses by pushing in and releasing one button and then grabbing a stroller handle on the seat that collapses the stroller with one pull and the handle you’re holding is the same handle you use to carry it around – very easy and logical!Another negative is that the bassinette stand isn’t as useful for us as it first appeared. We have a couple of older kids and a dog (border collie – not exactly a bull in a china shop) and I quickly realized that any of them could easily knock the stand over, even if the stand was against the wall, because of how top-heavy it will be once the bassinette and baby are on top of it. In the past we always put sleeping babies in car seats or bassinettes in the middle of the dining table which is a much safer base this folding stand and that’s what we’ll do with this bassinette. (The bassinette itself is fine.) If this is your first baby and you don’t have dogs then the stand could be quite useful though.There’s more – the stroller’s basket is smaller than many other strollers, the highest setting on the seat is still reclined quite a bit so infants who want to sit up and look around will be stuck reclining until they are able to sit up completely on their own, and the assembly instructions are terrible and don’t include written or illustration instructions for assembling several parts of the stroller. For example, it took me half an hour just to figure out which straps and framework attached the different openings of the basket before I finally had it attached properly. I’ve assembled a half-dozen other strollers over the years – this was by far the most complex.As for positives, this stroller does many things well, such as: it’s easy to steer with one hand, feels solid and rides well, has a great canopy cover, looks stylish, has a universal car seat adapter, and has a washable cover. Of course, many other nice strollers have these same features which means for me that the negatives far outweigh the positives.

Jimmie West Harrison, IN

Tries to do everything and fails to be great at anything… and overpriced!

Pros- seems to have compatibility with a range of carseats- easy 1-handed OPENING from folded position (but NOT closing)- nice big canopy- nice to have the versatility of the different add-ons (pram, stroller, carseat connector), but it requires effort to change between them so you probably want to pick one and stay with it for a while- decent folded dimensions with the stroller and canopy on (though not as good as competitors’ single strollers):20″ H x 29″ L (handles to wheel) x 21″ W (wheel to wheel)Cons:- horrendous assembly experience (4 hours later) – they left out several key steps… almost like the instructions sketcher had no idea how the parts would actually be packaged up in the box! Definitely watch the YouTube video first so you get a sense of how it generally works- overall the versatility of this requires a lot of levers and pulls that do not feel very robust, get easily jammed (fold-up mechanism, teeth that pop up to enable pram add-on)- DIFFICULT two-handed folding – requires you to push a safety button with your right thumb and pull back on two levers with your index fingers SIMULTANEOUSLY otherwise they get off track from one another and you have to begin again- the stroller seat is only held up by two pins on each side – feels a bit unsafe as I have easily dislodged the pins when removing the canopy which could send the kid sliding backwards to land on his head!- carseat adapter faces FORWARD only – so can’t make eye contact with your kid- canopy cannot be used with the carseat for that `cocooning’ affect that keeps a kid sleeping on a sunny day- canopy is not designed to work with the pram and the pram only faces one way so if the sun is behind you, you’re out of luck- pram stand doesn’t add any value for me- the break is a little jenky – and you kick the storage bin when you lock and releaseFor $399 I would recommend instead the Britax B-Agile ($188 currently on Amazon) and buy the pram ($118) and save yourself $100! It’s much better designed, robust with easy open/close and better versatility of seat orientation with cocooning sun shade option. It does require you stick with the Britax family and a B-Safe carseat however.

Jillian Coles Point, VA

Nice stroller

Good stroller. Well build, sturdy and maneuverable. The wheels roll smoothly and turn well. My child feels comfortable sitting in it. We never used for the bassinet or the child seat adapter. The price is high, but seems reasonable for an all-in-one.

Susan Hume, IL

Not our favorite stroller, but cool features

We’ve had so many strollers over the past five years that our garage almost seems like a stroller repository. Among those we have:Britax B-Agile Stroller, Black, Britax B-Ready Stroller and Second Seat,Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller, Appletree,The First Years Wisp Travel System, Abstract O’s,Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller, Crimson Red, andChicco Liteway Plus Stroller, Equinox.This Hauck Malibu is not our favorite. (For a single stroller, the Chicco Liteway Plus was tops…and not the most expensive.) It’s not awful, of course, and every stroller has something that makes it less-than-perfect. But I found the assembly of this stroller to be more difficult than I expected. (I usually don’t need the directions, but ended up following along with the pictures in this case.) Thankfully you only have to assemble it once!Cool features include the pram, which we have never had. Its fun when the baby is tiny, and has always been an expensive add-on to any of the strollers we have owned (hence the reason we have not had one!).For my height (5’4″) the stroller handle works just fine.I wasn’t thrilled with the size of the underseat basket, but we attach the diaper bag to the handlebar, so it works just fine to store packages while you’re shopping.The black color is nice and neutral, not too trendy or cutesy, and doesn’t show stains like a lighter color could. I wish there were a snack tray on the front, rather than just a bar. (Most of our strollers only have the bar, so I’m used to this feature…just not a big fan.) When folded, it fits into the back of both of our cars. Lighter weight than other strollers, so it is not too bad to lift in and out of the trunk.If you’re stroller shopping, I think it’s a good idea to visit a baby supply store and “test drive” a few strollers. If they’ll let you, fold it up and test whether it fits in your car’s trunk (we’ve learned the hard way that not every stroller fits!). You may find this one to work well for you, but for us, it spends most of its time in the clutter of strollers.

Helena Duke, OK