Heininger 1027 CommuteMate Seat Belt Strap Adjuster

Heininger 1027 CommuteMate Seat Belt Strap Adjuster

With the Seat Strap AdjusterTM clipped to you seatbelt, the shoulder strap will sit where you want it to. Still providing an effective working seatbelt. The Seat Strap AdjusterTM is made to work with a three point seatbelt, making the shoulder strap maintain an upright position in case of impact. This innovative product takes into consideration that not all standard seatbelts fit everybody, offering safety and comfort in one simple package.

Main features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Installs in Seconds
  • Crash tested
  • Universal
  • 2 Seat belts adjuster per 1 package

Verified reviews



This seat belt strap adjuster is PERFECT for anyone who is tired of the chafing caused by a seat belt that constantly rubs on their neck and/or shoulder! I purchased this one for my daughter but I’ve had these in my vehicles for YEARS! I always try to remember to take them before I sell a vehicle I’ve been using so that I don’t have to order another and wait for it to come in! I’m spoiled to NOT having to feel the rub of the seat belt anymore!

Natalie Childwold, NY

works great, glad there is 2 per package

when i put the first one on, i was watching what i was doing very carefully, and it took me a minute to install. the second one, i was over confident and didn’t have it threaded correctly before i clipped it together. you really can’t un-clip this without breaking it. For the price though, i wasn’t all that upset, I already had a second set on order for our 2nd car. I love how these clips don’t heat up as they are plastic, don’t interfere other people who aren’t using the clip with seat belt usage, and can adjust for anyone to use the seat belt. I no longer and constantly pulling the seat belt off my neck.

Sasha Ramsay, MT

Decent given limited product options

Just before buying these adjusters I’d picked up a pack made by Belkin.I found both to be adequate and can’t say either has an edge.The Heininger actually stay attached to the belt between uses, which is a plus. But unsnapping them once properly attached can be tricky. When being used, these adjusters need to be slid to the side of a belt that is pulled tight and low across the lap…which is the proper way to use a belt anyway. If they aren’t secured this way, they tend to excessively slide/move along the belt while in use if you happen to move much.The Belkin have a more in-use secure fit, but slip right off the belt when not in use do to their ‘open on both sides’ design. Also, if you like to wear your belt a little more loosely, these are the better option.Overall, I don’t think there is an optimal product for adjusting seat belts out there to date, so this item is no better or worse than others.

Carolyn Constantine, MI

Get’s the job done!

What can I say, the product simply works. I only use it on long trips but there is where it makes all the difference. I happen to have a convertible and the strap hits me at a terrible spot. This becomes an issue on long trips. This product has enabled me to stop constantly pushing the belt down and watching it ride right back up and then cutting into my neck. So, bottom line, if you have a seatbelt such as mine I wholeheartedly recommend this product.

Deloris Peoa, UT

Serves its purpose, some of the times.

I’m 4’11” and drives a Prius and was sick of having the seat belt cutting into my neck everytime so I bought this little gadget. The instruction seems easy enough to figure out and installation was very simple with a simple snap, literally. My only complaint is that the photo shows how neatly it stays in place, it didn’t for me.. but as long as it keeps the belt away from my neck, I’m a happy camper. It seems to also slip out once in a while too.

Georgina Avenel, NJ

A good product with bad instructions

The product has worked very well. I managed to get it on correctly the first time – more luck than anything else – and it has worked great. This was pretty easy to set up once I figured it out. I subtracted one start because of the poor directions. I gave up and just went on intuition and prayers. I am short and curvy, so I have had some difficulty with seatbelt adjustment in the past and have tried several things to help it. This certainly helps and unlike some others, it is not too obtrusive and unattractive.

Marquita Lancaster, MA

OK Once Installation Puzzle is Solved

I found the directions terse and confusing. After a few minutes studying the picture on the cardboard insert I finally figured out how to attach this strap adjuster correctly. I found the whole process tedious and a pain, but once on, the adjuster slides smoothly and does its job as promised.My seatbelt always hits my neck with some discomfort. The Commutemate strap adjuster pulls the strap away from my neck and towards the shoulder with welcome relief.These little gadgets are worth the money and negate one more reason for not wearing a seatbelt. Mrs. Spudman has her own set of seatbelt adjusters with similar design principle except that the back clip is already attached at one end. She likes that design better.

Maude Vernon, IL