Hendelman & Co. Designs Baby Walker – Learn how to walk assistant Gift, Baby, NewBorn, Child

Hendelman & Co. Designs Baby Walker – Learn how to walk assistant Gift, Baby, NewBorn, Child

Baby Walker – Learn how to walk assistant

Main features

  • Learn how to walk assistant
  • Baby Walker
  • Baby Walker – Learn how to walk assistant

Verified reviews


As advertised.

This is not a product that you will walk to use until your baby is pulling himself up on things, walking while holding on to furniture or your hands, and standing. If you wait until your baby has started doing these things, then it is a great product!My baby wants to walk around non-stop but she doesn’t have the confidence to let go of my hands. I hated pulling her little arms and this is so much better. It is not hard at all to get her in and out. It is just 3 snaps, like a car seat or high chair harness. I’m 5’8″ and my baby is about 2’8″, so I have to bend a little even at the longest setting, but a shorter woman may be able to stand upright. The handle feels like PVC pipe. Either way, it isn’t going to bend. We have really enjoyed the harness. Especially for walking outside.For under $10, it’s not really a gamble! If you’re considering it, just go for it!

Brandi Kadoka, SD

Poor safety in design, head trauma likely

Every child is going to be different in terms of enjoying/liking a product, our son somewhat enjoyed the walker at first until he fell out of it. There are no side support straps to prevent a left or right fall. Having a son with a body too small for his head, the head tends to go and then the body follows. While in the walker he leaned his head to the left and fell almost completely out of the walker except for a leg/foot that was caught up in the streps like a pirate in ship rigging. Not being a seamstress I have no idea how to fix this on my own or know a good solution, sorry. You may want to try some shoulder straps possibly.

Wendy Glen Wild, NY

Very disappointed. Poor quality.

First and foremost, I did not know this item came from overseas. I waited for almost a month. I was worried my son will learn to walk before it will be delivered. So finally the package came, when I opened it, it was a huge disappointment. Everything was made from the roughest and thinnest fabric (it’s not even made of cotton). It was sewn like a gradeschooler’s first time to use the sewing machine. The black locks are made of very thin plastic which popped once my son started to walk with it. And worst, it almost strangulated him when he made a turn because the fabric was so rough and thin. They put a loose pvc pipe inside the orange fabric handle. Well, you got what you paid for. So don’t even waste a penny on this.

Luisa Springdale, UT

very useful!

love this walker, even though my little one doesn’t … I guess she is just too lazy to walk yet 🙂

Carlene Santa Maria, CA


For us it was just useless. I tried to put my baby in it for a few times but she refused. Also it is very complicated to get your baby in and out. I prefer to teach my baby walking just holding her underarms.

Tameka Toquerville, UT


I was VERY DISAPPOINTED in this item when I received it.I purchased this item because my baby at 7 months was already starting to be able to stand on her own if she is holding onto something and has already been showing interest in walking (with help from me).So I got this item, because it said that kids as young as 4 or 6 months could use it.The item got lots of great reviews so I did not hesitate to get this item.Upon receiving this item, I was extremely disappointed in the quality of the item.The ENTIRE item was made of very cheap thin fabrics (cotton or polyester) I believe it was.My baby fits fine in it but because it was so cheaply made that I was afraid that one of the strings might snap unexpectedly and my baby could fall over and hurt herself. And the handle part for mommy to hold onto to baby (like a puppet), is actually a very light weight wood (very cheaply made). I was afraid that the piece might break due to the weight of my baby (about 19 pounds).So I decided not to use this item.DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. DO NOT BUY.But the cost of shipping back was too high so I had to keep it.I am giving this item 2 stars instead of 0 stars because I was able to use this item for about 20 minutes when I first received it. But stop using it entirely due to safety reasons. But when it was used, my baby really love it and had so much fun.So it was a very great concept for an item but the quality is terrible. So maybe they can go back to the drawing board and redesign the product with higher quality materials.

Nora Rico, CO


Saved my back. there isn’t much to it but there really isn’t supoose to be i guess, but my back is saved

Justine Oak Harbor, WA


This thing is crap. I’m a sucker for buying it but trust me, I didn’t even think to use it. It is cheap, flimsy, and smells like chemicals, this is a dont buy.

Marian Pineola, NC


My son seemed to need some assistance walking so i got this for him. But he didn’t like it and didn’t even use it once.

Phyllis Harrietta, MI

Good Product

Good quality, very inexpensive – my 1 yr old just cannot stop looking up at me as I am driving her. I do believe over the next couple months it will grow on her. And I won’t have to wake up every morning with a sore back from bending over, cannot wait!!!

Kaitlyn Ecleto, TX

Terrible quality.

I’m pretty sure this is an imitation of the original, but you get what you pay for. Do not recommend this.

Sabrina Joshua, TX

Nice product but not working yet

Seems to be well made and nice for the price. It’s a good idea and I was hoping it would work for my 14 month old who is almost walking but won’t try to on his own. We have used it a few times so far and he just likes to hold on to the straps or try to sit down so it hasn’t helped us yet but I could see how it might.

Jerry Castlewood, SD

Pretty Flimsy

My baby doesn’t like this, and I don’t like this. It’s flimsy, and you still have to bend over quite a bit.

Silvia Ouray, CO

Strong material – does its job!

Just got this yesterday, it works well to help teach my son how to walk. The build quality is good, you can pick your child up off the ground it you wanted. My wife used it as a little swing with our son, he loved it!

Genevieve New Paris, IN