Hevea Pond Bath Toys

Hevea Pond Bath Toys

Hevea’s Pond set is a trio of 100% Natural Rubber Bath Toys perfect for Baby and Toddlers alike. Set includes fish, duck, and frog.

Main features

  • 100% natural rubber latex
  • Hygienic one piece design – no holes for water to get into
  • Sustainably produced
  • Recycled and biodegradable packaging materials
  • No PVC, no BPA, no phthalates, no artificial colors

Verified reviews


Gave my son a latex allergy!!!

My son has bathed with these toys since he was an infant. I wish someone had told me that exposure to latex (which is natural rubber) can make people develop a latex allergy. He now has a latex allergy at the age of two. I would not recommend these toys to my worst enemy.

Kristi Bon Aqua, TN

Everything you would want in a baby toy

These toys are made of raw rubber, so that’s what they look like – raw rubber dark yellow colour toys with imperfections and some impurities, like a few tiny black specs. They have a mild rubbery scent, but it’s not unpleasant. The toys are light,stretchy, soft and flexible, my 8 month old can easily squeeze and bend them. They are also great for teething. The size is perfect to fit little hands. There are no holes, so water cannot get in and mold won’t grow inside. These toys are BPA, Phtalate and PVC free, are sustainably produced and are hand crafted in Europe (my package says “Made in Spain”). The packaging is produced from FSC certified forest, printed with canola oil,and even the window is based on cellulose. The design of the toys is very cute, and my baby loves them. They are not as pretty and flashy as some other toys, but they don’t contain any paint, so this is to be expected. At least my baby has something safe to chew on in the tub. Overall, I am very satisfied with the purchase, and I wish the manufacturer made more products, like balls, blocks, etc.

Mallory Chandler, IN

Good material but very ugly!!

The quality of the material is really good but these toys are really ugly. They look much worse than in the picture. Highly recommend the Lanco brand which is also made of natural materials but toys are much nicer. Got those too and my children much rather prefer those.

Mollie Whitehouse, NJ

Great in & out of bath!

I got these for my 8-month-old to use as bath toys, but she loves them so much we use them during regular playtime as well! I love that they are natural rubber/toxin free, NOT made in china, and most importantly- they have no holes in them like other bath toys that cause water to get trapped and mold. This means they also do not squeak, but my daughter doesn’t mind and I don’t miss the noise 😉 These are a little pricey but well worth it. Adorable, great quality, and baby loves them!

Deidre Caledonia, MN

Best Bath Toys Yet

Natural rubber is the best. You don’t need to worry about chemicals and they hold up wonderfully. Our daughter LOVES these and gets excited about bath time so she can play with them. She also brings one with her as a soothing toy while she gets dressed for bed (this is often a time when she will cry). Also, the have no holes so hey don’t get filled up with water, or eventually, mold. Just simple, natural rubber – an excellent product.

Kirsten Botkins, OH

Expensive but Loved

I purchased these to replace a rubber duck made of PVC plastic. I searched high and low for bath toys (particularly a rubber duck) that were not made of plastic and did not have squeakers or squirt holes that would become a breeding ground for mold/mildew. In the end I found two options that fit my requirements, this natural rubber bath toy set made by Hevea and a silicone "scrubber ducky" made by Fred and Friends (which I also bought).These bath toys are a great option if you are trying to cut back on conventional (petroleum based) plastic. They are composed of 100% natural rubber (latex) from the Hevea tree and are naturally colored. I like that there are no questionable dyes, paints or additives to worry about in these. We have had these bath toys for over a year and they are very loved. My two children don’t seem to mind at all that they aren’t as colorful as some of their other bath toys.I highly recommend this set…the only downside for me is the expensive price tag. I really wish they were more affordable! Since they are latex however you may want to exercise caution when giving them to any child who may have a latex allergy. Hevea (the manufacturer) says that the chance of an allergic reaction to their products is extremely low since during the processing of their material much of the latex protein that causes allergic reactions is leeched out. They claim that no reports of negative reactions have been reported.I hope this helps you out!

Tammie Plaistow, NH

Natural rubber so nice for babies that chew (and what baby doesn’t?)…

Natural rubber is expensive, but for the peace of mind of not worrying about what my baby is ingesting, it is so worth it. I can concentrate on giving her a bath and not be concerned with what she’s putting in her mouth. Highly recommend to anyone who craves this peace of mind.

Imelda Phillipsburg, OH