High Chair – Award Winning Svan Signet Complete High Chair with Removable Tray

High Chair – Award Winning Svan Signet Complete High Chair with Removable Tray

S1094 Color: Natural Features: -High chair.-Designed to provide both infants and toddlers with a comfortable and ergonomic eating space.-Seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.-Footrest can also be adjusted to best suit your growing child.-Snap-on / snap-off tray gives children their own eating and play space.-When things get a bit messy, simply wipe down the wooden tray with a damp cloth or attach the BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic tray cover and toss it in the dishwasher.-Can also be used with the tray stored on back, enabling the child to eat at the table with the family, even as an infant.-Cushion sold separately.-Creating the perfect balance of space and support for children 6 months to adulthood.-Chair Base: 18” by 19”.-Height to Top of Backrest: 33.5”.-Height to Top of Safety Guard: 28.5”.-Seat Height Range: 18.5” to 22”.-Seat Depth (child): 6” to 9+”.-Footrest Height Range: 5” to 17”.-Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth and be sure to dry chair thoroughly. The wood may also be safely cleaned with cleaners and polishes designed for fine wooden furniture.. Includes: -Includes high chair and baby kit. Dimensions: -Overall Dimensions: 34.5” Height x 20” Width x 22.25” Depth.-Tray: 15.25” Width x 15.75” Depth.

Main features

  • A safe, beautiful, practical, and long-lasting high chair!
  • The award-winning high chair that grows with your child from 6 months to young adult
  • Fully adjustable seat depth provides optimum torso and leg support
  • Comes with wooden tray and removable, easy-toclean tray cover that is dishwasher safe and BPA and phthalate-free
  • Made from sustainable wood with a lead-free finish

Verified reviews


WOW. Annoying on SO many levels

I am a super busy mom of a toddler and a crawler. I have no time for reviewing stuff, but i simply had to speak up. I purchased this product in mid 2009, perhaps improvements have been made, but here are my gripes:1) Clear plastic cover over tray was IMPOSSIBLE to get off.2) Tray itself never sat properly in the circular niches on either side so it was always wobbly3) While it’s visually appealing, hip, something you’d like to have in your house along with all your real grown up furniture (as it will be a fixture for at least a few years, right?) it looks AWFUL now. The espresso finish Im guessing was a poor choice, but the finish dings and nicks and looks like it’s been through world war III at this point. I uploaded a couple of pics.4) there are about 800 allen wrench screw that allow for major adjustments as your kid grows, a good thing, but they loosen over time, and every few months you have to DIG THE GROSS FOOD out of each screw (and i DO wipe this thing down thoroughly each time my son eats!) so you can fit the allen wrench in (if you can FIND WHERE YOU PUT IT) and tighten each screw. I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THS SILLINESS.5) and there are a million OTHER crevices for food to collect, I have to take it outside and scrub it with a TOOTHBRUSH on occasion just to get it clean.I went with the oxo for my 2nd son, and am far more pleased…so far.

Rita Windsor, VT

quality has decreased for obvious reasons

It makes sense the quality has decreased, the SVAN company was acquired by Scandinavian Child…which completely lines up with the decrease in quality so many reviewers are complaining about, and change in stain color etc. Too bad.[…]

Fannie Clayton, TX

Not great, especially for beginning eaters

I wanted a wooden high chair because I absolutely hate plastic. HATE it. But as you probably know, once you have a baby there are all kinds of things you come to own that you loathed before, mostly plastic. I REALLY wanted this chair for my son. I bought it before he was born, thinking that the reviews had to be wrong. It’s a beautiful chair. Everyone who sees it thinks it’s either the strangest thing they’ve ever seen or the coolest. It’s certainly not your run-of-the-mill highchair.Alas, the reviews were right. This chair is terrible. I bought mine used, so my tray is perfectly even and tight, but it doesn’t even come close to butting up to my five month old’s tummy, who is still a tad wobbly with sitting. He pitches himself back and forth. Unless he gains 50 lbs. in the next few months, all around his middle, he’s never going to fill it out. So food will always fall right in his lap. The tray cover, while convenient and easy to wipe clean, is so tight that it’s impossible to get off. My chair should have had the old-style Svan lap harness, but since it was missing, I had to buy the replacement Signet harness, which is very, very annoying. It’s hard to adjust, and terrible to try to fasten in a wiggly baby. The cushion is a rip-off. I think the chair should come with it. I know this is more of a boutique high chair, and not a plastic monstrosity, but still. Most chairs have some kind of padding. The back is low, and there is nothing for the baby to lean up against if he or she should fall asleep at a meal. Babies do that sometimes. Now I wish it had wheels. I like the idea of wheeling it from the dining room into the kitchen so my son can sit and play/eat/watch while I cook dinner.On the other hand it is the perfect height for sitting at the table with the family, it does grow with the kid, but so do cribs, and I really don’t see many people using their convertible cribs for their intended purpose, especially if you have more babies coming down the line that need to use it.Two stars for beauty and a very small footprint. I really wish I’d used my usual common sense about baby items and stuck to something practical–and plastic.

Katie Cairo, GA

We are LOVING our Signet Complete High Chair from Svan.

We are absolutely loving our chair. I was originally using it with my baby, and she loved it. I loved that it matched our kitchen and was comfortable for her to sit in. I now have decided to go ahead and switch and use it for my toddler. She is 3, and until recently was just sitting//STANDING in one of our regular chairs instead. She has decided that she absolutely loves having a chair that is her perfect level. She can sit at the table and fit perfectly up to it. Not only that but it is very easy for her to climb up into it as well as climb down without any problems.I am very impressed at how well made this chair is. It has worked out perfectly for our family and I can’t imagine dinner at our house without it anymore! The Longevity of this product is better than any of the other comparable items on the market!

Autumn Ulysses, NE

All looks, functionality is lacking

When I had just bought this high chair I posted a glowing review. What’s not to like if you have kicked the feet of a plastic monstrosity for a few months every time you happened to be in its vicinity? But I digress….. Compared to plastic top-selling highchairs this is a work of art. It also has a small footprint, can match the dining table, and can be pulled close so the baby can join the family for meals. I was also drawn to the fact that it could be used for a long time.For the infant period, this is pretty good. Keep in mind that the cushion is not necessary. The cleanup is what’s to be expected from a contraption that will be used by a baby just learning to feed himself. The wide footrest has saved many spilling disasters (when spilling something thick or a small quantity of liquid) since it catches it before hitting the beige rug.For the toddler period this chair stinks. The seating area is very small, so when you remove the wooden cage that keeps the child in, the baby has no support. At this point the kid is too big to be carried and plopped into the chair with the cage attached. At the same time he is too young to have no support at all – like armrests. I know, I know, there’s a seatbelt, but seriously? Not going to happen with a toddler (at least not 3 times a day), not very secure, and I was concerned that with the seatbelt, my kid would be one wild swing away from toppling along with the chair attached to his behind. The seatbelt also defeats the purpose of helping the child feel independent by getting in and out of the chair himself. We finally felt confident to remove the infant cage when our kid was 2.5 years old. Even then, it is not very practical, because, for the child to get in and out himself, the chair needs to be about a foot away from the table, and then the parent needs to slide it close. Not so difficult to do, however, what happens when the kid tries to get in and out by wiggling to push the chair back and sitting high up on top of a one-foot-square seat? I am very nervous when my kid eats in this chair unsupervised (as in the amount of time it takes me to go get a glass of water, or something, not entirely unsupervised).I foresee that for the age of 5 or so this chair should be good – hopefully the kid is mentally mature enough to not try any acrobatics, or if he does, he may have more dexterity and manage not to fall. However, for the transitional period this chair is just disappointing. A couple of armrests would have made a big difference.Also be advised that the mahogany color is VERY red, more like henna.

Teresa Dell, MT

UPDATED: 2 flaws, but otherwise a great purchase

Original review was 4 stars.. reduced to 3 after a month of using. See below for update.First lets get the price out of the way: At first I was a little wary of spending this much on a highchair, but I am so glad we did. You are not purchasing just a highchair here. This is a multistage seat that will have a place in your home well after your child is done needing a high chair. This more than justifies the price.This chair looks great and actually doesn’t take up as much space as it looks like it might from the pictures. It was very easy to set up (it took about 30 minutes for me to do it alone with my baby climbing all over it) and is easy to adjust with the included allen wrench. This is especially convenient for the foot rest as it means you can adjust it to the proper height while your child is in the highchair.The chair itself wipes down easily – I haven’t had any issues with food getting into the bolt holes, but I have only been using it for a few weeks. I haven’t yet tested the cushion in the washing machine, but that is because so far a baby wipe has been enough to spot remove any stray food.The only issue I have with this chair, and why I removed one star, is that it is somewhat cumbersome to move around.. especially if you need to move it while your child is in it. I knew it didn’t have wheels before purchasing, and they would definitely hinder the design, but they would have been useful for mobility.Even without the wheels, I would make the same decision again.On a side note – I did a lot of research deciding between this chair and the Stokke Tripp Trapp. I have not tried the Stokke chair, so please don’t take any of what I say to be absolute, but it might help you to know what points sold me on the Svan:1. The price. The Svan chair comes with everything you need for all stages (except for the cushion) for $250; The Stokke has a base price of the same, but then you need to add the baby kit ($70) and even the tray ($50) separately (and also select a cushion).2. Stability. I had read some reviews of the Stokke being easy to tip over. Again, I do not have the Stokke so I cannot testify to this, but I can confirm that the Svan is extremely sturdy and I don’t see any possibility of it tipping over despite doubling as a jungle gym!3. Adjustments. The Stokke requires dismantling to transition the chair between stages; the Svan adjusts with the turn of an allen wrench.Overall, we love this chair and would highly recommend it to anyone.UPDATE (edited from 4 stars to 3 stars): When we first started using this highchair, we did not bother installing the harness because our daughter barely squirmed around while eating. However, fast forward a few weeks and she twists, turns, stands, anything except sitting still! So I installed the harness. The current version of this chair has a 5 point harness (it was previously a 3 point harness) and this is the most useless harness in the history of harnesses. I do love the release button that pops the straps out when you push it so there is less fiddling, but there is no point in even putting the harness on. At most it works as a 3 point harness that holds her down so she can’t stand up. As for the shoulder straps, they have nothing to hold them up and are set too far apart so they just slide down my daughter’s arms and become chewing toys resulting in a food caked mess on the straps. I emailed customer support who said they were aware of the problem and suggested I put a safety pin in the back to hold the straps closer together on her shoulder blades. While this somewhat resolves the issue, I should not have to perform modifications on a brand new product. While the harness does not prevent squirming, it does do it’s job of providing safety and the child cannot escape from the chair… it is effectively a 3 point harness and I will likely just cut the shoulder straps off.I should note that 3 stars doesn’t seem very high, but I would still recommend this highchair, especially if style and longevity is important to you. Every chair I have used in the past has had flaws so you just need to know them in advance and decide which ones you can live with. For me, the lack of wheels and the harness issue are issues I can live with over, say, stability or safety issues that I have encountered with others.

Mayra Bristol, VA

Great Chair

The Chair is sturdy and works well for both children (we have two chairs). We don’t use the harness as they are a pain to hookup (i.e., strap your child down), but be aware that your children can and will standup and try to get out of the seat without them. All in all very pleased with the purchase and would purchase again.Tray clean up is easy, I just wipe it down with a sponge or remove the try cover for a larger mess and the seat covers just run through the washing machine (note the seat covers are sold separately). The chairs have a smaller footprint then other high chairs that we used and were sturdier, but these chairs do not fold away, so you will need a place to store them (we park two at the end of the table in our mudroom / causal dining room). They are easy to adjust (seating height, etc.), I’ve been able to adjust the height three times since we got one for our oldest (2 yrs.) and now the little one (6 mon.) uses a chair. The children seem to like them and they look nice.Assembly was was easy and accomplished with the tools included (allen wrenches) and a screw driver.

Ava Iredell, TX

Happy with purchase

This is exactly what we wanted for our daughter . The highchair is lower than most but works great if you have lower table . Color is a little lighter than expected but still happy with purchase

Constance Unity, ME

Love this chair!

We started out with one of those plastic high chairs, and we just found that there was always food disappearing into cracks in the seat. Admittedly, with this chair the food falls on the floor instead, but at least you can see it and easily sweep it all up after meals. I don’t think I have ever chosen one product over another due to ease of cleaning, and cleaning is really not generally my focus, but in this case the difference is enormous.We bought this chair in 2009 for my first child. As he grew, we were able to adjust the seat and foot rest for him, and eventually we removed the tray and pushed it up to the table. Later, we removed the baby parts altogether and used the buckles.I love that when the child starts to try to climb out of it, you can just lower the footrest. I also love that you don’t have to buckle them in when you are using the baby kit. Maybe some parents choose to do so, but for me it’s a major time-saver to just drop the child in and go.I know it’s a lot to spend on a high chair, and I’m a really thrifty person, but this chair has paid for itself in time saved. Plus, it looks really great, and is super sturdy. I feel like my baby is safe in it, even with the four year old climbing on it.I saw someone else say that they couldn’t get the plastic tray cover off. You just need to slip your fingers under the cover where it latches, near the back, and pop it off. Then do the same in the front. Easy-peasy.I recommend this high chair to everyone I know with a baby. Mine is still in great shape after two kids. Love it!

Corrine Peterboro, NY