Hleeduo Baby Musical Mobile Plays Twelve Tunes

Hleeduo Baby Musical Mobile Plays Twelve Tunes

Material: ABS material in white without pollution Size: 7*7*2.7cm If you choose the electronic baby music mobile which need 2 AA batteries(Batteries not included), it can play 12 tunes, they are: 1. it’s a small world 2. frere jacques 3. twinkle twinkle little star 4. brahms lullaby 5. mary had a little lamb 6. schubert’s lullaby 7. mozart’s lullaby 8. la le lu 9. old macdonald had a farm 10. rock a bye baby 11. let me be your teddy bear 12. hush, little baby Packaging including: 1x ABS Baby Musical Mobile in white without pollution

Main features

  • LOWEST ! We are the manufacturer of this item and the price is the cheapest in Amazon !
  • Baby musical mobile for baby under 5 years old,plays 12 tunes.
  • It’s a elecrtronic musical mobile, which can be installed on baby’s bed. The red button is for on/off,the green button is for next song.
  • Just the mobile without arm.,If with arm, and it can rotate with music.
  • Electronic music mobile which need 2 AA batteries(Batteries not included).

Verified reviews


A must have for any mobile!

It’s 2012, why do mobiles still have wind up motors? You crank it up, the little one is happy and kicking one minute, you try to tidy up the nursery, put away clothes, etc, two minutes later it dies, little one gets fussy, you must wind it up again.This mobile part is a must have, I wish I had purchased it sooner as the mobile is one thing that the little guy has loved from day one. It replaces the wind up motor in a standard mobile (the one that matches all of your nursery decor) with a battery powered unit. It just takes 2 AA’s and has a green and red button. Press green and it cycles through 12 songs over and over again until you hit the red button. Little guy is so happy now that those monkeys on his mobile dance for him non-stop!Swapping it out was easy. Since the old mobile had a hook on top and a hook on bottom and the new one only had one hook, I just used one of those plastic connector things to hook it securely to the mobile arm, and then put the monkeys on the hook. Works great!Shipping was way faster than expected. I think it came from China and it took less than 2 weeks, arriving way before the estimated arrival date. It came via USPS and required a signature on arrival.********UPDATE**********Little one is 9 months now and the mobile is still up and running with zero battery changes! He can stand and touch the mobile but can’t pull it down yet and really enjoys it dancing over his head. The music is fast paced and I use it more for entertainment purposes than to put him to sleep, he still nurses to sleep. The songs do seem like clips however I like that it isn’t the same song over and over again.I just ordered another one for a baby shower, and I’m a little nervous because I see a couple reviews where the product didn’t spin or play music. My mobile motor makes the mobile spin while playing music, it sounds like these reviewers may have received defective products. I will make sure to test the new mobile motor before I wrap it up for the shower. We are still very pleased with our purchase!

Edwina Millcreek, IL

what i needed

It’s exactly what I needed. My little one liked her mobile and would fuss when it turned off. This is great and stays on. Only reason i took away a star is it’s a little to loud and the songs are fast and short.

Jan Mc Caulley, TX

Its ok.

This sucker is loud! And the songs are abbreviated and fast tempo… not sure my little one will go to sleep with it, but it will be good entertainment I suppose….

Josefa Ponsford, MN

love it

I was so tired of winding the old kinds. I’m so happy i can just hit a button and watch her smile at the mobile going round. it is a little louder than what we wanted but we just put a piece of tape over the speaker holes and its more of a gentle sound now.

Tanisha Hanover, NM


I like how it’s battery operated, but I wish there was an auto shut off feature and I wish it didn’t play so loud.

Norma Oliver Springs, TN

Love it

I received a mobile with my crib set at a baby shower, but dislike that I have to wind the box every 2 minutes to keep the music playing (and it only plays one song). With this battery operated box, I can push the play button and let my little guy play/sleep uninterrupted while enjoying 12 different rotating songs. Other reviews have mentioned the song clips are too short, but I love the fact that they change every 10-20 seconds so my little one isn’t bored, and the transition is smooth so it doesn’t wake him up.

Ernestine Hartley, TX


i received a mobile that doesn’t move on its own. so, i bought this gadget as i was tired of manually moving the mobile on my own when baby got upset it wasn’t moving.the product came sooner than expected. it moves the mobile at a good pace and the songs are catchy. two wishes i have for this are: wished it would play the melodies of each song longer and if there was just a spin cycle without the melodies. otherwise, very happy with the product!

Keri Strum, WI

its awesome

I got it because the Ferguson thing didn’t spin and my baby is fascinated by anything spinning. the songs are a bit too loud, so I put a cotton ball over the speaker and now its not as loud anymore. Great product overall.

Patrica Maxbass, ND

We ordered this because the music box that came with …

We ordered this because the music box that came with our mobile only plays for 5-10 minutes. This one plays segments of a variety of songs & plays for 20-30 minutes, long enough for our baby to fall asleep.

Marianne Vanceburg, KY

Great solution to the wind-up version

Would prefer it to play less songs for longer periods…but that’s not why I left off a star. I left off one star because this thing is LOUD. I actually had to put two padded bandaids over the speaker to get it to a tolerable volume…just call me McGyver Mommy…lol!

Consuelo Tilleda, WI