Hold-On Handles Bizzy Bugs Single Handle Set, Butterfly

Hold-On Handles Bizzy Bugs Single Handle Set, Butterfly

Hold On Handles is the first stroller accessory and walking rope to help keep 1 3 children within arm’s reach. Snaps onto strollers or can be worn comfortably on mom’s wrist. Children can be safely active. Children love to grasp the whimsical handles and their independence. Single handle sets includes one handle for one child.

Main features

  • Includes 1 handle for 1 child
  • 1 2 additional handles can be added, sold separately
  • Carabiner snaps easily onto strollers
  • Adjustable straps
  • Tested by the leading international safety testing company

Verified reviews


Good idea but needs stronger stitching

When we got the product I was very very happy. I actually use the larger clip when I need to hook it to shopping carts or a stroller but I bought a small clip at the hardware store and often just clip it to my purse (my purse had rings that connect the shoulder straps) and then tuck it in a pocket when she is not with me.Pro:Daughter loves the design and will reach for the butterfly without promptingNot expensiveNot bulky or heavy (except for the large hook but I do not carry that on my person so it doesn’t bother me)Cons:About 2 weeks after we got it (using it almost everyday) the stitching became unraveled where it connected to her handle. I noticed it immediately and was able to sew some stronger strips of stitches around the area.

Guadalupe Salem, IL


I like this product. I have a 20 month old and a newborn. I hate how huge double strollers are so I wanted a way to get my daughter used to walking next to me so I could take a smaller stroller. And a lot of the time she prefers to walk but will then run off to chase a bug or go look at something, as any other toddler would. When I first got this I hooked it up to the double stroller and when she had enough of sitting and wanted to walk I tried it out. It didn’t work out at first, which isn’t the products fault. But after trying again and again she will now use it. Although, the girly girl that she is, she doesn’t hold it, she puts it on like a bracelet. But it works all the same. The only problems I have with it, I think it is a bit overpriced. The difference in an add on and the set is pretty much the clip which you can buy for a few dollars at any local store. And i wish it was just a tad (maybe 5 inches) longer because she couldn’t walk far enough away from the stroller around turns and doorways without being in the way of the wheels. All in all, I like it and will order a second one for my little boy when the time comes.

Erna Taylor, LA

Great for younger children

We recently took a trip to Disney World and this came in so handy. My 5 year old has a habit of grabbing on to the side of the stroller and pulling backwards, or off to the side. Its constantly slowing me down or causing me to veer into things. I didn’t really want to deal with that on the trip, so I purchased the Hold-On Handle, and I wish every parent at Disney World had one for their kids. Not only did it keep from pulling back, down, or sideways on the stroller handle, it prevented him from walking 5-10 feet away from us like he also like to do. The benefit of this is that 1) I know where he is at all times and 2) He isn’t walking in everyone else’s way, and causing people to run into him or have to suddenly veer to avoid him when they see him at the last minute.Also, we live in the D.C. area and do a lot of walking. I think this will come in great for our walks to keep him by my side so I don’t constantly have to worry about him walking right along the sides of roads. Yes, i him to walk on the side of the sidewalk farthest from the street, but he’s 5 and has a short attention span, so I have to watch him like a hawk! But for whatever reason, when he’s holding on to the handle, he does so without complaint and doesn’t let go. I love this thing!

Gwen Republic, WA

This is a great idea

I think this product is a great idea and while i am out in public I get compliments on it every time! The only down fall is that my daughter only holds on for so long before she wants to run off but i think that with practice and making her sit in the stroller or cart when she runs off, she will realize that this gives her more freedom than being stuck in a cart and will learn to hold it. I am very pleased with this item!

Marisa Naknek, AK

Great for independent toddlers!

We purchased this handle set because at daycare they were teaching the kids how to hold on to a rope with rings when they transport them to the playground. My 20 month old daughter is becoming more and more independent and loves walking rather than sitting in her stroller. We are also expecting our 2nd child in June 2014. I bought this rope to allow her to walk next to me while we were at the grocery store, mall, zoo, etc. She absolutely loves it! The rope is long enough to allow for some independent, but not too long. You can hook the handle to you stroller, cart, jeans easily. The only thing is that you absolutely need to teach your child not to let go of the handle (we call it butterfly bc that’s the design we purchased). More handles can be purchased to attach to the hook which is awesome for multiples.I opted for these handles bc I am not a big fan of a "leash" in which you tie onto your child. This way, your child learns to stay with momma and have a sense of independence and accomplishment when they can walk next to you without being restricted. I plan on purchasing another hook in a different design in the future for baby #2!

Rachelle Somerset, TX