Hold-On Handles Bizzy Bugs Spare Handle Unit, Ladybug

Hold-On Handles Bizzy Bugs Spare Handle Unit, Ladybug

This fun handle and strap is an accessory to the main Hold On Handles sets. Hold On Handles is the first stroller accessory and walking rope to help keep children within arm’s reach. With the addition of a spare, a single handle set can be used with 2 children and a double handle set can be used for up to 3 children. Spares are great to refresh your sets or to accomodate children’s preferences.

Main features

  • Includes 1 handle for 1 child (carabiner and parent strap sold separately)
  • Can be added to your existing hold on handles set and a second or third child can hold on and stay within arm’s reach
  • Refresh or replace an existing handle with your child’s favorite design

Verified reviews


My kids love these handles

I love these, my kids each have their own color and hold on to them.They actually look forward to using their hold on handles.

Charlene Falls Of Rough, KY

Great for the airport

We got our first Hold-On Handle because it seemed so useful, and we were expecting our 2nd child. Honestly, we didn’t use it for anything until we started traveling with both kids. My older one was 3, and we had a stroller for the baby. It was perfect for walking through crowded airports. I just hooked it onto the stroller, and instead of holding my hand, he just held onto this. I didn’t have to worry about him walking too far away from me, and I didn’t have to constantly say "stay close to me" while walking through the airport. Lifesaver when you have your hands full!I like that it is in 2 pieces so you could potentially connect more than one handle to the same caribeaner. We ended up losing the handle on one trip (got lost when we gate-checked our stroller and left it attached), so I was able to just order the handle again to save money. Next time I will just make sure I put the handle in my carry on bag before gate checking the stroller.

Valeria Tabiona, UT

Great product

My son is still learning to use this, he just turned 2. It is a great product though. He can hold on or put his hand through the loop. The only issue so far is him paying attention when I am walking and getting distracted and falling down.

Randi Rio Grande, NJ

Great product for toddlers who refuse to hold hands.

This is a great product for toddlers who refuse to hold hands. Our babysitter introduced us to this product when our son was 18mo. We have tried baby-tether, which drove him crazy, so I was very skeptical when I ordered this product, but surprisingly, he used it for over a year until he was able to follow verbal instructions. And many daycare in our neighborhood (we live in a a city) use these handles with straps to keep group of small children from wandering away on the sidewalks. I highly recommend this product if you have toddlers who refuse to hold hands – it really worked for us!

Marisa Sterling, MA

Love this! Use with Mommy Hook

This is great – like another reviewer, I got this (on accident) instead of the full unit and was getting ready to return it when I saw her tip about using it with a mommy hook (a giant carabiner). I pulled ours out and it worked wonderfully! Much cheaper solution!

Tommie Gap Mills, WV

didn’t work for me

not really ideal for me. nothing wrong with it but i didn’t like it. if your child listens to hold on to this they will listen to stay close if not they need a leash.

Jeannette Jefferson, WI

Good investment

Good quality handle with fun designs that my kids love holding onto. It does not come with a way to attach to a bag or stroller but that was an easy $1 fix with a carabeener. Love the adjustable length and the clip to be able to disconnect the handle without completely undoing the entire length.

Lesa Dover, FL