Honeysuckle Breast Milk Storage Bags, 75 Ct

Honeysuckle Breast Milk Storage Bags, 75 Ct

3 BOXES of 25 (75 Total 🙂 Brand New ~ Sealed ~ Ship within 24 hrs First Class Mail 🙂

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Environmentally friendly and high quality option

I have been using these bags for 3 months. They were provided to me by the Mother’s Milk Bank in San Jose. Prior to using these bags, I had used the very popular Lansinoh bags for 3 months.Between the two, I much prefer the HoneySuckle bags. Why? They are better. How are they better, you ask?1. This bag is actually tamper resistant, while the Lansinoh bag is not. The HoneySuckle bags have the entire top sealed to prevent tampering. You cannot tamper with the bag without opening one of the three sides of the perforated top. You remove the perforated portion to open the bag. The Lansinoh bags have a perforated top, but not the sides of that upper area, so you could actually still open the bag without undoing the perforations. Poor design IMO.2. The sides and bottom of the HoneySuckle bags are reinforced, the Lansinoh bags are not. I pump exclusively, and even at 6 mos, my son is not eating all the milk I produce, so I freeze easily 2-4 bags of milk a day. I can produce between 8 to as much as 14oz during a pumping session, and have been able to overfill these bags without them bursting open when they are frozen. The reinforced sides and bottom have alot to do with that.3. The information to write at the top is much more useful, and is rightside up. The Lansinoh bags have the info updside down. That has always bothered me. Even when you stand the bags up in the freezer, they are upside down. It’s stupid. HoneySuckle bags have the labeling rightside up. Plus it asks for baby’s name and the date, not the volume. I don’t find the volume info helpful at all, and when my baby was in the NICU, or when donating breastmilk, the name is much more useful information.4. Best quality – THEY ARE BIODEGRADABLE!! They will dissolve when they are in the landfill. If you care about the environment at all, these are the bags for you. The Lansinoh bags aren’t biodegradable, at least from what I can tell from their packaging. As if dirty diapers aren’t a big enough contribution to the tremendous amount of trash people generate these days, breastmilk storage bags don’t need to add to that.Price wise, these are comparable to the Lansinoh bags, except that with shipping they are a few dollars more. But I think they are worth it from a quality and environmental standpoint. You can also go to the New Bag Co. website and order a free sample if you aren’t convinced. IMO, these bags are superior to the Lansinoh bags and I will definitely be using them exclusively.

Margarita Hoyt, KS

Great bag and great value!

I purchased these bags and I love them! They are super strong, I have not had any problems with leaking like I have with other brands, and this is a super cheap price for this many bags. I cannot even buy bags at Wal-Mart this cheap! They are BPA free and great for the environment, which I love. MOMS, BUY THESE BAGS! They also just released food storage bags and I can’t wait to try them!

Marta Three Lakes, WI

Great Quality

I’ve tried medela and the first years ones, never had leaking problems but the fact that these come sealed ensures me that they are as clean as they were when they left the factory. The writing zone is enough for you to write anything you need (I only write the date). The material it’s made of is much better, more flexible and that is really usefull when it comes to freezing.I bought it along with The First Years Breastflow Milk Storage Organizer and the bags fit perfectly. I would definitely buy it again, and probably will if i run out of bags. It comes in 12 packs of 25 bags, i’ve already used almost 50.

Melissa Harvel, IL

Great bags with one silly problem…

These are great bags. They are sturdy, the closure works well and they freeze and thaw with ease. There is just one really stupid thing they did when making these bags – there is NO PLACE to write the volume. Really? During the testing and development process NO ONE noticed this!? It seems almost impossible to me, yet it’s true. Now, don’t get me wrong, you can easily write the volume anywhere on the top of the bag, but really? (And, if I’m being picky, the “name” box is a bit too short if you need to write first and last name, which most daycares require.)

Sally Porcupine, SD

Look Mom, no leaks!

I can’t wait to try this product, but I’ll just have to wait until the baby is born! I’ll update in June. I can say the shipping was extremely fast, and arrived in perfect condition.EDITED: I LOVE these bags! I ordered a huge mess of them and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been using them for storage for our baby, but also using them as a milk donor to another mother. I’ve never had a bag leak yet and I’m halfway through my stash. : ) Will definitely buy again!

Helena Bernardsville, NJ

great bags – no leaks

I really like these bags and use them almost every day for freezing my milk. I’ve been using these bags for about 4 months so far.

Claudette Bruno, WV

Ok bags

I purchased these bags along with the Gerber NUK/Gerber Seal N Go (AWESOME bags) and the Lansinoh bags (not a fan). I like the Gerber bags far better than both.These Honeysuckle bags are ok. The quality of the plastic is not as thick and sturdy feeling as the Gerber bags, but far better than the Lansinoh bags. The ziploc seals easily and quickly and there is a white area for labeling. This isn’t a big deal but I have black countertops and the white labeling area makes it easier to see if the ink pen really wrote on the bag or not when I label the bag.The bags have done there job so far and have not leaked but I am just not as happy with the quality of the bag as I am with the Gerber bags. Overall I would give the bags a 3.5 rating.

Toni Boulevard, CA

Great bags – no leaks!

These bags are easy to use, and I’ve never had one leak. I will definitely buy more of this brand when I run out.

Christine Cowlesville, NY

Very good

Easy to use and the quality is great. I love it even though I stored the milk and my baby never drink them because my breasts create more milk than she needs.

Margery Devens, MA

Does the same as the higher prices storage bags for half the cost!

I needed to find milk storage bags and looked at the Lansinoh brand, but noticed they just seemed expensive to me. So after doing some searches, I cam eacross these that are the exact same thing but much cheaper. After putting almost 300 oz of milk in my freezer, I only had maybe one or two with some leaking problems but i think it was because after the milk froze, the bag knocked up against something else in the freezer or fridge as it was thawing. Overall though, these work just fine!

Ora Pinch, WV

Lansinoh bags are better

These bags are just “okay”. Lansinoh bags are more durable, easier to pour into and out of, and the form at the top of the bag makes more sense. It’s also much easier to push the air out of the Lansinoh bags before sealing.

Arlene Beecher City, IL

Great Bags

I prefer these over the Medela Bags. Honeysuckle bags hold more than the Medela and I think it’s easier to get the excess air out the the Honeysuckle bags.

Kristie Pearl Harbor, HI

Best bags if you don’t pump directly into them

I have tried several kinds of bags.The Medela bags are sturdy and you can pump directly into them, but they do not freeze flat, so they take up much more space. Additionally, they are super expensive.The store brand bags (babies r us and target have the same bags) leak. About half of the box leaked. This is a deal breaker, since no one can afford to lose breast milk! BUT they do freeze flat and they are very inexpensive.The Nuk brand bags are sturdy, seem to have an accurate measure, haven’t leaked for me, and are reasonably priced. The only reason that I chose the honeysuckle bags was price.Oxo-honey suckle are wonderful. They are sturdy, and freeze flat, the are really inexpensive and I haven’t had any trouble with leaking. It is hard to read the measure, but that is true of all of the bags. Do you read them sealed with all of the air removed? No. Do you read them with the top open? Closed? It’s hard to say, so it does complicate labeling how much is in each bag. For that reason, I decided to stop pumping directly into the bags. If you want to, Honeysuckle also makes bags that you can pump right into.

Dianne Mountain City, NV

My favs

Probably my favorite bags. I really don’t have a quality preference just because I’ve literally never had one break before. Of any brand. These are a great price though and the company is so accommodating. I usually get some type of freebie in my box. Plus these are "prettier" than other bags. LOL.

Bonita Eagle Point, OR

Love this product

Sturdy bags, great for milk storage. I read they’re coming out with versions that have holes that work with adapters so you can pump directly into the bags.

Karina Neah Bay, WA

Stored and thawed perfectly- BPA free and Biodegradable. Wonderful!

So this product is certainly not lacking in the positive reviews department, but I was so happy with it, I wouldn’t have felt right not chiming in.Sadly, due to poor latch, I ended up exclusively pumping. Certainly not what I had envisioned, but I was happy to at least be able to give my baby primarily breastmilk for his first 6 months. However, with this, milk storage suddenly became a lot more important. The idea of losing any of the precious pumped milk to bag breakage, leaking or the like made me just ill. I, of course, LOVED that these bags are biodegradable but that also made me a little concerned for their structural integrity. Silly me. Clearly, there have been great strides in the world of biodegradable plastics because these bags are incredibly strong and very trustworthy.I spent so much time trying to find the perfect storage system- just being sure to not store them in a way that could damage the bags and leak the milk. Everyone seemed to say that standing them up was best. I don’t know how many of you have an industrial-sized, walk-in freezer, but I certainly didn’t- and standing these upright would have greatly impacted the number I’d be able to store. Instead, once I froze them flat, I just stacked them on top of each other- in order so I could use the oldest ones first. They were JUST fine. No breakage, no leakage- these bags held up to having other bags of frozen milk stacked on top of them without a problem!Love these. They are wonderful and they allowed me to be able to continue feeding my son breastmilk even after my production took a hit. Very, very nice.

Sheree Big Cabin, OK

Great bags!

I was so happy to find biodegradable bags. I hated throwing away so much plastic. I found these to work very well. I had no issues with leaking.

Sally Clarksville, OH

Good bags

Good bags however the flap above the ziplock gets in the way of pouring out milk and sometimes when I’m not being really careful some spills. Otherwise, I like that they are biodegradable as at one point I was going through them a lot. They take to freezing and thawing well enough. The plastic seems delicate so I’m always gentle with them, but have never had a leak (been using them for 6 months).

Cheryl Topeka, IL

Great quality milk storage bags.

We used these for our first kid, and are now buying the exact same ones for our little one that was born last week. In hundreds and hundreds, we have never had any problems. My wife produced enough milk to fill a chest freezer full of these bags.

Rosalyn Pontiac, IL

Way better than Lanisoh

This is one of the few bags we’ve tried that doesn’t tear during the thawing process. Usually with other brands we’d thaw the milk and it would leak ALL THE TIME. This isn’t happening with this bag 🙂

Dena Hanover Park, IL

Nice bags!

These bags seem very thick and strong. The bottoms are reinforced. I’ve never had a leak (but I do not freeze a lot of milk). Every bag is sealed at the top and you have to remove the plastic top where it’s perforated, which gives me peace of mind that each bag is sterile. The measuring on the front is accurate, but you must expand the bottom of the bag to get the accurate reading. There’s not a designated spot for volume (which is nice for freezing flat) but there’s plenty of writable space to put it if you want.I don’t freeze a lot – my daughter goes to daycare 6 hours a day so I usually just send in the fresh milk that I pumped the day before. At the end of the week, if there is milk leftover besides the milk I pumped on Friday (to use on Monday), I freeze it. I really like these bags and will continue to buy them if I need more.

Katina Rockhill Furnace, PA

Too many defective bags

I had 17 defective bags in my box of 300. They all leaked at the side seam, near the bottom. They were all packaged close to one another within the box, so the machinery must have gotten a little off for a bit. That might not seem like a terrible failure rate, until you consider that I lost about 50 ounces of milk that got contaminated during reheating in warm water. The features of the bag are fantastic, and when they work as intended, they are better than anything else I tried. But my son got robbed of several days of feeds due to a defective product, so I’m afraid I can’t recommend them. It’s hard enough to pump and store without having to worry about whether your precious liquid gold will be safe upon reheating. After an initial run of leaks, I ended up putting them in ziploc bags before placing them in water. Kind of defeats the whole sterility goal, but at least I was able to save some leaked milk that way.

Vivian Megargel, AL

Best Bags!!

I was using a different bag for 4 months now (Lansinoh) and got these bags from Milkin Mamas breast milk donation. They are much better bags! more reinforced on the bottom where my other bags would occasionally leak. More reinforced on the sides. Completely tamper free. & they are similar in price!

Latasha Indianapolis, IN

Leaking issues

I ordered these bags due to the thicker plastic and seemingly superior quality. I’m disappointed that 2 bags have already leaked out of the 25 count package I opened. I won’t purchase these again. I had zero issues with Lansinoh bags leaking – they are not as thick of plastic, but are apparently better quality.

Camilla Rinard, IL

Superior Bags

I have used Medela bags for storing milk in the fridge and freezer. The Medela bags do not provide an accurate record of how much milk is in the bag – you can’t just look at the bag and tell unless the amount is written on the bag. These bags allow room for name, amount, and date. The bottom of the bags are reinforced. I rarely freeze breast milk so I can’t speak to their freeze-ability, but they do fine in the fridge. I like that they are biodegradable. You can see exactly how much milk is in the bag just by eyeballing it.

Janna Fort Hill, PA

? What’s that smell

So, I switched (briefly) to these milk storage bags. I just couldn’t get over the smell of them. They didn’t smell too strongly…. just… not right and chemically. I liked how soft the bags were. But, between the smell and my little one not wanting to drink milk that had been stored in them…. went back to my old bags.

Desiree Osco, IL

Great breast milk bag

I’ve used about 50 of these bags so far, and we’ve only had 1 problem with leaking. Based on reviews I’ve read for other bags, this failure rate seems acceptable. I have noticed that the ounce markings are not accurate. The bags seem to indicate that there is more liquid in the bag than there actually is. I always measured out my milk before bagging it so it’s not a deal breaker for me. My daycare provider loves that there is a place to write in the actual # of ounces (even if the bag was accurate, I lay them flat to freeze so it wouldn’t help).

Viola Shipman, VA


This company really has quality on their mind first and foremost. The seams are sturdy, the bag freezes beautifully flat, and the plastic is biodegradable. My favorite part, however, is the wonderful double zip lock to seal the bag. You can hear the zip lock sealing as you press it closed. I have never had a leak and know that my milk is being protected.Great, fantastic product. These are the only bags you will ever need now that they have the pump adapter bags too!

Alba Esparto, CA

work great

so far I love them! using them with my 2 week old. very similar to the lansolin bags, got to order more

Joann Watauga, SD

The best

So much easier to close than the Medela ones. I love these. So glad I got them. The only downside is they kind of slouch over more in the freezer but that really hasn’t mattered all that much.

Leona Midvale, ID