Honeysuckle Breast Pump Bag 50ct.

Honeysuckle Breast Pump Bag 50ct.


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Better than Medela, not as sturdy as Nuk

I have tried several kinds of bags.The Medela bags are sturdy and you can pump directly into them, but they do not freeze flat, so they take up much more space. Additionally, they are super expensive.The store brand bags (babies r us and target have the same bags) leak. About half of the box leaked. This is a deal breaker, since no one can afford to lose breast milk! BUT they do freeze flat and they are very inexpensive.The Nuk brand bags are sturdy, seem to have an accurate measure, haven’t leaked for me, and are reasonably priced. Unfortunately you cannot pump directly into them, so you do lose some of the good fat in the bottle when you are transferring milk.The Oxo-honey suckle are wonderful. You can pump directly into them, they are sturdy, and freeze flat, the are really inexpensive and I haven’t had any trouble with leaking. It is hard to read the measure, but that is true of all of the bags. Do you read them sealed with all of the air removed? No. Do you read them with the top open? Closed? It’s hard to say, so it does complicate labeling how much is in each bag.

Fanny Marion, KS

Great value, could be better

I bought these because I had purchased the Medela ones previously and these are the only two companies on Amazon that sell bags you can pump directly into. I wanted to try a more economical option and I was not disappointed. The bags are a lot less stiff than the Medela bags, but they are also longer. This does not seem like a big deal, because they hold at least 3-4 more ounces of milk than the Medela ones (the measurement on the side only goes up to 6 oz but they can hold much more than that), but I only pump twice a day so I feel like I’m wasting them when I use two bags. I wouldn’t recommend trying to pour one bag into another because they are so soft, they’re likely to spill, and they can’t really “stand” on their own like the Medela bags, either.The other issue with the bags being so long is that when I am sitting down, they to hit the tops of my thighs and fall sideways, which has resulted in a spill on a few occasions. Plus, I don’t think they came with adapters like the Medela bags so I’m not sure how they expect you to attach them to most pumps (maybe they sell them separately), but I use my Medela adapters with them.I would have given these 3 stars because of the above issues, but the cost effectiveness made me give them 4. I will probably buy these again because of that, but I do wish the company would make a smaller volume bag.

Rosalind Stockton, IA

Perfect! Better than Medela and Lansinoh bags.

These bags made all of my wildest breastmilk pumping and storing dreams come true! I would give them 6 or 7 stars.They combine all of the good features of the other brands into one product, with none of the flaws that the other products have.I love these bags!Okay, so here’s the low down on these:- This is the new version of Honeysuckle’s breastmilk bags, which are designed to be used with a pump–you just pump right into them.The bags have little holes on the top part, so that you can attach them to a pump adapter. SO, for the full experience, you need a pump adapter or two, which you can get by purchasing a pack of bags made by your pump’s manufacturer. I bought these Medela bags: Medela Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags with Easy-Connect Adapter – 50 ct because I have a Medela pump. I don’t know if adapters are interchangeable between brands. Then, use the Medela bags if you want, so that you’re not wasting, and so that you know how wonderful these Honeysuckle bags are when you start using them. Whether or not you use the bags, keep the little plastic adapters.Then get some of these Honeysuckle breast pump bags, and you’ll see how perfect they are.MEDELA VS. HONEYSUCKLEAll right, so here are the reasons that I like this bag better than the Medela bags:1. The plastic is not as rigid as the Medela bags, yet it is still thick enough that you don’t have to worry about it.2. Get this: the Honeysuckle bags fit the Medela easy adapter better than the Medela bags do! With the Medela bags, you have to put them on at just the right angle, and it’s kind of a tight fit. Then removing the bags after you’ve pumped is…well, interesting. The Honeysuckle bags are easy to put on, and they still stay put while you’re pumping, but then they are easy to remove when you’re done.3. The Honeysuckle bags can be stored flat in the freezer so that it is easier to store more, instead of having a bunch of squatty bags like the Medela ones. Or, you can store them upright if you prefer. Another nice thing about storing them flat is that they defrost more quickly when you’re ready to use them.4. The Honeysuckle bags can fit more milk. They are marked to 6 oz (Medela is marked to 5 oz), but since they can be stored flat, there is also just a bunch of extra space. So, if you fill a little more it doesn’t create any problem. The Medela bags get kind of messy if you put any more than 5 oz.5. The Honeysuckle bags have two seals. Medela only has one, and it doesn’t always seal perfectly.6. The Honeysuckle bags are much, much less expensive than Medela bags: right now (based on the cost of packs of 50 bags on Amazon) Honeysuckle bags are about 23 cents each and Medela bags are 40 cents each. So, Medela bags are almost double the cost of Honeysuckle bags.Those are the things that come to mind.LANSINOH VS. HONEYSUCKLE1. The Lansinoh bags cannot attach to a pump directly. So, you either have to pump into something else first or hold the bag the whole time you pump.2. The seams on the Lansinoh bags are thin–Honeysuckle’s seams are very thick, so you really don’t have to worry about them splitting at all.3. Lansinoh bags are meant to be stored flat, which is great, but they are awkward to try to stand up (when you’re filling them or actually using them). Honeysuckle bags can also be stored flat, but they have a special bottom of the bag that makes it so that it can stand up well too.4. Lansinoh bags are partially sealed at the top, which is supposed to reassure us that the bags are sterile. Honeysuckle bags are completely sealed at the top, which is much more reassuring.5. The label area on Lansinoh bags is upside down (so that they are right-side up while in the freezer, maybe?). Regular Honeysuckle bags have the writing right-side up, which I think is nice—BUT! These pump bags have no writing, so you can do your own thing, and if you want to put it right-side up or upside down, either will work.6. Lansinoh bags are considered the cheap brand; right now on Amazon each bag works out to about 21 cents. At only 23 cents each right now, Honeysuckle bags are very comparable in price, while the quality is far superior.I am aware that there are a few other brands of bags out there, but I haven’t tried them. I started with Medela bags, switched to Lansinoh but didn’t even finish the package of those, switched back to Medela, started buying non-pump Honeysuckle bags–which are also very good, and just heard about these. I won’t be switching brands again, because I can’t think of anything I would want to be different.If you’re considering these bags, I definitely recommend that you buy them. You won’t regret it. The only thing that is kind of a pain about them is that they are not available in any stores near me, so I have to get them online. That just means I have to plan ahead a little, but I can handle that. Every time I order bags from Honeysuckle (this was my third order), I have received them within a few days, so shipping time is also minimal.

Rosie Slatedale, PA

Convenient and accurate

I use these bags with my Medela pump and they fit perfectly. I was originally using Medela bags but decided to switch to these after doing a lot of research. Here’s why:1- My number 1 gripe with the Medela bags is that THEY ARE NOT ACCURATE!! After pumping into their bags and then making bottles later I noticed that I always had less than what I thought I’d pumped. I did a little test and dumped 1 oz of water into a Medela bag and guess what? It read 2oz! The bags are off by exactly 1 oz which can mean the difference between a fat and happy baby and a hungry, grumpy baby. This discrepancy is strange since the markings on Medela bottles are accurate. It was when I discovered this inaccuracy that I really started doing research into other bags. WINNER: Honeysuckle2- These bags are biodegradable which I think is pretty darn cool. I’m not a tree hugger or anything but even I can see how pumping creates a ton of plastic waste with the bags. Medela bags are not biodegradable. While this wasn’t initially something I cared a whole lot about it makes me feel good to know my bags wont be sitting in a landfill forever. WINNER: Honeysuckle.3- Obviously both bags fit directly onto Medela pumps however Honeysuckle hasn’t released an adapter yet (I read on their website they will be releasing a universal adapter sometime in the near future) so you have to buy a box of Medela pump bags to get the adapter. I had 2 boxes of Medela bags and just accounted for the oz discrepancy to use them before switching to these bags. WINNER: Medela4- Medela bags are made of a thicker plastic which makes it easer to stand the bag up. I’m assuming the softer feeling plastic of the Honeysuckle bags are due to the biodegradability. Even though the plastic of the Honeysuckle bags feels softer it doesn’t feel cheap or anything. I’ve never had a problem with leaking and I use a breastmilk organizer which compresses the bags so they’ll freeze flat (B000K4YSVII’m always very carful when standing the bag up because I do think that if you had less than say 2 oz in there it might tip over. I simply seal it before leaving it unattended and have never had a spill. I personally prefer the softer plastic as it is easier to get the bag open and manipulate than the stiff Medela bags. Since I think this is a matter of preference I’ll call this one a TIE.5- These bags have a double seal while the Medela bags have a single seal which is a little hard to close. I’ve never had a leak with the Medela bags because I noticed early on that you have to press really hard to seal them and they’re secure if you do it right. These bags are much easier to seal but just as secure. WINNER: Honeysuckle6- I’ve never had a leak with either bag but I would never freeze more than 1-2 oz in a Medela bag (marked as 2-3) . As I mentioned, I use a freezer organizer which compresses the bags and with 1-2 oz the milk in the Medela bags are already all the way to the seal and have expanded the bag. I think if you were to fill those bags to capacity they would burst but that’s a hypothesis I wasn’t willing to test with my hard won milk. As another reviewer noted, these bags are much longer than the Medela bags which gives the milk more than enough space to expand. I pump about 4 oz per bag, press out the excess air, and freeze with not problem. The milk never even reaches the seal and the bag doesn’t feel like it’s expanded width wise too much either. This saves me freezer space since I can freeze double the amount than I feel comfortable freezing in a Medela bag. WINNER: Honeysuckle7- As far as price goes, these are comparable if not a little cheaper than Medela bags. I’ve never purchased the Medela bags at a brick and mortar store but they’re going for $16.69 on Amazon right now for a pack of 50. Honeysuckle bags are going for $15.25 right now for a pack of 50 (which comes in 2 packs of 25). That’s 31 cents per Honeysuckle bag vs 34 cents per Medela bag. As numbers only this would go to Medela because their bags include the pump attachment but because of the poor capacity and wrong markings, you would end up using more bags than Honeysuckle. WINNER: HoneysuckleIt’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve started using these bags and I won’t be using any other brand. Hope this helps!UPDATE: 7/13/13I’m toward the bottom of my second 25 pack and the last two bags I pulled out (not the last two in the batch) had small holes in them. I was pumping and noticed milk dripping so I poured the milk into a bottle, filled the bag with water, sealed it and gave it a squeeze. Sure enough water came shooting out through a pin prick hole toward the bottom. I figured it was just a bad bag so I resumed my pumping session with a fresh bag and the same thing happened. I still have a couple in that pack but I don’t want to use them for fear of losing my hard won pumped milk. I’ll be contacting Honeysuckle about this but it’s probably just a bad batch. The first 25 pack I used I had absolutely 0 problems with. Just something to look out for. There’s no batch number on the bag to reference.

Joan Scammon Bay, AK

Not bad but a few had holes

~1 out of 10 of these had a hole in it. This was easy to see as soon as I started using a bag, so I didn’t lose milk because of it. They work fine for freezing & storing, but I prefer other brands because of the hole issue.

Olga Creswell, NC

More leaks

Bought these before and had a couple leaks. Thought it was a fluke or maybe my fault somehow so I tried again. More leaks! Won’t be buying again.

Rachael Denton, NC