Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover – Aero

Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover – Aero

Nurse discreetly and in style. The Hooter Hiders nursing cover is touted as a “Mommy Must Have” by mothers, celebrities, and medical professionals. Our award winning nursing covers are sought by nursing moms everywhere.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Patented rigid neckline allows for ventilation, as well as direct eye contact with the baby
  • Generous sizing keeps mommy completely covered during breastfeeding
  • Multi use: Can be used as a nursing cover, a blanket, or even a sunshade to protect babys fragile skin from harmful UV rays

Verified reviews


a good idea but does not always work for me

This was recommended to me by a friend. When I new to nursing, I liked to use it because it was so big, I felt very covered up and more comfortable that way. However, other than maybe the first 2 times I used it, I have never been able to arrange it properly so that the “collar” works, so that I can see my baby. I have to have my husband hold it for me so that I can see to get her latched on almost every time. Not sure why I am so mechanically challenged, but it’s a problem for me.Another negative to covers like these (for me, at least) is that it kind of screams, “Hey! I’m nursing!”, especially because of the bright prints. I do like this one in particular, but I think it stands out more than a solid color would. I also had the problem that I read in another review where my child gets distracted when light shines through the fabric, and she stops nursing every few seconds.I think this is a good idea in theory, but I just can’t get it to work for me- I wish I could since I paid so much money for it! I just use a blanket now most of the time, or I use this and just don’t put it over my neck.

Tabitha Bostwick, GA

not worth it

I am not really reviewing the quality of the hooter hider but more the functionality. I bought this when my baby was a week old. He is now 14 weeks old and I have NEVER used it. I find it a lot more convenient to nurse wearing a baggy shirt and a blanket. Then I can see his face but it is not noticeable for other people. I think the hooter hider actually draws attention to the fact that you are nursing and it just looks really weird in my opinion. It is also expensive for a piece of fabric that you can totally make yourself. There is nothing very strong in the opening at the top so as others have said you have to hold it open yourself to see your baby. This is a purchase which I regret making.

Debora Custer, SD

I love this nursing cover!!!

I have twin boys and they eat… a lot. I first registered and was given a Bebe Au lait nursing cover and after taking it out of the box I realized it was small and didn’t hold up well when wearing. My sister told me about Hooter Hiders and she was right. This cover is great, big enough if I wanted to tandem nurse in public and the wire neck makes it easy to see my little one nursing and make sure we both don’t overheat. The fabric is thin enough to not make you too hot, but thick enough so it’s not see through. I would recommend this cover to anyone who wants to discreetly nurse in public or at home with visitors.

Earline Marshall, WI

Adorable, Functional

This nursing cover was a good purchase for me because I wanted to have some modesty while I tried to learn to nurse in public. I can compare it to some that my friends have had and given me. It is better than others because it is long and doesn’t feel like a short cape as others do. It feels more like wearing a long apron, but it reaches further around you width-wise. The top strap around the neck is adjustable, and this is pretty easy to do but I would recommend doing it before you are in the heat of the moment with a squirmy baby. The plastic boning allows you to look down and see baby. The Nest print is particularly sweet. It works for a boy or a girl. I have a boy, and I did wonder about having ruffles on while feeding him, but I decided that this product is more for me than for him! The material is soft and it washed up nicely – this is a huge plus to me. If it balls up or wrinkles after a wash, what’s the point? Overall, I would purchase this again and have received many compliments on it. The only con I can possibly think of is that some people may not like the word “Hooter” on the tag – but it’s very tiny.

Anastasia South Richmond Hill, NY

For pumping sure, for nursing no.

I was really disappointed in this nursing cover. I’m a first time mom, and was hoping to be able to nurse in public, but quickly found that this nursing cover was not going to get me there. The ‘stiff neck’ is stiff, but it collapses and constantly needs to be readjusted. The worst part is that despite the lightweight fabric, this cover is HOT, for myself and my daughter. She hates it too, and fusses when I use it, making nursing all the more challenging.The upside to this cover is that it is super cute and roomy. I can use it to pump, with no problems whatsoever; it is great for that. But not for nursing. It seems to work for lots of women, just not for me.

Coleen Warriormine, WV

No pockets on Nobotu Pink nursing cover

I thought this nursing cover had pockets but this design does not (the Nobotu BLUE has external pockets). Other than that, I really like this nursing cover. I also have a Bebe au Lait nursing cover in Mint Chocolate (http://www.amazon.com/Bebe-Lait-Nursing-Cover-Chocolate/dp/B001CCHUTE/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1343084111&sr;=1-1&keywords;=bebe+au+lait+nursing+cover) but I like this more. The light colour lets in more light and I think the fabric is a bit lighter so the baby doesn’t get as hot as quickly.I’ve used this nursing cover during our travels last week and used it at the airport, in the middle of the mall, at a museum, at the zoo (at a bench outside the bathroom & on an open air tram). I noticed some people look but no one staring (in fact, I’ve had some women glance at me and smile, since my baby girl’s fat legs and feet are sticking out of the nursing cover, lol).The only complaints I have:-no pockets (my Bebe au Lait has 2 white terry cloth pockets on the inside side of the cover (if that makes sense), quite useful in holding the ever-important burp cloth and other stuff)-fabric is still a bit too thick for my liking – my poor baby ends up sweating so much when I was nursing her at the San Diego Safari Park last week (it was mid 70s and I was nursing her on the safari tram (shaded & had a breeze).I do like the colour and the cute ruffles and the rigid neckline definitely helps in being able to see the baby when nursing.

Cherie Jensen Beach, FL


I love that the Hooter Hider is so easy to use. Its perfect for nursing in public. The cotton material has kept my baby much cooler than the blankets I had been using. My only request is that it was a little wider for additional privacy. It keeps me covered well, but a little extra fabric on the sides couldn’t hurt.

Tonia Gifford, IA


This hoodie hider does the job. However, just after 2 washes, the color has definately faded. Other than that, it gets the job done.

Patty Rising Star, TX

a nuisance to need one of these, but it works for the most part

just wish it didn’t shrink every time i put it in the wash… b/c the baby is actually getting BIGGER while this cover up is getting smaller! otherwise, it’s easy to use, though i fight with the top sometimes. (keeping it propped open, etc. if there was something that the baby didn’t notice while he was nursing and that had a little fan/ac to blow underneath, they we’d be talking! so i rarely bother covering up anymore… i try to be discreet so people don’t freak out… that i’m nursing! surprise! it’s natural… until people/Americans relax on that tip, i’ll still carry this thing around so that I don’t "offend" anyone.

Jeannine Charlotteville, NY

Great for nursing in public!

My baby is two months old and the Hooter Hider is perfect for nursing in public! It has a built-in frame at the top to keep the fabric out from your body a bit so you can see your baby and this really helps with getting baby latched on properly. I’ve used this a lot and like feeling fully covered. It is small enough that I just keep it in my purse all the time. That way I can leave the house knowing that if my baby is hungry when we are out and about, I can feed her anytime, anywhere. I love the Marseille pattern – very pretty and feminine.

Kathleen Antimony, UT

Hooter Hiders

I ordered this Hooter Hider at the suggestion of a breastfeeding neighbor. She said Hooter hiders give you the best coverage. She was right!The Pros:Easily rolls up to fit in the diaper bag, or even my coat pocket if needed!Stylish. They carry cute prints & some of them even have ruffles on the bottom.Adjustable neck so you can have it higher or lower depending on what fits your body best.It’s a wide cover so you don’t have to worry about showing too much.It is made of great breathable material and well constructed.Hope this was helpful!

Tiffany Roseglen, ND

The best

I’ve had a couple other nursing covers and this one has a lot of fabric. I have never been worried about showing any tummy or side with this. Covers baby well too. The neck strap is easy to adjust. It washes and dries very well. And the fabric is adorable. I would buy this again if mine wore out but on baby #3 it’s still going strong.

Elizabeth Shanksville, PA

Good cover, but thin material

I bought this cover and a Bebe Au Lait one…I think they are made by the same company. Although they both have the curvature on top, I prefer the Bebe Au Lait one because the material is a tiny bit thicker and it has the nice pockets inside it. I do like that this one has a nice bag for it, though. I think this cover and covers like it are the best I have found for nursing in public. The boning in it for seeing my DD is essential. The only thing I might change is to make it a little bit longer on the sides and maybe an option for attaching in the back to prevent the side view when nursing.

Mae Saint George Island, AK

love it

generous coverage…beautiful design..rigid neck so can see baby every time.. easy to adjust neck ..has a pocket too though i dont use it.. highly recommend

Winifred Arona, PA

Good stuff for breastfeeding

Is nice a nice stuff if you are out or you have visit in your house, the quality is good but when is hot is a little difficult to use because because nothing than we can’t control..

Heidi Dedham, MA


Amazing product for MomsI find this nursing cover to be VERY stylish and work wonderfully. It is big enough to cover everything yet comes with a small pouch it folds into for storing. The fabric is a nice quality and I am very happy with this and would recomend it over any other nursing cover.

Jewel Holtsville, NY

Gives mamas freedom to feed wherever

This has been a really great addition to our baby gear. I have never used any other brand so I can’t compare, but this has been more than adequate for us. I can tell that having the Hooter Hider at my disposal has made me much more likely to venture out, whether it is to restaurants, cafes or other people’s homes. Would make for a nice baby shower gift. I do prefer this to simply laying a cloth or blanket over my son since the wire ring allows me to see him and keeps air flowing, especially when the weather is hot.

Myra Wilkes Barre, PA

Works but don’t love it

I registered for this item without really evaluating any others…I thought all nursing covers were the same.Pros: folds nicely in the bag. Fabric seems easy to brush milk off of.Cons: the boning folds in half and really doesn’t help me see my baby very easily. *the fabric does not breathe* we are both sweltering within a few minutes.Looking for a better one now…

Lela Buxton, ME

Cute cover up for nursing

My daughter is extremely wiggly and pulls on everything while nursing, so I like the strap around the neck, but it (laced through the silver rings) does not seem to hold as tightly as I need it to all the time. The black one is really cute though, and I love the ruffle pocket. I haven’t washed it yet, so I can’t speak for its durability in the washer.

Lacy Pond Creek, OK

Great cover

This a generous cover with nice fabric and a little pocket in the front, perfect to hold a paci, your breast pads, or a nipple shield. I initially used it when my baby was nursing, and it covered her well and I could still see her thru the top. I now use it when pumping, and it’s big enough to cover all the parts required for pumping, including giving me side coverage. Very pleased. The bag it comes in is also nice, and it washes well in the washer.

Janette South China, ME

Not as good…

I first bought one of these over 8 years ago and they were much thicker and of better quality then they are now. But it still works. Just sad how they don’t use good qulity in products anymore. Oh if I had my other one!

Sandy Howard Lake, MN

Must have for BFing moms!

I find this cover very useful as I breast feed my son on demand. Even if I’m out of the house or there are visitors, I could use this to discreetly feed my baby.

Harriet Dresden, TN


material is great, design is adorable, and I loved how much I felt like it covered me. Definitely recommend this cover!

Angelique Lockwood, MO

Best Nursing/Pumping Purchase!

I love my cover. I use it everywhere I go and for virtually everything. It’s perfect as a nursing cover, a napping/privacy cover (over a baby carrier), a sunshade, and a breast pumping cover! Love it! I can’t imagine not having it during my baby’s early years.

Allison Caratunk, ME

Great quality!

This nursing cover is very durable. It washes easily and has been stuffed in my bag tons of times. The fabric and rigid neckline have held up well. The storage pouch helps keep my bag organized. I like this style because of the ruffles.

Selma Wardsboro, VT


This is so beautiful and obviously does the job where you can look down and see the baby…but seriously, so pretty!

Corine Spokane, MO

Very useful, well thought-out

This is great for my wife, she uses it all the time.This has the part that acts kind of like a tent so you can actually see inside it (if wearing) to see what the baby is doing under there. It rolls up really small, which is great for keeping it in the diaper bag.Definitely recommend it to any breastfeeding mom.

Jana Rugby, TN

Great for all nursing mothers!

Ordered this for my wife so she could cover up and not have to fuss with a blanket when she tries to nurse our daughter. This product works great! My wife especially appreciates the fact that the plastic strip at the top that bows out and allows her to see our daughter while she is nursing.

Carolyn Savannah, NY

makes nursing in public so comfortable!

i know that some women can nurse in public so easily and discreetly with just a blanket thrown over their shoulder and not even wearing nursing clothes. i am not one of them, however. i always feel awkward and clumsy and like i am about to expose myself. i had even tried other nursing covers and had the same problem. hooter hiders has done an amazing job so even i can nurse gracefully with their nursing cover! and even though i have a very large chest i am able to easily keep eye contact with my baby while nursing and easily reattach her if she gets unlatched. i definitely recommend this to all nursing mothers. i even use this at home so i don’t have to isolate myself every time my daughter gets hungry and there are people over. its great!

Brooke Chugiak, AK

must have

I absolutely love this light weight easy to keep clean. Breathable fabric. I love shooter hinders so much I bought two more one for myself and one for my sister. We both love. This is a must for a nursing mom there is even a pocket to use your hand to hold it down when you a baby is trying to lift it up. The boning on the top leaves enough space to see your baby and to get air. These are amazing.

Alexandra Elgin, OH