Hoppop Bato Bath Tub, Lime

Hoppop Bato Bath Tub, Lime

Hoppop Bato Lime

Main features

  • Easy to clean
  • High supportive sides
  • Stackable
  • Insulated sides to maintain water tempature
  • Drain plug for ease of use

Verified reviews


My baby loves it, but..

My 9 month old girl loves this tub, since it is bigger than her previous one. It is big enough for her to very comfortably sit in with water upto her shoulders, although I would not recommend to have that much water for safety reasons.She loves playing with a toy in the tub. However, the tub is extremely slippery, which nearly drowned my baby girl twice.It scared her first time, but now she learned how to balance herself without drowning herself. Parents who buy this product should be very careful when bathing a baby in it. If a parent does not keep an eye on the baby in the tub for more than 2 seconds, literally, the baby will be under the water, struggling to survive.Another downside is that there are two quater-size holes on the bottom of the tub, which make nearly impossible to drain water, since the holes are not exactly on the bottom, but on the side of the bottom layer of the tub. I drilled a hole on the bottom to drain water from it. Otherwise, water stays inbetween the outer and inner layers of the tub. Mold might grow inside the tub between the inner and outer plastic cover of the tub.It would have been an excellent product, if the tub was not so slippery for babies and also without the holes.I would not recommend it to my friends, although it is a very cute tub.

Lilian Stehekin, WA

great babybath

bought this for my moms house who only has a shower but no tub. Daughter fit in there just fine but I did buy a mat to fit on the inside after reading reviews and she never slipped. Just be careful if the child is able to get up and stand. I always made my daughter stay seated. Its a good size tub. She hasn’t taken a bath in the tub for a while but when she was about 2 yrs she still fit in there. We got it when she was about 1 and it was great option if you have no tub.

Katherine Jefferson, ME

Greatest tub on earth

I wasn’t real sure when I saw this tub online, but boy am I glad I bought it. This is the greatest thing next to a real bathtub. We’ve been using this for several months and our little grandson loves it. I feel like it’s big enough but not too big. It is very sturdy, easy to clean and I feel like our little guy is safe in it.

Dayna Falcon, MO

Best little tub ever…

This little tub is great! I got a few different ones (hard plastic, inflatables…) but this one, my son was very comfortable and secure… I got a small mat since it is a little slippery and now my son loves taking a bath… He is 7 months old and loves having many toys while taking a bath. Besides holding my son in place and providing him with perfect baby hands sides to hold it is very pretty. We got many shots of him and the colors and shape just makes everything even better!

Zelma Mount Judea, AR


We love the design, and totally blew away by the look and the sleek of this tub in person. I bought this tub for our one year old but the four year old was so interested in it too so we let him try it and he loves it. He’s 39 inches tall and only 30 lbs (way under the weight limit of this tub) so we let him use it. He looks quite comfortable in it (can’t straighten his legs) but claims that he loves it so much. There were also times I let them both share the tub and they had a blast every time.She did slip a few times when she sits in the tub by herself, however, so I always put much less water so that she doesn’t douse a bunch of water if she does (I’m also aways there). So I do prefer them in there together because she can sit safely and comfortably on the other end of the corner. And there’s always so much laughters when they’re together. I kinda wish that they make this in a bigger size so I can get it after they grow out of this one.My little girl keeps on unplugging the drain stopper though, (I kinda wish it’s not so easy to find).I still highly recommend the product because this is the best option I found when I look for something with a real tub experience, and it’s the first baby gear that I can say is very practical and elegant in design.

Luz Protection, KS

Buy bath mats for infants!

I bought this tub when my 8 month old could no longer fit in his infant tub and upon reading the reviews, decided to also buy the green sprouts bath mat to prevent any slipping. The first day that my baby used the tub, he reclined on the back support (he was used to lying down in the infant tub), quickly readjusted his body, and slid right underwater! I luckily was right there to pull him up. It was pretty scary for the both of us. I had no idea that I also needed some traction on the sides to further prevent sliding until my son was used to sitting up for the entirety bath time. I quickly bought the tiny whale bath mats from green sprouts, threw them around the sides and now, my son LOVES bathing in this tub. Overall, this is a great tub that is more appropriate for toddlers but that can be adjusted for older babies.

Glenda Buckhorn, KY


The bath tub is excellent, a little slippery in The bottom for little babies, but works great with a mat. The only thing I think it needs is a stand up base to avoid put The bath tub on The floor.

Ashlee Evans, WV


Love the look and feel of this tub. We have an old (cold) ceramic tub and when my 9 month old daughter outgrew her infant tub I wanted something else for her because I didn’t want her in our big ceramic tub. This works well. The only thing you need to know is that the plastic is VERY slippery when wet/filled with water. So we bought some of those clear silicone non-slip tub things (ours are seashells) and put them in the bottom. Problem solved.

Kayla Canal Fulton, OH

Looks great, but not functional (or safe) for infants

This tub is attractive and very cool-looking. I really, really wanted to like it.Unfortunately, it is too deep and slippery for infants. Very difficult to bath little ones in a tub this slippery– I never felt confident using it. I think it would be better for toddlers… if they can be trusted to stay put in the tub. The bottom and sides are made of the same, slippery matterial.We went back to a traditional, more shallow (and less cool-looking!) tub that was easier to use.

Carissa Somerset, CA

got the pink one

I got the pink one and was more than pleased with my purchase it was just as pictured which dosnt happen often. perfect size love the modern shape too. i heard a lot of reveiws on it being a little slippery but i just went to target and bought a fish shaped mat that was the same color and it was perfect.

Octavia Cynthiana, IN

great bathtub

The size for this bath tube is perfect for my little 6 month old. He is not able to sit up on his own so we hold him up. We bought the nonslip mat by green sprouts (recommened by an Amazon reviewer) and it fits perfectly. The bathtub is light and easy to clean.

Valerie Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Best Baby Tub ever made!!!

I am in love with this tub. we moved into a fixer upper that doesn’t have a working bath tub shortly after my son was born. For the first few months he was content in his little puj tub. but when he got bigger I was really sad that he couldn’t splash and play so I went on the hunt for a tub. I didnt want one of the ones that have a baby-shaped indent, and I was shocked at how few options there were of tubs that were just shaped like tubs .anywho , I found this little gem on amazon, and though I gasped at the price, and cringed when I ordered it, it seemed to be the only thing that even came close to what I was looking for. It was delivered quickly , I believe within three business days, which made my week. I opened the box expecting to be dissappointed, or I should say hoping , because fifty bucks is a small fortune in this house lol. But I was pleasantly surprised, not only was it the perfect size and dimensions, it also came in a pretty color (automatic SOLD in my book).After using it (three times in one day, because its that awesome) I was even more impressed. There is plenty of room for my son who is now 8 months and of average size to grow into. It is easy to clean and also drains easily. MY FAVORITE part. its light as a feather , and despite its awesomly large dimensions is rather easy to stow away , it’s light enough to put on the top closet shelf with out having to worry about concussing yourself if you drop it on your head… which has actually happened to me before.Overall , I would recommend this tub to everyone 🙂 I think it would suit well babies from sitting to about 2 years old and maybe beyond. Possibly younger if you get a baby holder positioner thingie to go inside ( I hate those things). Its money well spent, durable and will stay in my family for plenty of babies to come! happy shopping!oh , and it also is great for washing small dogs 😉

Holly Humacao, PR