Hoppop Monty Step Stool, Aqua

Hoppop Monty Step Stool, Aqua

Ultra grip step surface Ultra grip foot caps Compact Lightweight Easy to store

Main features

  • Ultra grip step surface
  • Ultra grip foot caps
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store

Verified reviews


No more falls

Before this stool we had the worst stool known to mankind. It would slip out from under my children’s feet and they were always falling off of it. It got to a point where the stool was simply dangerous and we needed a new one. So enters the hoppop into our home and let me say that we LOVE this stool. We bought 2 of them!!!! No more falls, no more slips and my kids can carry it on their own. This stool is durable, it’s not too big, it’s steady and darn cute.

Yvette Highspire, PA

Best stool for young kids

I love this stool – We have two in our house – I don’t worry about my son tipping it over and falling off of it because of the way it’s built. It’s light enough that my son can also pick it up and move it as necessary. It also has grippers on the top so he won’t fall off or slip. I only wish they had some more neutral colors, but definitely can live with it.

Phoebe New Gretna, NJ

Functional and cute

I bought this to mainly help my toddler reach the sink to brush her teeth and wash her hands and eventually to use with the toilet. But she uses it for everything which is good and bad. She can just pick it up and carry it to where she wants it. She uses it to climb on the couch, get up on a chair or if she wants to “help” with her baby brother. I like the circle design a little better than rectangular designs. And the non-skid bottom is awesome. It doesn’t move once she puts it down and even when she is standing on the very edge the other side does not lift up at all. And the bumps on top help socked feet not slip.

Estelle Glenville, NC

Great step stool for the modern baby!

This is a great stool for toddlers.. it stands firm and the colors are just stunning. After buying a fuchsia one for our downstairs bathroom, I ended up buying a second one in Aqua for upstairs. It’s probably best for 3+ year olds because it isn’t that high. The traction and overall shape is great, my toddler has not once toppled over and we use it all the time (my 3yo moves it around herself).

Susan Dagsboro, DE

Excellent stool

We were concerned about the Baby Bjorn stools after we heard that they are not particularly sturdy. The hoppop monty step stool is super sturdy, fantastic, attractive (we have blue), slip proof, and our daughter also uses it as a place to sit to put on her shoes and socks !

Cornelia Eatonton, GA