Hotslings Adjustable Pouch Baby Sling, Graham Cracker, Large

Hotslings Adjustable Pouch Baby Sling, Graham Cracker, Large

Say bye bye to complicated sizing charts and hello to the infinitely adjustable Hotslings AP. Two strategically placed tri-glide buckles allow the AP to fit comfortably on multiple users while also easily accommodating postpartum body changes. Simply adjust and go. Hotslings is dedicated to being on the cutting edge of fashion bringing fresh perspective to active parents who want to simplify their lives but not compromise their style. Multiple carry positions, review product safety instructions before use.

Main features

  • 97% cotton 3% spandex. Filling – 100% cotton
  • Imported
  • High thread count 97% cotton 3% lycra
  • Easy to use
  • Safety instructions included with each sling
  • Calms fussy baby, promotes bonding
  • Mulitple carry positions

Verified reviews


So beautiful but not very comfortable for me

I really wanted to love this sling, because it is so beautiful but it just never worked for us. The primary reason I wanted it was for the hip carry but no matter what we did to try to adjust I always ended up in pain later. the weight bearing shoulder would ache and it would radiate down my back. So in the end it has ended up just sitting in the closet. I ended up using a different style sling with better results.Positives- it was very well made with nice construction, I never had any doubts as to it’s is gorgeous and I got many compliments on itNegatives- caused back/shoulder pain for me personally (I have heard others who have been happy though!)

Eunice Southmont, NC

Didn’t work for me or my baby

I was excited to try this – I have been using the Moby Wrap (which I love!) but wanted something cooler for the warmer weather. When I put this on, it just felt awkward – it bunched up on my shoulder, was uncomfortable on my back and went across my breasts really oddly – but I was still willing to try it. Once I put my son in it, I knew it wouldn’t work for us. I just felt like he wasn’t very secure and I worried about him falling out. I was able to return it without any issues – thank you Amazon.

Corinne Bern, KS

Tight Fabric!!

I have a 6 week old infant that weighs about 11 pounds and I could only get him in half way in the cradle pose!! The fabric was so tight that he would NOT have been comfortable. There is a difference between "swaddle tight" and "OMG my kid won’t be able to breath tight". My friend has an older model of the Hotsling and said that it isn’t as tight as this adjustable pouch. If you are thinking of purchasing this model..don’t. Go with the Moby wrap! I have that and baby loves it! it is completely adjustable and versatile!

Dawn Mantua, OH

Sling for my husband

My daughter was born really small and putting her in a carrier was hard since she did not have the ability to have her legs split apart to the necessary size. I searched reviews online and eventually chose this one since it allows you to change the size through the use of buttons and since it has a truly defined "pouch". This sling fits my husband great (6’2" and 220) but it is way to big for me (5’5" and 150).

Andrea Woodbine, GA

Stylish but small

I am a busty lady (even more so since currently breastfeeding). There isn’t a lot of room left in the sling once it has to go around my chest. That being said, it is a nice looking sling and it is good quality. It is comfortable to wear (no back or shoulder pain) and will work even better once my baby can hold his own head up and doesn’t have to be completely inside the cramped sling.

Margret Bismarck, IL

Sizing Information by Manufacturer Below

Top Outside of Shoulder to Opposite Bottom of Hip MeasurementRegular: 23-26 inchesLarge: 27 to 30 inchesTip: If you are currently pregnant, have someone take these measurements from your back side and add two inches for your post belly. This will get you in the correct range.As you can see, these slings do not fit plus size mamas, so be careful!

Faith Buffalo, OK

didn’t work for me

Unfortunately, this did not work for me. I followed the sizing recommendations on the Hotslings website and ordered size Regular (I am only 5’1″). It was way too small. Even before trying to put my daughter in it, I knew it wasn’t going to work. I couldn’t get my 6 week old baby in it properly and she screamed the whole time. I suppose I could try the size Large, but I think it would hang too low. I do give it 2 stars, though, because the fabric is beautiful and it’s a nice looking sling.

Ericka Rockport, TX


I bought this after purchasing a moby wrap. I love how I just slip this on( unlike the moby) and slide her in. It’s quick and easy and I feel that she’s safe in it. I also don’t have any back or shoulder pain when I use it for extended periods of time.

Simone Ripley, OH

Too small when received

I follow the size chart and bought myself a regular one. However, when I received it, the size was actually run small on me. Give this to a friend, hope she would like it too.

Laverne Angelica, NY

Baby falls asleep easily

It works well with my 3 month old when she’s struggling to sleep during the day – she falls asleep within a minute or two of putting her in and walking around. Wish I had got it earlier. Although it did take several tries for me to get comfortable wearing it – at first, I followed the instructions and found that her head would sink deep into the fabric, and I’d worry about her neck getting bent more than it should, but then I figured out how to wear it so that she looks comfortable and safe by changing the position. Also, I am about 5 feet 8 inches tall, and I had to get a large size – the regular one was too tight on me (maybe it’s my post partum weight gain 🙂

Naomi Winchendon, MA


I could never get this thing to work. It was an awkward size and swallowed my baby up whenever I tried to put him in it. I ended up returning this and getting a Baby K’tan which is MUCH better.

Therese Marietta, GA

Decent product

In theory this is a handy product. Have had to wait till daughter was 8 pounds. She isn’t fond of the sling, but Iam hoping she grows unto it.

Georgette Bethany, CT

A little bulky

The material of this sling is nice and soft. It does however have quite a bit of bulk at the shoulder; too much for me, and it didn’t feel comfortable. My baby girl just didn’t like it either and and she is a baby that loves to be close. Love the idea but this one didn’t work for Me. My baby girl does however like the Karma Baby Sling that we found at Target online. But hands down my baby girl loves the Ergo baby carrier best. The sizing was about right; I am usually a small to medium, and I ordered a medium sling.

Elvia Andale, KS

Make sure you have a “swaddler”

This works as described, but my daughter never liked swaddling or being constrained in any way (so we used it two or three times and that was it). I ended up using a Baby Bjorn (until 5 months), and later an Ergo Baby (since 5 months). The Ergo Baby has been the best for our daughter, but is really meant for older babies.

Dionne Melrose, IA

Love it!

I love the convenience and comfort of the sling for me and my toddler. She fits comfortably in position and stays there without fussing. I love that I am able to get things completed and be hands free which is so important. I also love all the color choices they provide as well. I will definitely be recommending to all my expectant and mom friends.

Juana Junction City, CA

Too small

This did not work for me at all. I wanted something to carry my son around the house in when he was just a few months old (under 12 pounds). He was not comfortable in it, and it did not feel good when I was wearing it. I would not buy this again.

Madelyn Prole, IA

Perfect sling!

The regular fits me and baby just fine, it should be nice and snug, that way the baby doesn’t slide around. She loves it in there, either looking out or in the cradle position so that she can sleep against me. This works better for us than carriers because she doesn’t like to face in, even at 7 weeks she would rather look around.

Maureen Claypool, AZ

Come on Hotslings, make your size chart accurate!

Nice sling, well made with very pretty fabric BUT IT DOESN’T FIT! I measured myself with a tape measure and according to the official Hotslings size chart I measure a 24" from shoulder to hip which is 2" below the maximum size for their regular size sling.when it arrived it barely fit over my frame at all- let alone with the baby in it! I had it adjusted so the buckle’s cinches were all the way out and it was as big as it would go. It was way too small. So irritating!

Christie Simpson, WV