Hugga-Bebe Infant Support Cushion

Hugga-Bebe Infant Support Cushion

Hugga-Bébé is a patent-pending, innovative product that allows children 4-months to toddler years to experience comfort and security while playing in activity centers, jumpers, walkers, and park bucket swings. Hugga-Bébé’s unique wrap-around design literally hugs your baby making those “one size fits all” seats really fit. Hugga-Bébé solves the problem of stuffing pillows, blankets, towels, etc. around your child during playtime to keep them supported. Parents love Hugga-Bébé’s simple to use adjustable design that will grow with your child, allowing it to be used throughout their development. Ages: 4 Months to Toddler Years

Main features

  • For ages 4 Months to Toddler Years
  • Offers proper support for a full 360 degrees for your child during playtime
  • Generous padding for extra support
  • Machine Washable

Verified reviews


Not so enthused

This has a great concept behind it, but the design isn’t quite there yet. I wanted to like it, but I just can’t. First of all, it’s too thick. I think I used this for maybe a 2 week period before it was useless. Since it was too thick, my son couldn’t reach any of the toys in his exasaucer. Quite honestly… it’s much easier to throw a blanket behind him and let him play in his exasaucer and jump in his jumperoo. I agree they make the seats very wide in these activity seats, but once they can sit on their own, even a blanket is no longer necessary. So, while they have enough head control to place them in their seat, but they’re bodies are still flopping around a bit, save your money and use a blanket for the month or even 2 if necessary.

Darlene Red Mountain, CA


This has been a huge help with our son who is on the small side with helping him not fall forward or backward in his activity station. He just turned 2 and it still fits him as good as it did when we got it several months ago. I love that it is adjustable in length and will work for babies and toddlers who are not able to completely hold themselves without assistance.

Marcie Radcliff, KY

Better than towels

Before this product, we were stuffing towels all around our son so he’d fit better in his doorway jumper, play saucer, etc. This works as described, but I will say it is rather difficult to get an infant in and out this contraption. The loop at the bottom can be used as a handle to pull it off his body, but it’s more of a two person job and the baby gets a bit nervous during the process. The instructions tell you to pull him out of the implement (with the cushion still on him) lay him down and unvelco the entire thing. Also, the yellow color isn’t nearly as bright as pictured. It’s more of a pale pastel. All that being said, we do use it every day and we like it.

Alta Palmetto, LA

Just what my baby needs to fit well in her jumper!

The Baby Einstein jumper seat was rather shallow and wide for my 4-month-old. She is still a supported seater, but loves to bounce in the jumper at daycare which holds her much better (Fisher-Price Jungle Jumperoo). This is the only thing of its’ kind that I found that would snuggly hold her in the jumper so she wouldn’t wobble all around and cry. As soon as I put her in the jumper with this support cushion, she stopped crying. Success!I plan to use this cushion when I get a high chair until my baby is able to support her upper body. I also look forward to using this in a baby swing in the park.This is a cushion. It’s not foam and it’s not an air cushion. It’s also adjustable!

Bonnie East Poultney, VT

Blankets work just as well.

This looks nice and does it’s job well, but wadded up blankets do the job just as well and for free. It’s a nice item to have if you want to spend the almost $30 on it, but I don’t think I’d get it again.

Camilla Waccabuc, NY

Couldn’t do without!

LOVE this support cushion. I have a bouncy swing that we hang from the doorway for my 4 month old and the seat isn’t adjustable so it is too wide for such a little guy just learning to sit up. I saw this cushion in a catalog and went on Amazon to see if they had it too and to my luck they did! Free shipping and all! Definitely one of the best things I’ve purchased for my son. He used to fall over in his swing and get annoyed and now he loves it! I would highly recommend this to all parents who have a bouncy, a walker, or something similar. It even works in the playground swings! Washes well too. I just chucked it right in the washing machine by itself. GREAT invention for babies!!!

Lucy Hockley, TX

Good for playground baby swing

This product is useful for certain purposes but has its flaws. I initially purchased it when my son was 5 months old for use in his exersaucer. However, the high and stiff front prevented him from reaching the toys easily and I stopped using it there. I then tried it in his jumperoo and it did the job of keeping him from flopping over. Yet it is a bit bulky and seems to “mummify” my son so that he can’t really move his arms. Moreover, it is kind of a pain to put on and my son gets annoyed and cranky during the process so lately I’ve simply stopped using it. The best use for this product is in the playground baby swing. It helps him sit comfortably and upright in those bucket seats. Of course, a rolled up blanket or two would serve the same purpose. Had I known then what I know now, I probably would not have purchased this item, since it gets only occasional use.

Celeste Middletown, VA

A Must-Have!

I was skeptical about buying this product rather than rolling up some blankets to prop my son up in his Exersaucer. It is hands-down my new favorite baby product. It provides excellent trunk support for babies who can hold up their head and neck but don’t have stability in their torso. My son LOVES this product. People who say that it goes “up too high” are not putting it on correctly. Once baby is secured in the Huggabebe and you place him/her in an exersaucer, they “sink down.” Therefore, when you are securing baby in the product on the floor (as directed), you place their head at the top of the headrest. Once you place them in the exersaucer, they will settle down and be perfectly supported. If their arms are “trapped,” move them to the outside of the wrap.It is very soft and machine washable (and dryer safe). I just washed mine tonight and it came out beautifully. I chose to air dry it and am surprised at how quickly it is drying with how thick it is. If you are on the fence, take the plunge and buy this. You will be happy you did! I am recommending this to all my new mom friends.

Elvia Gleneden Beach, OR

So much fun!

I really love this cushion. My son is three months old (15lbs) and can just hold his head up. This allowed him to sit up comfortably in his jumper and the swing at the park (which he LOVED). I would definately buy this again. Perfect amount of padding and he can see over it just fine.

Elizabeth Falcon, KY

Great option for restaurants and swings

My son has a habit of throwing is head back and it’s scary when he’s in a high chair or swing that has a lot of space. This is a great item to use until your child is totally stable sitting upright.

Lauri Parrish, FL

One of my favorite baby purchases!!

I was sad to see this is harder to get a hold of than when I bought it two years ago. This got alot of use from both of my daughters, now aged 2 and 1. Great for restaurant high chairs when they aren’t quite ready to sit on their own yet. Also great for shopping carts, and those round park baby swings. We just passed it along to a friend and it is still in great condition!!

Janis Sadsburyville, PA

One of my favorite baby products!

We bought this to help support by little one in his jumparoo. Everybody loves it, especially my little boy. He starts smiling and cooing the second we start putting him in this clamshell because he knows he gets to play in his jumparoo. We have not used it for any other items, but I think in the coming months it will be used for several other items. My only complaint, and thus the reason for only 4 stars, is that the Velcro on the two straps has already starting pulling off after only 2 weeks of regular use. It was a quick fix with my sewing machine to add stronger stitches so no big deal for me, but I can see that this might be frustrating for someone to pay good money for an item that begins to come apart after just a few short uses. I agree that it would be nice to have a slip cover so it’s easier to wash, but we just drape a burp rag over the front of it to catch any drool or spit up. This is not a big deal for us. Overall, this is one of my favorite baby items because it extends the life of baby toys and makes him able to play in them longer than he would have originally.

Susanna Harrison, SD

Now my daughter loves her excersaucer!

I just received this last week and so far I absolutely love it! My 5 month old daughter used to scream whenever I tried to put her in the doorway jumper or her excersaucer because the seats were so big, she would flop all over. And rolled up blankets didn’t help much because they didn’t support her head and neck. This is exactly what I needed to help her feel secure in those seats, and now she actually has fun bouncing and playing with the toys. I imagine it would get hot for a baby in the summer or outdoors on a warm day, but the fabric is so soft I would use this while my daughter is in just her diaper. Even with all the other great reviews, I was hesitant to buy this because it fits snug around your baby and since she was born, my daughter has HATED being swaddled. But she seems to really love feeling secure in her baby seats when we use this. I would highly recommend to any mom!

Dina Ashland, LA

This is the best invention!

I bought this for my daughter when she was 4 months old and started using her exersaucer. She is small, so before I discovered this product we had to use a rolled up blanket to support her in the seat. When I started using this, WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MADE! All I have to say is WOW. Not only did it make her more secure in the seat, but it gave her head support, which was important since she would sometimes thrust herself backwards. The blanket certainly didn’t provide that.The HuggaBebe is very soft and thick. I am confident when I have to walk away from her for a few minutes, knowing it is fully supporting her. And I can tell she likes when I put her in it, too. She always has this smile on her face when we put it on. I think she likes the snug feeling it gives her. Without this product, she would fall forward in the exersaucer seat. That’s no longer an issue. It also lifts her up a bit, so she’s able to reach the toys on the saucer. Without it, she wouldn’t be able to (she’s a short baby). I think every parent should have one of these. It will extend the life of your baby products so that your baby can start using them earlier. It’s worth every penny!Update 7/16/10–The other day I used the HuggaBebe in the baby swing at the park. Yet another great use for it, and without it, my daughter would be too small for the swing. In this, she was so comfortable and supported. This is such a great invention!

Chelsey Siler, KY

Hugga-Bebe Infant Support Cushion

Wow! Grandaughter was a bit preemie/little tinier. Wanted to buy sooner, she loves it and so do we. Great support all around, very comfortable for her, makes her activity time so much more fun for her. She’s having wonderful time playing instead of tipping side to side, forward or back (not that we let her…we’ve been supporting her ourselves all along). She turned 5 mos. when I gave to her, she loves the independence, has given her more confidence to swivel around in her activity seat, try to stand more often and she enjoys her Johnny Jump Up alot more also.We love to see her well supported, safe, exclaiming nonstop with joy, having so much fun trying her new toys. The cushion can be used with other i.e. swing, baby chair…Suggest this as a must baby shower gift or buy it anyway!I so wished I had one of these when my boys were little! No regrets buying, well worth the cost, highly recommend it & hope you’ll enjoy owning one.Hugga-Bebe Infant Support Cushion (Green)update: March 15, 2013was so helpful bought a 2nd to have at my house/grandma’s.

Sherri Sainte Genevieve, MO

So Genius! Money well spent

I just purchased a bouncer for my 6 month old and his head was wobbling and he just wasn’t sitting properly in the seat. I tried everything like pillows and rolling blankets and then I saw this online. As soon as I got the cushion I strapped it on him and it was perfect! The product is made well, it’s comfortable, it gives you buttons to adjust for size and I just love it!

Florine Whitmire, SC

Love it

Used this alot the first few months.much better than stuffing towels around the baby.Plus the huggable babe offers better head support. I like the Velcro so you can adjust as baby grows. Dislike spot cleaning. No fun with blow outs.

Courtney Colonial Beach, VA

Very smart invention!

Great for holding baby up in the swing! He was more comfortable and enjoyed swinging with this insert. Not too easy to keep clean.

Casey Arcola, IN


This is the 2nd one I’ve purchased. It does exactly what it says and I feel that my granddaughter is secure and safe in it. I bought the 2nd one for my daughter to use.

Naomi Riverside, WA