Hunnt® Cotton Baby Carrier Infant Comfort Backpack Buckle Sling Wrap Fashion Full Pad Adjustable Blue

Hunnt® Cotton Baby Carrier Infant Comfort Backpack Buckle Sling Wrap Fashion Full Pad Adjustable Blue

Adjustable buckles on the side for easy release, Provides a warm environment for the child, Greatly padded for better security

Main features

  • Adjustable buckles on the side for easy release
  • Provides a warm environment for the child
  • Greatly padded for better security

Verified reviews


LOVE IT! Much more comfortable than the Ring-Sling. My son loves it and I do too!!

Now that her little boys here I’ve had a chance to test out this carrier. We read all the negative reviews from other people but decided to give it a try anyway. Now that I have tested this out I feel very confident of the negative reviews were placed by the companies out there selling these for exorbitant prices. This unit is absolutely sturdy and safe and I would never even consider carrying my little boy in a carrier that I thought would break. I was surprised at how comfortable this was. I have tried using a ring sling to carry my son and but it isn’t nearly as comfortable as this one is. The ring sling kind of hurts my back. I also like that this carrier looks a little more manly than the ring sling.It kind of makes me mad that there’re people out there placing what seems like obviously fake reviews for this because it’s cheaper price than the more expensive version. I am a real guy and I buy tons of stuff from Amazon. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one of these if I needed one or to recommend it to a friend or family member. I checked this one out carefully before I used it and all the straps and plastic buckles are very secure and sound. It seems to me that other carriers out there are drastically overpriced and don’t like the fact that someone else is making an equal product at a more appropriate and reasonable price.I’m getting a little tired of companies using my love for my son to gouge me on the price of products. We bought that ring sling at full price and this is a much more comfortable and better carrier for fraction of the cost. Not to mention the name brand of this nearly identical product that we decided not to buy.I am glad we took a chance on this carrier.

Eliza Coalmont, CO

Your baby’s safety is worth more than this carrier’s low price.

There are many mixed reviews for this baby carrier which suggests that there is not set standard for this product when it arrives. You might get one with loose buckles or one that seems well made and even comparable to the ErgoBaby. I personally would recommend you spend the extra money on the Ergo or Baby Gemini Carrier because of the product safety standards that those brands have adhered to versus getting one from China that may not have the same standards.If you’d like a full review of the best baby carriers, and what to look for, visit the website, in the Baby Gear section you’ll find a stroller shopping guide, what you must have on your registry vs what you really can live without, and the best toys and games for baby stimulation by age range.

Ollie Chattaroy, WV

Ok for short periods

I bought this to use when my child didn’t comfortable fit in our mei tei. I knew it would be temporary and wouldn’t be too bummed if it didn’t work out because the price was so cheap. There are pros and cons but overall I didn’t like this carrier. I wore it for short walks around the neighborhood or carrying her around the house to get her to fall asleep but wouldn’t use it for our day trips out.Pros:-Cheap price-Easy to put on-Storage pouch on the front-Built in hood that can be tucked away-Buckles, etc. seemed sturdy and I wasn’t concerned with carrying around my 12lb babyCons:-The straps were uncomfortable to me. I was constantly adjusting them or rolling my shoulders because of the weight distribution-The shoulder buckles hit me right under the armpit which made it uncomfortable to wear for extended periodsThis may work for someone but it didn’t for me. Again I knew it would be used temporarily but if you are looking for a long term baby carrier I would suggest looking elsewhere.

Rocio Williams, CA

I do not own an ergo but comparing pictures it looks just the same and it works great. The material may not be as high end …

Unbeatable for this price. I do not own an ergo but comparing pictures it looks just the same and it works great. The material may not be as high end as the ergo but it’s a sturdy cotton that will last as long as I’m willing to carry my baby around. It fits comfortable and can be adjusted. I was not going to buy a $140 carrier so this is perfect for our wallet and for what we need it for. Don’t let the super negative reviews scare you.

Mayra Omaha, TX


I’ve never owned an Ergo but I have owned high end carriers in the past (baby hawk OS and Mei tais) and would have to say that the one I received seems well made. The stitching is durable, comes with X stitching at the base of all the straps. I pulled and tugged at every strap and not one stitch was weakened. It also comes with the secure strap loops in case the strap slips or buckle slips.For the price, you cannot go wrong. If you feel the need to, you can always find someone with a sewing maching to help reinforce the stitching but honestly, the one I received does not need it.The shipping took about 2 weeks.

Sue Wrangell, AK