iBaby Monitor M3 WiFi Digital Video Monitor with Night Vision and Two-way Audio for iPhone and Android

iBaby Monitor M3 WiFi Digital Video Monitor with Night Vision and Two-way Audio for iPhone and Android

The first baby monitor with a revolutionary range of rotation and pivoting motion that you control from your phone, tablet, or PC . See and hear your baby anytime, anywhere. Unlike stationary monitors, the iBaby Monitor M3 follows your little one with a quick up/down, left/right swipe of your finger on the screen or your PC mouse. 360 ° Pan and 70 o Tilt. Unlimited Wi-Fi Streaming and Connection. Motion and Sound Alert Notifications. 2-way Audio. External Speakers Required. Up to 4 Devices and 4 Users Can View. Infrared Night Vision.Clear Video Resolution. Easy Plug and Play Set Up. Free iOS and Android App.

Main features

  • This is the older version of iBaby Monitor M3s. See below for the new version
  • Easy to use free iOS and Android Applications and viewable from PC or iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Control the camera with a swipe of your finger on the App
  • Two way audio viewable from PC or iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Image capture snaps pictures you an send or store

Verified reviews


Remember it’s for Apple not by Apple…

I had to have this. I saw it at the Apple store about a week after I found out I was pregnant and knew I would register for it just like I HAD to register for a Kitchenaid mixer as soon as I was engaged… It works. Usually. I like taking screen shots and I like that it one tap zooms. It’s VERY easy to move the camera and has great display – and there are 4 of us in my house with iPhones and 2 of us with iPads so everyone can easily connect and stalk the baby. Problem is, if your wifi sucks, this product sucks. It loses connection even when WiFi doesn’t suck. I’m not thrilled with the settings for movement/sound. I put it on 2 for sound alerts and a door shutting ACROSS the house will make it go off but the baby has to be crying decently to get it to go off. It was confusing to set up but still be able to unplug from internet directly. The actual instructions/app functionality is rudimentary at best. The app itself is where this EXPENSIVE product falls short. I didn’t have any problems with I updated my OS6 like many complained of but I wish I had done more research into video monitors instead of blindly deciding that this Apple app product was the one I had to have. I hope something new comes out to compete with it’s crappy app software.

Angel Salona, PA

A love hate relationship

I both love and hate this monitor. With my second baby I knew I wanted a video monitor, and after extensive research and review reading, decided this M3 monitor looked like the best option.Pros:
• Easy to set up. My husband and I both use it on our Ipod Touch 5 and it was a breeze to set up. You do have to plug it into your router the first time to activate it, but after that it’s wireless.
• Clear good picture, even at night. The color is a little wonky, but we are mainly using it to see if the baby’s really awake or just stirring around, not for award winning photos. The night vision is really clear and can easily see if baby’s eyes are open, etc.
• Easy to maneuver around. With just a swipe of the finger you can move the camera around the room to see all corners.
• Easy to mount. Screws and anchors included, & literally took 5 minutes to mount.
• App is fairly easy to use. The software is simple to use, though it’s pretty bare-bones.Cons:
• The 2-way audio only works if you add on speakers, not included.
• The cord is pretty short for a camera that needs mounted. Due to the tilt restrictions, there was no way to see into the baby’s crib without mounting the camera and an extension cord was necessary. The camera plug is one of those big bulky ones, so we had to find something to rest it on halfway up the wall – kind of a hazard for something that’s supposed to be installed in a baby room.
• The alerts don’t work when my ios device goes to sleep. This is a BIG con…BIG. Ios devices want to go to sleep to save battery, but for whatever reason the alerts don’t go off when my Ipod goes into sleep / lock mode, but if you leave your screen on all the time, it drains the battery, so you have to keep it plugged in, which means you can’t carry it around with you….not good. Also, if you can’t lock the screen the chances of your older toddler getting their hands on your Ipod and deleting some stuff is pretty high…also not good.
• The FAQ from IBaby doesn’t address the above issue, so I’ve contacted customer service to see if there is a work-around, but haven’t heard back yet…
• 2 people can’t really be in the app at the same time. If 2 people have the app open and one changes the alert settings, it applies to everyone in the app. So if my husband is at work and tunes in to have a look at the little one, and I have the alerts on, he’s constantly getting the alerts as well…If he turns off the alerts, it turns them off on my device as well. Kind of inconvenient. It would be better if each user could set the alerts to their preference, rather than them being applied across the board.Summary: Love that it’s easy to install and great picture. Love having video access to my little one’s room. Hate that the alerts don’t work properly.UPDATE: I finally heard back from the company that makes the M3 with some suggestions on settings in my IOS device to make the alerts work. Unfortunately their suggestions did not resolve the issue and then the alerts stopped working all together, even when the device was not sleeping. I tried twice more to contact them with no response. I contacted Amazon to see what my options were and they, thankfully, allowed me to return the monitor. Based on the IBaby Labs customer service and the above listed cons to this monitor I would not recommend it if you intend to use it as a baby monitor.

Alta Lulu, FL

Functions as described. Works well with wifi and 4G mobile data service.

We like it. We connected all of our mobile devices and tablets to this device. It’s easy to set-up, password protected, and provides traditional features of a baby monitor even if you’re not watching the video. For example, if your baby makes noise in the night, your mobile phone or tablet will resonate this sound for you even if the display is turned-off. The monitor has infrared or low-light video capability that works fine. You can also talk to your baby, if you connect your own speakers. The field of view is also adjustable by remote with the slide of your finger. Works good from my office’s wifi network, and from the 4G service from the sidewalk. I’ve only connected Apple products to the device, not my computer nor any Android-based device; I’m not sure whether you can do that with this device. For an Apple-product-only device, it’s awesome.My overall satisfaction is high as I’ve purchased other similar products and returned them. Forcing myself to think of the negatives, it would be nice to have a built-in speaker for the talk-back feature, but this isn’t a deal breaker for us. Also, if you have a limited data plan on your mobile phone, your mobile phone may encounter additional data charges if you’re not connected to your wifi network.I recommend this product.As an update, I found the settings to allow me to access this device by Android apps and by my desktop browser.

Jeanie Chester, PA

Great for toddlers

We were given the AngelCare monitor when our oldest was born. It was the perfect monitor for newborn and infant, as the motion sensor pad and temperature readings allowed us to sleep well knowing baby was okay. We are expecting number 2 and have been looking for a good replacement monitor for our now almost two year old. The video resolution is great and detail is perfect even though we have the monitor across the room from his bed. It was extremely easy to set up on our wireless and multiple devices. The sound is great – almost too sensitive if the volume on your device is up too high. All functions seem to be intuitive. Camera moves easily with a touch of the screen. Very satisfied and will likely purchase another one (or two) for our playroom and other areas of the house so I can peek in throughout the day.

Marylou Lake Arrowhead, CA

Great look works well.. not perfect.

Apple oriented products still tend to attempt to be works of art as well as functional. This item fits that bill.. the oval doughnut shaped camera sits on top of a magnetic base – it works well and is easier to move and adjust than a typical post mounted camera. I’m not sure I trust this one completely yet. There are way too many issues that can happen to block the signal since it requires a network and a non captured receiver. We will continue to use a philips advent for audio monitoring, but use this video monitor for its .."check on the baby" convenience.

Lillian Laurel, NY

Sound is poor or non-existent.

I purchased this monitor at the Apple store. It was really easy to set up and the picture quality is great. It’s nice to be able to easily launch an app and view the baby from anywhere, not just on the home network. BUT – the sound doesn’t work. All you hear is a staticy white noise. Not only that, but the volume on the white noise is inconsistent. It would get super loud suddenly, then cut down to nothing. At one point in the night, the sound turned off altogether. Thankfully the baby’s room is close to our bedroom otherwise I wouldn’t have heard her crying. I contacted customer support about the sound issue and they had said an update to the app would be released near the end of the month (March 2014). I was skeptical since the issue had been reported before and was even in their FAQs. I asked if they were positive an update would be sent since I had only 2 weeks to return the monitor to Apple. They advised me to return it and get a replacement. I returned it, but I purchased the Medisala Monitor instead and couldn’t be happier.

Nanette Wheaton, MN

Loved it

Love the product , i use it at all times. The only thing i would say its missing its the android friendly app

Deana Moreauville, LA

Could not get it set up

I was holding off on writing a review until I could get this set up … because. I couldn’t get it to work, and I actually am a techy-type. I gave up after more than an hour. This might be a great camera, but the company needs to go back and work on the setup before marketing it broadly.I’m very happy with my dropcam, for what it’s worth, and if you’re looking for a baby monitor that will work on your iphone (and any other device for that matter), I’d suggest you look into dropcam. Or maybe iBaby will come out with an improved version.

Serena Redcrest, CA

Barely delivers on its promise – but too expensive compared to the competition

The basics on this camera are pretty simple; Wi-Fi based camera with 2-way audio, apps for iOS only and a web portal. The portal is nothing to write home about, and contains the usual Chenglish translations like “There are no camera”.Installation could actually be pretty damn clever – and involves transferring your settings from the iPad or iPhone to the camera using a USB cable. Of course, I say *COULD* be clever because it took me over an hour to get it working. If this worked reliably, it would be amazing, because it means you don’t need to mess around with Wi-Fi settings and your cloud account.There are parts of the instructions missing. Also, when (not if, WHEN) the installation fails, there is no back or home button, so you need to kill the app and try again from scratch. What eventually helped was following the setup help pages inside the app, but even with that, it took several attempts.What I like about it: Very fast frame rate inside and outside the home, better than any remote camera I’ve ever tested.What I don’t like about it: pretty mediocre video quality – not good in daylight or night vision. Washed out colors. But perhaps the worst part is the audio – it has a 3-4 second delay (I guess that can be forgiven on Wi-Fi), but the quality is unacceptable if you plan to listen to your baby or talk back. The back also gets very hot during charging.Additionally, even though the camera says it is iPad compatible, they actually mean “iPhone app that will work on the iPad”. There is no Android app available at the time of writing.What troubles me as well, is that many of the other reviews on this product are, let’s say “questionable” and may be from the vendor.Mounting options are OK at best. It has a flat base and a wall mount. Neither of which are all that good. They hold on to the camera using magnets, and this means that the camera turns around far too easy, the power cable along is enough to turn the camera out of its position, and there is no way to lock it down. On the wall mount, the down angle is not sufficient. There is no tripod thread mount for alternative mounting options.And finally, even when I got it working on my iPad, I could never get it to show up in my “iBabyCloud” online account.Bottom line; at this price, get yourself a Dropcam, Logitech Alert or one of the many other well established cameras on the market.

Helga Fisher, PA

Great Baby Monitor! Used For A Year Now, Use It Daily

I found this to be the most usable monitor since my wife and I have iPhones and an iPad to be able to use as monitor screens and speakers paired to the camera when I first bought it. Setup was not as easy as the marketing made it out to be, but I believe this to be due to when I bought it the software was still be hammered out.The first 2 months were hit and miss if the software would stay running over night or not which was not very helpful for my sleep schedule. After a few updates though, the iBaby is a wonderful monitor system. My only regret now is the sound it makes when the app is running and my battery on my iOS device is running low around 20% or less, it’s very annoying to say the least and doesn’t stop (a safety feature I’m sure).I have already recommended this monitor to several friends that are expecting and will continue to do so.

Gwen Plainfield, IL

Working good when running, I also have some security concerns

I have this as my secondary baby monitor, I currently use the Motorola Pan and Tilt monitor, that has worked seamlessly so I might be a bit biased with my review on this device.Installation: Very simple I followed the manual to the step and everything worked. Make sure you search for "iBaby View" app not the iBaby monitor.Usage: Picture quality is nice, it has a fairly wide angle view. The app lets you turn on/off the monition and sound detection, when any is detected there will be a pop up and alarm to inform you even when the app is in the background.Features: Easy snapshots of the current image, when movement is noticed it will save that movement in a photo.Concerns:1. During initial setup, my wifi settings are copied over to the iBaby M2, not sure what other data is sent to the vendor.2. I tried searching for which port:ip the camera is using on the router but I might be missing it.3. Unable to tell actively if anyone is connected to the camera, the logs will show who has viewed it, but its not active monitoring.4. The app has crashed several times.5. Having this app opened and using this as your primary baby monitor will drain your iPhone battery quickly.Overall I find it works best as my secondary camera. Because it can be used wirelessly, it works great when the kids are in the backyard playing, I don’t have to move my primary monitors.Request: Accessibility to the camera via web browser would be great, the computer is always on, why not add access to that?

Annmarie Catharine, KS

cute design, but poor execution. 2 hours of battery time?

This little portable donut of a baby monitor is unfortunately built for looks rather than functionality. The portability aspect of it is kind of unnecessary, as baby monitors are not inherently heavy, bulky things that require miniaturization. Most traditional baby monitors are lighter than a pound anyway and can be easily moved around and reconnected to an outlet.The main problem with this product is the short battery life and the fact that it is not features rich for the price. The donut must be positioned by hand as there are no motors to rotate or angle the camera. It has no PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) capability, and no temperature sensor. I didn’t find the detachability of the base to be a benefit, versus a traditional hinged base. It sat too loosely on the pedestal and when angled up, the camera slides down a little.Resolution is rather poor for the price. The modes are:640480(VGA)320240(QVGA)160120(QQVGA)640×480 is by no means high resolution, and the other two modes are so low res that they are useless. 20 years ago, 640×480 may have been considered hi-res, but now it’s ancient. The current definition of high definition is 720p or 1080p. The manual advises that the optimal distance between the baby and the iBaby is 5 feet.For the price of the iBaby, you can get a 720p (1280×720) monitor such asDropcam Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera, or even a 1080p camera.I advise against this product, unless you are stuck only on its cute looks.

Connie Sapelo Island, GA


I love this camera, it is really nice and you can point to many different angles.However the app is just ok, the image freezes a lot.

Brooke Lagunitas, CA

Marginally Useful Baby Monitor

This is a simple and elegant looking baby monitor that held a lot of promise. However, after testing it for a while I’ve concluded that it’s far from being worth the investment. It is hard to setup and use reliably, and its features are subpar compared to other similar baby monitors.The setup was extremely difficult. The instructions are not very clear, and it took me a while, and many false starts, to figure out exactly how to get it going.The monitor relies on connecting to the manufacturer’s network and maintaining this connection for proper use. Unfortunately the network connection was very unreliable, and very frequently I was unable to connect to the monitor.The picture quality is decent, but certainly not nearly as good as these devices have you believe from the advertising stills. It’s on par with some other low-end baby monitors that I’ve used and tested.The monitor comes with two-way audio, but there was too much delay with the audio signal and the sound was all but incomprehensible. This was definitely one of the monitor’s weakest features.A few good things that I can say about this baby monitor concern its design. It is very creatively designed, and it is fairly light and portable. It comes with a simple charging base, but the monitor is a bit too loose when placed there.IP cameras are notoriously finicky and hard to use devices. I have dealt with several over the years, and have invariably been frustrated with all of them. This is why my expectations for this baby monitor were fairly low, but even so it did not live up to my expectations. It is hard to use, unreliable, and both the picture and the audio quality are subpar. IP baby monitors are a great idea in principle, but in practice they are mostly difficult to use. I would recommend that you check out instead one of the directly connected baby video monitors with its own included remote video screen. Those are not nearly as versatile, but they are certainly very reliable.

Marla Tyner, NC

Excellent, great buy!

Got this for our daughter when her baby was born. She loves this monitor and can follow the baby’s sounds/movements from anywhere( even outside the house) with her smart phone or tablet. Should be a great choice to monitor your babysitter too. USB cable needed.

Ingrid Champion, NE

Works, but not worth it.

Works well on iPhones and iPads, with a very easy setup for these devices. However, it is almost impossiible (could’t make it) to have it send the images over the internet for watching outside my home network. Configuration outside Apple devices is very hard. Stopped using it after two months since I set up several cameras and a DVR at home. Now I watch them anywhere and also am able to record the video.

Joanne Havana, ND

Fabulous find!!!

This monitor was a replacement for a Motorola system which turned out to be a huge disappointment!! Very shoddy. Since my grand daughter is 3 years old, i didn’t see the sense in investing in an entire system yet again, and ordered this as an option as you only need to purchase the monitor. It has been a hugely pleasant surprise. It pans the room and zooms in and can be seen from a number of devices which we already own. It is phenomenal product and I am surprised that Apple doesn’t make more of it. Love it!

Karen Rockton, PA

Cute “novelty” but not reliable enough to be the sole monitor

I have five children ranging in age from 17 all the way to 1. With all of my children, I used a traditional "sound" baby monitor and never had an issues. When my twins were born three years ago we received a very nice Sony "traditional" monitor and it has worked flawlessly for three years. I have always been intrigued by the video monitors, so I was excited to try this monitor out. Well, the setup of this monitor took me over an hour, but when I finally got it set up, it worked really well – for one night. A thunderstorm caused our power to go out for a few minutes, and when it came back on, the monitor wouldn’t connect to the iBaby network. I waited until the next day and it finally connected, and worked fine, for about an hour. I called customer service and I was told that their network was down. I asked if this was a common occurrence, and I was told "sometimes." Since that time, I have noticed that the network is "down" more than it is up. I am not sure if iBaby has a "national" network, or a regional network, so that even if their network is down in one area, maybe it is still up in others. However, when the network is up, and the monitor is working properly, it is a nice monitor. The picture quality is ok, as is the sound quality. However, it is so unreliable that I would not feel comfortable using it as my sole monitor. Additionally, if your household, like ours, only has one Apple device (an iPhone) then only the person with that device and see the baby. Therefore, if we were to leave the kids with a sitter, I would need to leave my phone behind so that the monitor could be seen.In short, this monitor is an expensive "novelty" – I would never use this as my sole monitor because it is not reliable enough.

Alba Minter, AL

Do not buy

I bought this when my daughters started using their toddler bed so I could keep an eye on them if they fell out and whatnot. I plugged this in and it worked fine. Turned it off to move it, and when I plugged it back in, would not work. As many times as I rebooted it, nothing. I should of listened to the other bad reviews. I ended up returning in. Waste of time!

Clarissa Partlow, VA

I wasn’t able to get it working

I spend more than an hour trying to get it setup, but had no success. I’ll update hopefully when I get it working!

Lilian Rives Junction, MI