I’coo Starlight Play Yard, Black

I’coo Starlight Play Yard, Black

The i’coo Play Yard sets a new benchmark when it comes to stability and versatility. A solid, real wood base gives this play yard uncharacteristic stability. Wheels allow the play yard to be easily portable. And the handy carry bag makes taking the show on the road a piece of cake. The i’coo play yard comes standard with a removable change table, mobile, diaper dispenser and bassinet elevation attachments.

Main features

  • Padded mattress
  • Diaper dispenser
  • Bassinet elevation attachments
  • Easy pack and carry bag
  • Battery free mobile

Verified reviews


Chic, Long, and Stable

Three main pieces of information to consider when deciding whether to buy this playard:The chic black design fits in best with modern or minimalist decor. There aren’t a lot of other high end playards on the market with this simple, attractive look.The shape is slimmer and longer than most other playards. This helps if you use this as a portable crib for a toddler who is starting to need a little more head or legroom – ours is still very little, but it’s great when our friends visit with a slightly older toddler.The wood base does add nice stability, and makes the whole frame feel very solid. However, note that this makes the playard significantly heavier than some other playards – about 35 pounds, compared to 17-22 pounds for most Graco playards (though our Chicco playard is also pretty heavy at around 30 pounds, so it’s not like this is completely out of the ballpark for competitors).All in all, it’s a bit on the pricey side, but with the different dimensions, wood base, and sleek black style, it definitely sticks out from the field and is immediately recognizable as something different.

Alisa Sugartown, LA

Very chic black color looks so elegant by itself without any attachments. Rectangle porta crib bed playpen with wind up mobile.

This I’coo playpen is not your usual shape this one is long an slim rectangle. We like it better as it fits more places. Makes a great port a crib for visit to Grammys or even on vacation. Even thought this is for toddlers (you can see my photo). My 3 plus foot tall 4 year old grandson has plenty of room for naps or as his bed to use on vacation. His 2 year old sister loves taking naps in the new play bed. he has now claimed this for himself. He loves the black because it is the color of Grandad’s Harley Davidson Motorcycle and Batman color. He says “not for babies or girls”, meaning his 22 month old sister,”It is my big boy play bed.” He wants to be put in all the time to play wiht his legos or crayons and books etc, so that he will not be bothered by the babies and his older siblings. Ultimatley this can last for a child for up to 4 or more years depending on the size of your child as a port a crib play area. It is almost like opening an umbrella, as it pops out and into place to set up, and press button and fold up. No screws needed. Mine came by UPS in box 32″ Tall 13″ Thick 15 “Wide. See my photos above.What’s in the box:Playpen : Inside dimensions: 40 inches wide, 29 inches across, 26 inches tall from mat to top. Outside measures 41 inches across, 30 inches wide, and 31 inches from the feet to top. The rectangle size makes this ideal for a portable crib bed for your growing child up to a 3 feet tall.Padded mattress see my photo of it wrapped around the pen for storage.Teddy bear wind up (No batteries) mobile. Love the bears attach with ” ribbon on top of their head. see my photosDiaper utility dispenser to hang on side is large and spacious with many compartments. thisis the biggest one I have seen.Changing Table has raised edge. It comes folded in half. You fold out and attach to end of playpen and sides for sturdy usage for diaper change. This is the best changing table of the many playpens, that I have tried. It comes with it’s own instructions in over 30 languages. See Amazon.Bassinet elevation adaptor just snap on sides, add mattress and it is ready to use. It hangs down about 14 inches from top. See Amazon photoEasy pack storage and carry bag . You fold up playpen and other parts and pack inside folded mattress. Secure mattress together with the straps then place inside zippered bag to store or transport / carry. Bag has a Velcro to attach both handles together for easy carry. Bag weight about 35 pounds and is like a large duffle . Measures about 32′ long. see my photosThe i’coo Pacific is JPMA certified and meets all USA and Canadian safety standards.All the items just snap onto the top of the frame for easy use. We loved the diaper holder, and completely stable baby changing table. This can be used for a long time depending on the size of you children. This should last for may years due to the sturdy wook support system.Took off a star for my only dislike : the plastic on the mobile is a dark grey and just looks like really cheap plastic.if you prefer a lighter nutral color with vibrating baby seat check out my review for Graco cuddle coveGraco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat, Winslet

Charlene Wittman, MD

Excellent. But Heavy

I really like this Pack n Play. It really is different, somehow sleeker than the others. But it is also durable. The bottom is wood, which makes it HEAVY. It is packable but I don’t see anyone carrying it very far, especially NOT w a baby in your arms. It is heavy to push and it’s on 2 wheels. The mobile isn’t the best, as the others have noted, but I’ve never gotten a great one w a playyard. They’re all cheap. I don’t have an issue w the bassinet being on a tilt, perhaps it’s an issue with assembly. My husband put it together in about a half hour. I actually like the black, since it fits in w my decor and doesn’t show stains.

Jocelyn Nye, MT

Really Nice

When the I’Coo Starlight Play Yard arrived at my house, I was surprised by just how small the box was. This was my first hint that this play yard really was going to be foldable and transportable. There’s a video on YouTube that demonstrates how the yard unfolds and how the attachments go on. I won’t post the link, but search for the product name. For the guy in the video, everything snaps into place in two seconds, though in real life it takes slightly longer. It also is a bit heavy to transport with frequency, but if you’re packing it up only a few times a year or are moving to a new home, it’s definitely doable. It’s a good video, though, because the instruction manual that comes with the product is quite poor, like one of the worse IKEA booklets.My only two concerns about the product are that the bassinet seems to go at a slight angle. I think it’ll be okay but still I would not leave my child in the bassinet unsupervised. The changing table, too, is at a very slight angle. I really am not sure why they couldn’t make it sit flat.Overall, though, I think it’s very sturdy and will be even better as my child grows larger so that the full play yard will be in use, and I’ll remove the bassinet entirely. I like the attachments, including the mobile, which (miracle of miracles!) doesn’t use batteries. It also has wheels, so you can push it from room to room very easily.

Ida Ontario, WI

If you want a durable, transportable Play Yard with style, this is it …

When I reviewed theGraco Pack `N Playplaypen I claimed that it was made in Grandma heaven, but the Icoo Starlight is definitely a rival. I had given away one playpen because it was such a pain … clunky, old-fashioned, and really not something I’d want to have around the house. The Icoo is quite stylish, sleek enough to fit through a doorway (it has wheels), and has an innovative packing system for transport. I’ll give you fair warning that this is one solid playpen, something that I do appreciate, and may end up as a permanent fixture in the house rather than one that will be transported.If you are an on-the-go family you will definitely appreciate the quality of this playpen as it is extremely stable and will last through several babies. It can double as a crib when you are on-the-go. Just in case you are interested in packed dimensions they are approximately 12 1/2″ W x 11″ D x 28″ L. How compact can you get? This will take up some room in a compact car, but can easily be tucked in a closet. This is what I’d call a minimalist Play Yard, but a multi-functional one. It does come with a small teddy mobile, but can be replaced with one of your choosing, perhaps something more animated and colorful.Setting up the Play Yard is not rocket science, but goes much easier with two people. Mind you, this is not some piece of junk, but a solid piece of baby furniture that will serve your baby (babies) from infancy to when they no longer need it. Grandma heaven again, especially the fact that it can be pulled through a doorway if you are planning to spend more time in another room. All the little cautionary instructions are in the small pamphlet that accompanies the Play Yard. There are visuals and instructions come in English, Spanish and French. Here are a few interesting specs that you might want to know about this lovely Play Yard:DIMENSIONS:48 inches end to end25 inches wide31 inches from the feet to topBassinet height:14 inches to top from matInside dimensions:47.2 inches end to end23.5 inches wide25 inches to matSPECS:1. Padded mattress2. Diaper dispenser3. Bassinet elevation attachments4.Easy pack and carry bag5. Battery free mobile (three teddy bears)6. Removable changing tableI really can’t find anything I don’t like about this Play Yard. Actually not one thing except that I’d change out the mobile, but that has nothing to do with the piece itself. I especially like the solid factor and somehow like the color. Once again, as I’ve mentioned with other expensive baby products, this is one that you should put on your baby registry as it is not inexpensive. This is, no doubt, a five star product that you’ll love. If you want a durable, transportable Play Yard with style, this is it!

Daisy Oxford, NE

The one reason to buy this is …

This is a fancy pack n’ play. All the attachment types are available for the pack n play as well.The single biggest reason to buy this is for *** the looks ***. It’s beautiful. It will look good in your living room. It gives the appearance of high quality, and I believe it is. Fold/up and transport is ok, but it’s nothing super special – it’s like any play yard.At the other end of the looks/functionality spectrum – the baby bjorn version is stripped down functionality wise, but pretty. So this basically is the looks of the baby bjorn travel crib with the functionality of the Pack n Play. It’s the best of both worlds.If looks don’t matter to you, save some $ and get the Pack N Play.But the biggest reason I’m happy with this is because it’s gorgeous. I’m going to be looking at this for the next 2 years. I’m glad it fits into the room without looking like a cheap baby yard. You may not feel that’s valuable. And that’s ok. But that’s what true differentiates it from the other highly functional play yards. It preserves the best of both worlds.

Brianna Passaic, NJ