Ikea 36-piece Dinnerware Set, Assorted Colors

Ikea 36-piece Dinnerware Set, Assorted Colors

Tumbler: Product dimensions Volume: 8 oz Package quantity: 6 pack Plate: Product dimensions Diameter: 7 1/2 ” Package quantity: 6 pack Bowl: Product dimensions Diameter: 5 ” Package quantity: 6 pack Key features – Great for parties and everyday meals. Made of durable plastic and safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave. – Can be stacked to save space when stored. – The plate has a high edge to make it easier for the child to keep the food on the plate. – The knife has a serrated edge. Easier for a child to cut and divide food. Easy for children to grip in their small hands. People & Planet No Bisphenol A added. Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community. Good to know Recommended for children 3 years and older. Care instructions Microwave-safe; heat food up to 212°F. Dishwasher-safe up to 158ºF (70°C). Product description Polypropylene.

Main features

  • No Bisphenol A added
  • Recommended for children 3 years and older
  • Polypropylene; Microwave-safe; heat food up to 212°F. Dishwasher-safe up to 158ºF (70°C)
  • 18 pc cutlery set (6 knives, 6 forks, 6 spoons); 6 bowls; 6 plates; 6 cups
  • Great for parties and everyday meals. Made of durable plastic and safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave

Verified reviews



I have enough dishes for three small children now.Yeaaaa! My current plates are too big and how many paper plates can a mother buy so it’s good now.

Molly Hudson, NY

Great with heat.

I don’t use a microwave, because they kill ALL of the nutrients, and studies show that they cause deformities in our blood cells after we eat microwaved food… but anyway, I do use a dishwasher, and I do serve scoop hot food onto the plate and let it cool for the kids. No warping, no issues due to heat. The size is just right. I have a 4 year old, and an almost 2 year old, and every dish is a good size for the portions they eat. I wish these were sold in a more neutral or earth toned color. I’m not wild about these crazy, unmatchable colors, but they’ll have to do. Great amount of dishes and "silverware" for the price.

Velma Livermore, IA

A must have!

This are colorful, easy to wash and soft around the edges. A must have at home when you have kids!

Jacquelyn Lauderdale, MS

Perfect kid’s dish set

Fantastic quality children’s dish set. I love this. You get enough of each and they are the perfect size for my 2 kids(2&5 years old). They are fine in the dishwasher and microwave, which was a must for me. I have nothing but positives to say about this dish set.

Paulette Valdez, AK

Good quality and beautiful

Very good quality, and my daughter and I love the bright colors. I’ve been trying to find plastic flatware for my daughter who is just starting to eat solid foods. I don’t have to worry about these damaging her gums or leaching chemicals.

Laura Dumont, IA

Perfect for my granddaughters

The four-year-old loves rainbows and loves picking out colors for her meals. These are the perfect size for younger children and make portion control easier. These are especially good for her sister (20 months old) who tends to launch her plates when she’s finished eating. The utensils are a lot sturdier than I thought they’d be. It’s nice to find a quality set for the girls that is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Have already ordered additional plates since they go through all of hem every day and am getting tired of washing them by hand since the dishwasher isn’t run every day.

Stella Bison, OK

Simple & fun!

Love the colors. Nothing complicated about this dishware set. They’re happy colors, easy to clean, and just the right sizes.

Deidre Lima, IL

Great dishes!

My kid love these, and love picking out the color they want to use. They’ve been eating all of their meals on them. They’re very sturdy, pretty thick plastic and should hold up for quite awhile. I’m totally happy with them.

Tabitha Fishers Island, NY

Great purchase

Love these! Perfect size for the kids, dishwasher and microwave safe. Just what we were looking for and they’re holding up great.

Sierra Murchison, TX

Love this set and hope they last forever!

I have been doing lots of research and prep for my baby to start solid foods. It is crazy to me how difficult it is to find dishes and utensils that are both dishwasher AND microwave safe. What I love about this set is it includes EVERYTHING…bowls, plates, forks, knives, spoons, and cups. This set will last us well into the toddler years. And it was a better deal than any other set! Granted the set would’ve been cheaper to buy at an Ikea, but the gas to get there would’ve made them more expensive, so ordering on Amazon was actually a better deal. I also love how colorful they are and gender neutral. The cups make excellent bath toys as well!

Deana Lower Peach Tree, AL

I actually love this set, but gave 1 star for price

I bought this set at IKEA and it’s a lot cheaper to get it there. 6 bowls are $2.50, 6 cups are $2.50, and 18 utensils are $2.50. So you can get the entire set shown here for $7.50 at IKEA. If you don’t have an IKEA nearby then $15 isn’t bad, but I almost bought something on Amazon once but I read a review from someone about buying it at the actual store and I saved a ton of money. Since, then, I always try to pass on the tip.The product itself is awesome, so buy away if you can’t get to IKEA.

Johnnie Warrenton, VA

19 Month Old Loves Them

The flatware is pretty large, but my 19-month old daughter doesn’t seem to have any problems with the spoons or forks. The set is very sturdy, so it should last for years to come. She’s too young for the knives and cups, so I can’t critique those yet. Amazon sells these for 2x as much as the set costs at IKEA, but Ikea doesn’t sell them online and the closest one to us is 2 hours away down the turnpike, so it’s worth it to get them on here.The hold up in the microwave just fine and hold enough food for a child. Overall a great product.

Antonia Norristown, GA

Pretty good

These are okay. I have noticed the fork prongs bending, so that is a little disappointing. My 2 year old loves them.

Jo Midpines, CA

Great set…

The forks are very pointed. So far my daughter hasn’t had any problems with them. They all hold up well in the dishwasher and it’s nice having a set of easy utensils and plates/etc. I’d buy it again.

Clarissa Snow Hill, AL

good quality, easy to use for kiddos

I haven’t had these very long but they seem to be wearing well (they haven’t stained or turned white in spots from the microwave/dishwasher). The large handles make it easier for kids to use and the mix and match colors are fun. For the price I paid and the amount of stuff I got, I have no regrets. Very good purchase.

Jeannine Bybee, TN


I chose this rating because it’s a great deal, lots of dishes included, great bargain and it’s BPA free! No complaints here! I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a toddler.

Carrie Marsland, NE

Perfect size and sturdy

I didn’t purchase these on Amazon. My girls got them as a 1st b-day gift from thier Aunt. She also has this set. I have to tell you….I LOVE them.Made of sturdy plastic. No flexing. This will allow them to stand up to a toddler beating for a long time. However, I recommend not cutting food on them with sharp knives. It will scrape them up pretty good.The stripes on the cups and the flatware handles have an ever so slight texture for a better grip.Microwavable. You would be surprised how many kids dishware sets are not microwavable safe?? Why would you buy kids dishes that can’t be used in the microwave?? Better yet, why would they even make them? I don’t get it.Perfect size. The plates are perfect sizes for my girls. They have been using for almost a year now and are almost 2yrs old. The plates are smaller than paper plates – about the size of a salad plate – and has a lip to keep food from spilling off and also help with scooping food onto thier forks/spoons.Forks and spoons are just the right size and has a wide grip. They are not as short and stubby as baby flatware just for learning so my girls will be able to use them until they upgrade to real silverware.The cups are the perfect size and weight for learning. They are small enough for little hands to grip around.I typically handwash these. I did put a couple plates in the dishwasher once and they came out with a little bit of the white cruddy stuff that won’t come off.Overall, I love them and would definitely recommend to a friend.

Freida Core, WV

Colorful, great in dishwasher and microwave, durable

My kids love these. They love that I let them use knives (they’re 2 and 4)! Forks and spoons are probably a bit too large/long for my 2-yr-old but he MUST do whatever his older bro does, so of course he uses them anyway. We’ve used these (approximately) a million times since purchase 8 mos ago and still love the whole set. All the colors are fun!

Jo Tillson, NY

Nice set to have!

Durable enough but some of the forks started warping after a few runs through the dishwasher. I’m still getting a lot of use out of the rest of the set. It’s worth it for the price.

Mindy Quinwood, WV

I have five kids…

This is probably the most important purchase I’ve made for the kids. Everyone has their own color, the bowls and plates are great size, the cups are not like the old angled style that tipped easily. LOVE this set!!

Lenora Hayward, MN