Ikko Oval Bassinet Pad- Small

Ikko Oval Bassinet Pad- Small

Made with 2 full inches of 100 premium polyurethane foam, the Cub Club Bassinet Pad brings safe support and comfort to your baby’s bassinet.The Bassinet Pad also features a hypo-allergenic, quilted white vinyl cover that is both attractive and resilient. The waterproof surface resists moisture and stains and will wipe clean with a damp cloth while also protecting against dust mites and allergens.

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Great bassinet pad

I bought this bassinet pad to go with the super thin bassinet pad that originally comes with my baby bassinet. It serves it’s purpose in adding more thickness and comfort when I add the soft bassinet protector and plush cover. Perfect!

Tommie Danielsville, PA

Great for the price

Perfect bassinet mattress. No complaints here. It’s completely waterproof and has held up well. It fits into a bassinet we got as a hand me down – I don’t even know the brand of this bassinet. So it was nice to find this universal mattress. In our case, we felt we wanted more padding for our son, so we added some foam we bought at our local craft store, but that’s just us.

Cornelia Small Point, ME

Exactly what I needed

I bought a used bassinet (Dream On Me 2-in-1 Bassinet to Cradle, Measures 18.3"W x 47"H x 35.5"D ) and the pad that came with, though thin, was ok when the baby was 7lbs. Once the bay started to gain weight you could see an indentation on the pad. My baby would cry each time I put him to sleep on the bassinet. He was ok if I put him on the crib. I purchased this and it came very quickly (Amazon Prime). My baby sleeps fine now, no indentation. It is thicker than the thin pads most bassinets come with. It is a bout an inch and a half shorter than the bassinet, but that is fine with me. Much better than the original bassinet pad. This is one of the best baby purchases I’ve made; a little pricey but totally worth it.[…]

Charity Nacogdoches, TX

great bassinet pad!

This replaced the cheapy one that was in the bassinet that my friend loaned us. It is nice and thick and sturdy. We loved it!

Angelia Boiling Springs, NC

Very pleased

I got this pad to add to the very thin pad that came with the bassinet. I am very happy with the thickness of this pad it was just what I was looking for and hopefully will make baby more comfortable! It also arrived 5 days earlier than expected which was also a plus.

Melisa Zoar, OH

Does not fit every bassinet

This did not fit well and we had to return it. I cannot attest to the comfort since we couldn’t use it.

Harriett La Farge, WI

Great quality and perfect fit!

This mattress fits very well with the Pottery Barn Bassinet. Great quality and firmness for a newborn. Customer service was also very imformative with assitance of purchase. Smiles…

Jeri Saint Thomas, ND