Imse Vimse Nursing Insert Stay Dry – Pink

Imse Vimse Nursing Insert Stay Dry – Pink


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Great breast pads

These are very soft and comfortable to wear. I would recommend these breast pads for nursing moms. They wash and dry nicely and don’t show much wear. My only complaint is the bright pink shows through my thinner bra and is visible through light weight clothing. Otherwise they are great!

Margery Mentmore, NM

Best reusable nursing pads I’ve tried so far

I’ve been trying various reusable nursing pads to avoid using the disposables since they seem very wasteful. Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with the washable, reusable nursing pads leaking through both the pad and my clothing. It’s been really frustrating since I have quite an abundant milk supply with this baby. So far, I’ve had the most success with these nursing pads! It keeps me dry all day or even during overnight usage. I only had 1 incident with slight leakage when using these nursing pads overnight while nursing my baby. They are soft and comfortable. It’s also rather warm so better for the cooler months. However, they seem to work well so I’m wearing during the summer too.

Darla Bryant, SD

Favorite cloth nursing pads

I tried a few different brands: Charlie Bananas, these, Bububibi bamboo ones. These are by far my favorites. They are super soft, quite thin but very absorbent, and stay feeling dry. Like with all cloth nursing pads, with a normal padded nursing bra, they are completely unnoticeable, but if you wear them under something unpadded like a sports bra or something, you’re going to see them. No big deal in my opinion. Love the cloth. I’ve saved tons over disposables and these don’t get hot and crinkly like the disposable kind do.

Terrie Gilman, IA

good water proof nursing pad

These are good nursing pads- there is a soft white side, then the waterproof pink side. I think they use PUL (like what is used in cloth diapers) so fluids don’t come through. Since the white side is a softer cloth, it is breathable.I have had smaller pads and find they shift easily- this size may sound large, but they work very well. The pad is thin and I haven’t had a big problem with the pad showing through my clothing.I wish they were white (or black) so they would match whatever bra is being worn. Also, one of them comes with a big tag (care instructions). But overall, a good buy.

Dena Petroleum, WV

Work well, could use a few improvements

These do a great job absorbing and are WAY softer than the disposable ones (such as Lansinoh). However, the edges for some reason are really sharp so they irritate that tender skin if it touches. Plus, for those of us smaller chested women (I was a B cup pre-baby) they don’t exactly fit right. Perhaps it’s all about breast shape, but mine kind of fold up, no matter which bra I’m using. They still absorb any leakage (even overnight) and stay in place okay in a bra so they’ll do just fine.

Joan Rossburg, OH