Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants, 3-4 years, 35-44 lbs. / 16-20 kg WHITE

Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants, 3-4 years, 35-44 lbs. / 16-20 kg WHITE

Tips: For older children or heavy wetters, increase absorbency by adding an organic terry insert. A diaper cover can be added for additional protection if desired, as these training pants are not waterproof and are meant to let the child ‘feel the wetness’.

Main features

  • organic cotton/polyurethane laminated polyester
  • ImseVimse Training Pants protect clothes from getting wet when accidents happen during potty training.
  • Made of four layers for maximum comfort and wetness protection- one 100% organic cotton knit outer layer, two inner layers of absorbent organic cotton terry, and one layer of polyester with PUL sandwiched between.
  • Recommended for day-time use only during active potty training.
  • Not recommended for nap-time.
  • Made in Europe

Verified reviews


great training pants

I bought these for my 2.5 year old mostly for car rides, and so far they are great , they contained the mess, are very comfortable, not bulky and he likes them. With pee they have only had to hold a little because as soon as he starts he will run to the potty and finish, I would recommend them.

Corinne Cromwell, IA

High Quality, Durable Trainer!

As soon as we started using the Imse Vimse training pants, we loved them. They are such high quality for the money. The cotton is really thick and comfortable, it’s organic and the prints are so cute. Plus, they hold up REALLY well even with lots of laundering. I know I’ll be able to use these with younger siblings. They are perfect for day training and at night we pair them with a Bummis Whisper Pant or fleece pull up. When our son is night trained, we’ll eliminate the covers all together. Even though are really thick and absorbent, the Imse Vimse pants look and feel kind of like “big kid” underwear.

Susan Hermitage, TN

The LO loves them

These work super well. The perfect bridge between diapers and underwear. My son loves that he’s wearing ‘underwear’ and can pull them up and down himself.

Madge Jetson, KY

My favorite training pants!!

These are awesome training pants! They hold one accident really well and are the trimmest training pants I’ve found. They look like real underwear. Great for when the child needs protection from occasional accidents. They are not as absorbent as a diaper so they should be used once the child is doing well with potty training.

Aline Pottersville, NY


These are great and every single time we have used these we haven’t had anything leak outside of the underwear. I bought two & Im very satisfied with them

Paige Millheim, PA

Great training undies!

Lined with PUL, but cotton inside and out, these are very comfy for my kiddos and easy to wash. The sizes are generous, and the quality is very good. They are on kid #2 now with lots more wear left.

Henrietta Eckman, WV

Great Training Pants

These are wonderful. Please wash a few times before wear to increase the absorption of the organic cotton. These pants, as well as the velour version, are much thicker than most and hold more pee. The brilliant part though is they-feel-pee and your-sofa-isn’t ruined because there is a PUL liner hidden. This is the same thing that the baby’s cloth diapers use and the reason they are more expensive than others. If you are at the late stage of training and just want a little extra coverage, buy something cheaper. These protect your house without another bulky cover. They also contain poop really really well. Even uper big accidents–never a leak once.Some people expect training pants to contain as much pee as a diaper or a toxic/potting training delaying/expensive disposable pull up. Um, no, and you shouldn’t expect them to. A few accidents and the occasional pair of pants that need a change are fine and just part of the process.

Lee Jeddo, MI

Cute, comfy and prevents puddles on the floor

They do seem to work a little better than Gerbers training pants. Gerbers seem to hold a small trickle, while the Imse Vimse pants will temporarily hold in a full accident. While I found Gerbers to be perfectly adequate for my first two children, my youngest tends to be so absorbed in her play that she sometimes misses her body’s cues.That being said, if you are looking for something that will hold in a full accident for any extended length of time – these are NOT what you are looking for. These will resist leaking long enough for you to remove them before they soak your child’s clothing. (Once you see that “look” in your toddler’s eye – you’ll have maybe a minute or two.)They are not for bedwetting, will not keep a car seat dry, etc, etc, etc. These are for children who are beginning to show some bladder and bowel control.As for their design – they are very soft and I’d imagine are comfy. The sizing is accurate. They hold up well in the wash. My daughter was so excited to wear these and wants them to stay dry as she loves wearing “real underwear” with animals on it.

Dollie Ho Ho Kus, NJ

Runs small

It works, it survives one accident if it’s not "big" one. It’s cute and my daughter does not mind wearing it because it has cute prints and it does not have diaper feel to it.

Marcie Clarksburg, OH