Imse Vimse Training Pants Super Large

Imse Vimse Training Pants Super Large

ImseVimse Training Pants are functional and stylish and are made with organic cotton. Kids love the trim and comfortable fit. Organic cotton knit outside with two layers of absorbent organic cotton terry on the inside, and one inner layer of PUL. ImseVimse training pants protect clothes from getting wet when small accidents happen. Recommended for day-time use only. Not recommended for nap-time.Tips: For older children and heavy wetters, increase absorbency by adding one of our organic diaper liners. For extra protection, try adding a diaper cover, as needed.Washing Care: For best results, turn inside out, wash on warm or hot, hang dry or tumble dry on low heat. No bleach, no fabric softeners.

Main features

  • organic cotton/polyurethane laminated polyester
  • ImseVimse Training Pants protect clothes from getting wet when accidents happen during potty training.
  • Made of four layers for maximum comfort and wetness protection- one 100% organic cotton knit outer layer, two inner layers of absorbent organic cotton terry, and one layer of polyester with PUL sandwiched between.
  • Recommended for day-time use only during active potty training.
  • Not recommended for nap-time.
  • Made in Europe

Verified reviews


The best training pant out there!

We needed something for a potty-trained little girl who would wet the bed on rare ocassion, and totally freak out. She has very sensitive skin and disposable training pants made her break out in a rash. She is 29 lbs and tall (wears a 4T) for sizing reference.I tried just about one of everything, so my reviews of all are below:Blueberry Diapers Daytime Potty Training Pants: I know they say "Daytime Potty Training Pants" but they worked really great for night too. Super absorbant and comfortable according to my daughter. The material inside isn’t as breathable as I’d like, but it definitely is absorbant and doesn’t seem to bother her skin. These seem to be the best made out of all that we tried and look like they are going to stand up to wash after wash. Elastic around the legs is cloth-covered and fits perfectly. They are a little bit bulkier than some, but not so much that it would deter me from buying again. My only super small suggestion is that they could make a couple more "girly" prints, but my little tomboy prefers blue, monsters and dinosaurs, so for us, it worked out great anyway! I saw some reviews said these ran big, so I ordered a medium and they fit perfectly but with very little grow room. I would say to order based on manufacturer sizing suggestions.Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants (SL 28-37 lbs) in Zoo: These are my favorite! The inner lining is breatheable and these are very abosorbant without being bulky. Fantastic product! Sizing was a bit confusing; there seem to be a ton of different sizes. Look at the the manufacturer’s web site for pound ranges and then search for the size you need on Amazon! Elastic fits great around the legs.Charlie Banana Training/Swim Diaper Large: I found these to run a bit small. The inside is a nice cotton which feels just like underwear. By far the least bulky one I tried. We only had one small accident in these, so I can’t tell you how good they would be keeping everything in. The elastic around the legs didn’t fit as well as some of the others, just not as snug to keep things from leaking. Cute prints! It’s too bad they don’t make these in bigger sizes!Ecaware Velcro Waterproof Potty Training Pants (Yellow, Large): This was just a horrible, clumsy, poorly made product. I could list all the bad things, but just buy something else. There are so many better ones out there!

Rhoda Parkersburg, WV

Not for Children with Sensitive Skin (Despite Organic/Oeko-Tex 100 Certification)

I read all the reviews before purchasing these training pants for my daughter and knew well in advance that they are training pants, not diaper substitutes. So, in terms of functionality, they do precisely what they are supposed to do: they create a slightly more significant barrier when accidents do happen.The training pants are essentially constructed like this: a jersey outer, with a terry cloth inner. The crotch has four layers of extra material, one of which is a ‘waterproof’ layer of polyurethane laminated polyester. The elastic is fully encased in jersey cloth, and the leg holes are jersey as well. The pants, ultimately are thicker than Gerber training pants, for example, but not bulky. The do a moderately better job of containing small accidents, as one would expect.The prints are cute and appealing to kids, though the Jungle/Zoo print’s material is not as soft as the Farm animals material. It’s also bleached white, where the farm animal material is (perhaps unbleached?) off-white.However, I did not primarily buy these as heavy-duty trainers. I bought them, because after my daughter broke out in a horrific rash after wearing Old Navy pants last year that were made in China of God-only-knows what kinds of materials, dyes and chemicals, I made the switch to Oeko-Tex 100 certified clothing for my children, with a preference to organically grown materials.These training pants are both organic and Oeko-Tex 100 certified; meaning they’ve been tested for over 100 dangerous or suspect chemicals in environments that mimic wearing conditions (ie. they go through sweat tests and things of that sort). The highest standards and chemical limits are applied to baby and children’s clothes which are worn directly against the skin. In theory, these training pants should have 100% gentle to my daughter’s skin. And that’s what I shelled out a whopping $15 per pair for.My daughter has worn these training pants on a handful of occasions thus far, each time coming away with a widespread pinpoint rash. Does the material contain sweat that causes a rash? Is the terry inner material just irritating to really sensitive skin? Despite the certification, is there are chemical compoenent that is bothering her skin?I don’t have the answer to any of those questions. But I’m more than a little peeved. And I’m really, really disappointed. These things were expensive, and the one quality I’d hoped to attain was a training pant that didn’t induce rashiness.If you feel sure that this isn’t a situation that would duplicate itself on your child and are set on buying these anyway, I would also note as well that these pants run small in the waist. My 27 lb daughter is almost too large for the 24- 31 lbs. size. They fit everywhere but the waist, which is too tight and absurdly small considering the proportions of kids this age. My daughter has baby pudge still, but is not fat. I’d recommend ordering up a size if your child is sort of in between sizes.Imse Vimse products are all made in Sweden.

Deidre Coolville, OH

Big but adorable and effective

The print is obviously for the younger potty trainer, but even the smallest size is HUGE on my 23lb daughter. The elastic keeps them on her though, so they are just a bit bulky. She thinks they are great b/c they aren’t a diaper. They are soft on the outside and have a nice terry on the inside. And the waterproof layer does it’s job with accidents. With all the cotton, we have had no odor problems. I have found other trainers that seem like they might be slimmer, but they all have polyester or hemp, which retain odors very badly. So, we’ve stuck with these and just orders a couple more in the farm print. Very nice product.

Angelia Woodson, AR

So far, so good

So far, these are the only training pants that I have tried that have worked for me to last through an accident and not leak all over the place. For the reusable potty training pants out there, these are absorbant enough so it doesn’t leak through, soft on the outside so it doesn’t resemble a plastic bag on his bum, and allows for him to feel the wetness to realize that he’s had an accident.

Renae Clearlake Oaks, CA

Beautifully made – soft and comfy, and cute designs.

I have been using these with my 2-year old as he starts to get used to the idea of potty-training. They are super soft and comfy and he LOVES to put them on. They really feel like underwear, but do a great job at containing minor pee incidents.

Suzette Rockholds, KY

Holds a real mess

I really like these pants. I was introduced to them from my child’s preschool teacher. I also have the Gerber pants and the under the Nile training pants, and these pants will hold an accident. The Gerber and Nile pants have extra padding in the front where as the Imse Vimse pants are padded all over. The padding is a towel like cloth that absorbs wetnness and will save your furniture. The only negative is the price. Other than that I feel more confident letting my son sit on the couch while potty training 🙂

Juanita Bovey, MN

Great trainers overall, comfy

Firstly,I have to admit that I bought these to use "for the wrong reason" meaning not as intended to be used. My son is day trained and we are moving on to night. I wanted something to contain as much of the accident as possible but still let him feel wetness. These work perfectly. They wouldn’t hold a big giant pee accident, but I wouldn’t expect them to. They wash and dry well and are comfy and not too bulky.

Terra Roscoe, PA

May hold 1 accident at most

I bought these when my daughter switched from using disposable pull-ups at night time. The good news is that she hasn’t had an accident in them. However, from inspecting the construction as well as noticing when I wash them, I think these may be good for one pee accident at most. I wouldn’t recommend them for a child potty training at night who may have multiple accidents. This would slow the leakage, possibly even enough for child to wake up and alert mom & dad. However, it’s likely that it will eventually soak through the training pant. These do, however, take extra time to dry, which tells me they are fairly absorbant.Update: May 2013Since my original post I’ve had lots of use with these training pants (I now have child #2 potty training).Let me start off by saying that I was hoping these would replace disposable training pants, in terms of being able to absorb any accidents. I guess the way I conceptualize training pants is that I expect them basically to be like a pull-up diaper, but with a little less absorbancy and bulk. Therefore, I had expected a training pant (disposable or cloth) to soak absorb an accident or two. It would be more helpful to think of these as thick underwear vs a leak-proof training pant. If you keep that in mind, they are good for that purpose.As another reviewer suggested it is important to launder them properly (warm water, no bleach, no fabric softeners or dryer sheets) to maintain the integrity of the product- I agree. In my experience, this would hold a small pee accident. For more leak protection, like at night or when out of the house, is put another pair of underpants under these for extra protection.My favorite thick underwear for potty training is Gerber cotton training pants:;=1367510554&sr;=8-1&keywords;=gerber+cotton+training+pants. They are comfy, very affordable, come in white, boy & girl designs. They are easy to layer for extra protection.So our go-to method if we wanted leak protection was Gerber trainers under and an Imse Vimse over. Hope this helps!

Jewell Ivel, KY

Imse Skimps

Imse Vimse skimps on quality and has issues with training pants:
• Too thick for hot weather (don’t need exterior cotton, or use thinner exterior cotton)
• Cheap, thin elastic is knotted/tied up along leg openings, so you feel a knot and pinching of thin, rubber band-like elastic (Imse should use comfortable sheer but wide spandex elastic instead of these rubber bands)
• Waist is too tight to easily pull down (even for my skinny toddler; so I removed elastic along the front of the waist)
• Waist is too high
• Rear needs to be wider (even for skinny toddlers)
• Shrinks in the wash, so I would order one size up

Elba Ackerly, TX

Pricey Pants

These work great but they are a little costly for underwear. They catch the pee and I like that the patterns can be used for boys or girls.

Jacqueline Greer, AZ


The ONLY problem I had with these pants is that they are a pull on/off ONLY pant and that makes it hard starting out. If there’s a solid mess, you have to be really careful getting them off. I had some that snapped off but had not waterproofing and were bulky at the hips. The leg holes on these are a weak spot for leakage, but having the PUL inside is SO nice and once you get past the full-on accidents, these are fantastic! They’re trim fitting, organic, and SO soft. I dry mine in the dryer and they still look amazing (turn them inside out and they don’t require any extra dry time). The patterns are cute and neutral, but the white is wonderful as well. My daughter has been effectively trained for a year now, but the mediums still fit (she’s 3) as back-up undies when the laundry trolls steal her regular ones. If you’re looking for a cloth traning pant, these really should be considered. Don’t even bother with Gerber, they’re like using a tissue.

Caitlin Merritt, MI