Infant Airplane Seat – Flyebaby Airplane Baby Comfort System – Air Travel with Baby Made Easy

Infant Airplane Seat – Flyebaby Airplane Baby Comfort System – Air Travel with Baby Made Easy

Infant Airplane Seat – Flyebaby Airplane Baby Travel Comfort System – Air Travel with Baby Made Easy: Flybaby is the true must-have when traveling with an infant or baby. There is no fun holding an infant for the duration of a flight. Once in the air (not during taxiing, takeoff, or landing) just place the infant in the Flyebaby and your precious cargo will be happy and safe the entire flight. And, a head safety line is clearly visible so no matter what the seat in front of you does during flight, your baby will be safe and happy. When not on a plane, the Flyebaby will act as a useful highchair at restaurants and other public places, easily attaching to any chair.

Main features

  • Compliant with all FAA regulations
  • Easily attaches to the seat in front of you and around your waist, yet safe with front seat movement
  • Hammock and Harness will convert any chair to a hi-chair outside of flights making it perfect for all travel
  • Allows for face to face interaction.
  • The perfect way to travel with baby outside of Taxiing, Takeoff, or landing

Verified reviews


Infant Airplane Seat.

I think a lot of the negative reviews I have read are because they are trying to use this seat for those older than an infant. To me, an infant is under the age of one. It is for infants and not toddlers! Here are some helpful recommendations to make using this device a comfortable way to travel for you and baby: 1. Bring a piece of foam or padded blanket on your lap to make the ride more comfortable for the baby. 2. Bring a small piece of duct tape to secure the tray lock. Easy to remove at the end of the flight and was okay with the attendants. 3. Only use (as required) during in-flight travel. This is NOT for take-offs and landings and it is completely FAA compliant. Bonus: You can use this on chairs in places like restaurants, too, so keep this in your diaper bag! Handy gadget! I imagine it would come in quite handy in an international travel situation where the flights are very long.

Naomi Moro, OR

Completely unsafe. Do not buy.

Babies need their own seat with a five point harness car seat to protect them. The Flyebaby Airplane seat is dependent on the seat tray table to hold up your baby. The tray table barely holds up a soda and peanuts.Please listen to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Federal Aviation Administration who both state that the only way to safely transport children is in their own seat, safely restrained in a 5 point FAA approved child safety seat.

Florine Plain Dealing, LA

fly baby fly

We are planning to travel a lot in the near future and have read great reviews about this product. We have not used it yet, mainly because our flights have been shorter ones but the bad thing about this product is that you have to be sitting behind a seat with a table. If you have the first row, which we did, there are no tables. Also, there are no table in some of the first class seats either. BEWARE!!

Shawna Capay, CA

Very Clever Little Seat

I bought this for a trip across the country with my 8-month old, and it has since proved extremely useful in all kinds of instances.Airplane use:My only real complaint about this product is that there is no maximum height given online, it simply indicated there is a line on the tag. So you have no way of knowing if your child is too tall until you actually order it and have the FlyeBaby and your baby in front of you. This isn’t a big issue however, because there is only a height limit for use on a plane, not for its many other uses.My daughter is in the 97th percentile for height at 30 inches tall, and her head came up a good 2.5 inches past the line. I would only really recommend this to lay a baby in on a plane for 6 months and under. However this was still useful on the plane for us. What I did was install it as described in the directions, then I sat cross-legged and sat my daughter upright on my lap facing me. Basically the FlyeBaby served as a little extra support and reassurance that my daughter wasn’t going to fall backwards off my lap. It also gave her an even surface to sit on. I did not lay her back on it, as her head would have been pretty much touching the tray table, and that is a big safety issue. Last thing you need is a little bit of turbulence and baby hitting their head.Use on a chair:This product proved so extremely helpful on our trip. We didn’t have any of my daughter’s usual ‘gadgets’ with us (exersaucer, bumbo seat, walker, high chair etc etc), so this was invaluable to give us a place to secure her. It rolls up super small so I was able to toss it in the diaper bag and quickly install it on chairs at the hotel, in restaurants etc and give her both a place to eat and a place to play. The straps are extremely versatile and this can easily be installed on any chair I’ve found thus far. This product has replaced the need to bring any extra gear along when visiting friends’ houses. We used to always bring her Bumbo or her swing, but now we can just bring this and she can sit right at the table with us.Overall:This product is extremely easy to install and remove. I’m talking 1 minute the first time you ever use it, and 10-20 seconds once you’re accustomed to it. I am able to install it even with a squirmy baby on one hip. The harness that secures the baby is safe without being overly restricting, and adjusts to a wide range of sizes (perfect for my TALL baby). The material is durable and is not showing any signs of wear even with how much my baby moves around on it, pulls the straps etc. The price is a little over kill to me considering how simple a design it is, but there is nothing quite like this on the market so they could really charge a million bucks for it if they wanted to. And if you think about it, this can easily replace the need for a high chair altogether, so you could save money ultimately.I highly recommend this product.

Lenora Poulan, GA


yeah not a great buy – was very hard to actually set up on the plane but once up offered some comfort.

Tamara Arlington, AZ

Oh it made the trip so much better for all of us!

I bought this as i was going from Idaho to London (18 hour journey and 3 flights each way) with just my son who is 10mths (please note he is preemie and so small 24″ at the time). I practiced at home before going on the plane as anyone with a small child on a plane will know there is not a lot of time or space to figure things out! Once you have the hang of it, it is simple to use (mind your finger nails though as the velcro straps are quite difficult to put through the plastic loops whilst hanging on to said child!) I got unbelievably lucky on the trip out, all my flights i had a spare seat next to me so that i could hammock the flyebaby round the back of the spare seat and my son, slept, giggled and ate in it on all three flights. On the way back was not so happy – not the fault of flyebaby, but i was on Delta flights and the seats are VERY close in front of you and there was not enough room to hammock my son on to me as his head was at a funny angle. If your child is small and so are you, and you have more leg room then you will have no problems at all. Wonderful thing and worth every penny!

Samantha Thurman, IA

Seems good but difficult to use

I had trouble setting this up and had to give up. I was flying alone and needed both hands to do it. It seems like a good idea and I will pass mine along to someone but it didn’t work for me.

Jill Snowmass, CO

Amazing Product

This was a little confusing at first to setup but when I was finished it worked great.WARNING – Pay attention to the weight restrictions. They are there for a reason.

Jodi Chelmsford, MA