Infant Optics DXR-5 Add-on Camera Unit

Infant Optics DXR-5 Add-on Camera Unit

Add-On camera unit for Infant Optics DXR-5.

Main features

  • Compatible only with DXR-5. Not compatible with DXR-5+
  • Requires existing DXR-5 Video Baby Monitor
  • Pair up to 4 camera units to an existing DXR-5 Video Baby Monitor

Verified reviews



The baby isn’t born yet so they haven’t tried it. Once it’s used I’ll give a review. I expect it to be good. Now I rate it a 1 star since baby won’t be born until Dec 1, expecting date.

Ollie Deer Creek, OK

Purchased a second one!

We use this in our duplex loft to monitor our children, we have one pointed at each crib. Works well, easy to configure. Only drawback is the receiver is set up to have 4 cameras so if you do not have 4, then you need to cycle through them until you get to the one you are looking for. Voice activator does not work well with the A/C on, but for the price point it is great and we have been using it for over a year. Holds a charge for a long time as well and works through walls with no problem.

Janine Trumansburg, NY

OK for the price

This camera was added onto my one camera system that I bought at the same time. I do not like that the monitor does not voice activate to either camera, just the channel you are currently on. I was also bummed that there was no stand to angle the camera down like with the main system.

Brooke Eufaula, OK

Wish system flipped to whichever camera was activated automatically

It’s just like the first camera. It works fine, not the best camera out there but for the price it works and does its job.What’s inane about this whole system though is that the system doesn’t automatically switch to whichever camera is activated when in VOX mode. Eg, I have a camera on each of my kids, in separate rooms. However, VOX mode only works on one camera at a time. So if I choose to have the system on kid a in BOX mode and then kid b cries, the system doesn’t flip over to kid b.

Rhea East Petersburg, PA


Bought the extra camera so we can have one in the babies room and in another area of the house where he often naps. We also use this one when we travel, so we don’t need to take the one on the crib off. Works great. Pretty easy to setup and "pair" with the main monitor.

Joanna Canyon, TX

Has to order 3 to get one that actually worked.

I had to return 3, to get one that worked. LED display was bad, static, etc. I put up with the return frustration, due to the high marks, and number of good reviews.. and of course.. the low.. low cost. It was worth it! Would certainly buy again! Gave 4 stars due to the poor quality control, and frustration of getting a good working unit.

Brooke Lanark, WV

Very happy with this video system.

We have used this video monitor system for two years now, with three different cameras (three rooms=3 cameras).We do go through chargers though. After about six months they stop working. But for less than ten bucks every six months for consistent monitor usage over two years (16 hours a day) I’d say that’s not that bad.

Jenifer The Lakes, NV

Does the job…

I think the video quality is terrible compared to our summer infant video monitor…its hard to really see exactly what the babies are doing…its more like a blob on the monitor. My biggest complaint is that the sound only comes on when it picks up a noise…so for example the monitor sound turns on and off which for a light sleeper can be annoying. I prefer the monitors that have constant noise monitoring, it makes it easier for the parent to sleep and not get woken up by random perceived noise the monitor is picking up.

Marquita Kansas City, KS

Great, but could be better

Our old MobiCam quit working, so we purchased this system. It works so much better & shows no signs of interference with other electronic devices. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars in simply because of the camera range in the dark. We cannot see my son’s bed clearly in the dark with the camera positioned on the other side of the room. It’s not a big room by any stretch of the imagination. In our baby’s room, we can clearly see the crib when the camera is positioned within 5 feet of the crib, but in our son’s room, the bed is approximately 10-15 feet from the camera, and with the lights out, you cannot clearly make out anything beyond say 5 feet or so. We positioned several spot-light type night lights around the room & this still did not remedy the problem. I believe we’ll have to move the camera above the bed in order to see better. Also, if you don’t install batteries into the cameras & the power goes out, you have to set up the whole system again. This is not difficult, but it is also not exactly intuitive – you do need the instructions. Overall we are very happy with this system. Way better than MobiCam & cheaper!

Kristie Munster, IN

Why did you design this with a power button?

Got a few of these to add to my existing DXR-5 system. I would say it’s a good value for a video monitor with basic features and works pretty well,The only design flaw I see so far is that the cameras have on/off switches. These are not-battery powered so a power cord is required. So WHY would you need any sort of power switch? If you are paranoid that big brother is watching then unplug the cord. The only reason I can see that they designed this with a momentary power switch is to annoy you when the power goes out during the night, power comes back on but the cameras will not turn on until you go into your sleeping kids’ rooms and press the dumb buttons. Whomever field tested this idea needs an early retirement.The add-on cameras do not come with the camera stand that is included with the full kit. Bummer since the stands are great for mounting to the walls with a few modifications.

Elvia Broseley, MO

Great product

We love the first one we got so when we neededa second camera, it was an easy choice to get the add-on. We like the fact that the camera is in color and it picks up sounds pretty well. Easy to set-up and pair to the monitor. Highly recommended. I do wish we can pair to multiple monitors too but oh well….

Irene New Richmond, WI

Good camera, but no stand

I will not get into great detail on these as I have done a complete review as part of the complete system itself. These add-on cameras are exactly the same as the one included in the system with one major exception: THERE IS NO STAND!!In the system, the camera comes with a white plastic stand that allows you to mount the camera and place at a greater variety of angles. For some reason the add-on cameras do not. I contacted the manufacturer and had to pay $6 per stand. I have 3 add-on cameras so had to shell out $18 for stands.

Doris Clarkson, NY

Can’t beat the price and a great buy!

For the price it is perfect! The only down side is it doesn’t automatically toggle back between screens, which is why I gave it 4 stars. It has been perfect for us as a baby monitor as well as a monitor for our play room.

Nita Longville, MN

Good camera, love the night vision!

For the price you cannot beat it! You could pay a lot more money for a name brand with a much clearer picture, but let’s face it, all you need to is see and hear your child moving, and this camera does a great job of that. It is easy to pair with your monitor, just follow the instructions.

Tonya Cosby, TN

Good picture, but sound quality is awful. A lot of other flaws

We wanted to get a second camera for our existing monitor, but turned out that the model has been discontinued, so we had to look for a new monitor with two cameras. I was looking at Motorola, but didn’t want to overpay for the functions I thought I won’t use (tilt/pan, room temp), so I decided to go with this simpler and cheaper monitor.Here is the quick summary:pros: the video quality is goodcons: sound quality is HORRIBLE. Even with the sound turned on to the max you can barely hear that your child is crying if you have TV or music turned on, or if you’re in the kitchen and have running water. It also has a lot of static noise in the background which makes it really hard to hear what’s going on in the nursery.. If you’re monitoring a younger baby, it’s OK, but my older one likes to talk a lot before falling asleep and after waking up, and I can’t understand what she is saying, even when I listen very careful.If you have a few cameras, the monitor won’t automatically switch between them when the noise is detected. Right now I have my kids sleeping in separate rooms and I need to constantly manually switch between cameras to check on them.The monitor is very light, in fact it’s so ridiculously light that it’s own cord drags it down from my nightstand!Camera’s cord is very short.I kinda regret now that I decided to save money and went with this option. I wish I could tilt the camera, since we took off the crib rail and my baby gets out of the bed and starts wondering around the room.

Marguerite Kauneonga Lake, NY

Lots of good ideas, but the quality isn’t there

We had an existing video monitor, but with having more kids needed additional monitors and tried this model due to some of its unique features.What’s so great about it:- Supports up to 4 cameras from one receiver, provides unified system for monitoring multiple kids in different rooms.- Has a silence feature where the monitor audio/video turns off when there is no activity, but turns on when there is noise. This prevents the constant white noise while you try to sleep (like other monitors do).- Inexpensive compared to many alternatives.What’s not so great:- When using less than 4 cameras, you have to scroll through the "empty" channels each time you want to rotate through the cameras.- Silence feature doesn’t reliably turn back on- Night vision viewable distance is pretty short, unless your rooms are small you will need a night-light on in the room to see anything.- Battery in receiver stopped holding charge after 1 year- VERY poor quality on the power cables, they simply stop providing power due to small breaks in the wire in the cable – I have had to repair, replace two of them in 2 years. For plugs which mostly remain in the same spot with occasional relocation, this is pretty bad.Summary:It worked well enough for us when our kids were babies, but once they got older the longevity of this product became an issue.

Anna Copeland, FL

Great Camera

This is a great camera for the price. Our bedroom is on a different level than our young childrens’ bedrooms. So I bought this and two of the extra cameras to place in their room so I can hear and see them when we are upstairs in our room. They are awesome. They work great. I can’t believe this is only $99?!?!?! The additional cameras were $79 each, but they are worth it, too! Easy to mount, great picture, no interference so far in the reception. I love it!

Dorthy Fort Lee, VA