Infantino Activity Stacker

Infantino Activity Stacker

Infantino Activity Stacker

Main features

  • Shake base for a fun whistling sound
  • Water teether, rattle, peek a boo mirror and more
  • 5 Activity packed rings

Verified reviews


Too Many Flaws

I bought this for my baby thinking that the textures were great and he would be able to stack when he was older and not hurt himself on it, like he might do on the plastic or wooden ones. First off the toy picked up hair and lint in the first 5 minutes of play. My son loved all the textures and sounds from a young age. However, the middle piece/stick bent after a couple of months so he was not able to stack anything on it. In my opinion even if it wasn’t bent he wouldn’t be able to stack anything on it because the toy is just soo soft. Also, when he was about 9 months and actually interested in stacking he liked the plastic or wooden stackers much better. They were easier to stack! This toy is a nice concept but does not work.

Addie Coker, AL

It’s a hit!

You really never know how your baby will respond to a toy, but this one was a huge hit with my 5-month-old little girl even though she doesn’t use it as a real stacker. She’s now about 8 months old and still loves it. Each ring has something unique to offer – even the base, which squeaks comically when she waves it around or treats Mom to a bop on the head (it’s soft, so Mom doesn’t mind). Such a wonderful design, and very well made. My baby’s favorites are the green rattle fish and the partially stuffed ring with the adorable bead shaped like a chicken. Heaven forbid we ever lose her precious “chicken bead”… If you buy this toy, I don’t think you’ll regret it. There’s bound to be something you’re baby will love!

Lea Alamo, ND

Fun activity stacker

I registered for this activity stacker for my daughter who is still a little young to play with it (4 months), but my nephew (10 months) loves it. His favorite rings are the fish rattle and the rooster. He also likes to shake he base which has a squeaker inside. I like that the rings are soft and have different textures including crinkle material on the ‘flower’ ring. I look forward to being able to use this with my daughter as well.

Savannah Marshall, CA

One of our favorite toys!

This has consistently been one of our son’s favorite toys. We love that each ring is different and useful. His favorite, by far, is the smallest ring with the little red bird on it. He loves chasing the bird with his mouth. We often toss this ring into the diaper bag so we have it when we are out. He just discovered that the base makes a fun sound when he whaps it against things. This is one of the few toys that we got when he was 6 months old that he still enjoys at 9 months.

Johanna Deltona, FL


My twins love this Stacker. I got it for them when they were around six months old and they’re still fighting for it when they’re playing together. I should have gotten two but always thought they’ll outgrow it soon, but they’re still grabbing it from each other at nine months. I’m trying to teach them the concept of sharing now….but maybe it’s easier to just get another one.It’s soft with the rings providing different textures. they shake, suck, bite every ring.

Aida Camp Douglas, WI

Lots of ways to play

Each ring is a different toy unto itself. My eight month old has not figured out how to do the stacking but loves several of the rings and plays with each one differently. Well made toy.

Jane Rowdy, KY

Very cute, but doesn’t get a lot of use.

I thought this would be great for my 6 month old who is constantly putting anything and everything in her mouth. It’s really neat that there are so many different rings and the base squeaks (she likes that part–instant smile). The colors are vibrant and there are a ton of different textures. But my little one doesn’t seem to care too much about it and she’s now 9 months old.

Naomi Angelus Oaks, CA

Great stacker…very diverse and interesting!

We just got this, but my baby seems to love it already! I love that each of the rings is a separate toy…flower crinkles, mirror, ring with adorable chicken bead, fish rattle, and a teether. Even the base makes squeaky sounds when shaken…although you have to shake it pretty hard…so my 6 month old can’t do it yet. It seems well made, and the colours are beautiful! But I have an issue with the packaging. This toy came with tons of little plastic tag connectors attaching it to the box and the rings to the base. And they left little puncture holes all over the base. This isn’t a fault of the toy of course, just a beef I have with manufacturers putting excessive packaging on everything these days!Anyway, the toy is great! One of the rings seems a bit tight on the base (the one with the mirror) but the rest are loose and stack easily. I’m sure my baby won’t be using it as a stacking toy for a while…but it is a nice way to store the thing when not in use!

Sue Eustace, TX


Agree with everything others have said above – It is a great toy and my son still loves it at 12 months as much as he did at 6 when we first got it. Each ring seems to appeal to him at a different age. Great value for money, it’s like having 5 toys in 1! The blue ring is filled with water so can be frozen to ease some of the teething pains.

Maricela Mazomanie, WI

baby loves it

this was one of the cheapest toys I got my 7 month old yet it is one of her favorites. she love the mirrored ring and the green rattle. although I did toss in the garbage the filled ring as I was unclear what was in the ring and feared her chewing would puncture it.

Leta Ward, SC