Infantino Activity Toy Set

Infantino Activity Toy Set

A colorful trio of fun toys to captivate and amuse baby. Includes Firefly teether, Elephant teether/rattle, and an intriguing ball with movable beads and a soft rattling sound.

Main features

  • Wonderful teething set includes 3 colorful toys
  • Firefly teether has soft flat shapes for a unique texture
  • Elephant teether has vinyl ears and is easy to grasp
  • Unique ball has textured plastic “wires” that are easy to grasp and chew on
  • Lots of textures, colors and sounds for baby to explore

Verified reviews


Awesome set!

This set includes 3 toys, a ball which is slightly smaller than a volleyball, an adorable plastic elephant with teether ears who’s head wobbles back and forth when shaken and has a few colorful beads on a bar above it’s handle, and a bright orange plastic thing that has symbol like beads on it that make a very nice sound when shook. The description says the orange toy is a firefly, but my fiance swears it’s a worm, either way it’s very light and easy for a baby to hold, my daughter could hold it and shake it easily at 4 months. Now at 7 months she still hasn’t lost interest in any of the toys, and now that she’s teething she loves the elephants ears. She wasn’t really a fan of the ball at 4 months because it’s kind of heavy, but she liked to watch me shake it and play with the brightly colored plastic discs on the flexible rods. The center is clear plastic and filled with lots of little tiny colorful beads. When shaken around the ball makes a nice sound, it reminds me of a rain stick and now that my daughter can manipulate toys better she loves to shake it and hear the sound it makes. The ball is also a great tummy time toy for younger babies. When I purchased this it cost about $10.00, a great price for 3 toys and they have been a wonderful addition to the toy box.

Angelita Sylvania, OH

Great large rattle, other two toys are boring.

My baby LOVED the large rattle for about a month (7 months). During this month it was her favorite toy, so I am happy with the purchase. She now only picks it up and plays with it for about 20 seconds then moves on. She didn’t ever give either of the other two toys more than about 2-3 minutes of time a piece. Now she throws those ones down the second I hand them to her. I wish the large rattle was sold separately! I would definitely buy it for other new moms as a gift.

Toni Sierra Blanca, TX

This was such a great mix at a great price!

These ended up being kind of my sons first toys. He loves the twisted ball, is has rings that move along the wires and little balls that make noise on the inside. It’s easy for him to get his little hands around, flexible and bright. The elephant one’s head moves back and forth when you shake it, and it is also easy to grab, with the ears made of a rubber like material that is softer and easier to teeth on. The third piece is almost like a musical instrument, it looks like little cymbals. It is harder to grab, but is fun to shake around. These are incredible deals for only $10 a set. We love them!

Simone Winigan, MO

super duper!

I had bought the original winkle for my daughter and seen this set and thought I would get it in addition to the winkle and she loves them both this one is a bit bigger than the winkle but she loves the rainfall effect of the beads.

Margarita Isle La Motte, VT

Good toys!

These toys are great. My son really loves the ball. It makes a sort of rain noise when you shake it and he is just mesmerized by it. He can grab everything easily and they seem to hold his interest!

Lidia High Springs, FL

Daughter Loves It

I was given this set as a gift for my daughter at maybe 6 months old. She loved them very much. One of her favorite toys. So when my sister got pregnant I came on here and found it and soon her baby will be able to enjoy them also. The ball looking thing i thought was too big for my 6 month old but for some reason that was the one she wanted most, i guess cause of the bright colors and the rattle noise it makes. When she figure out how to shake the snail one she loved that one to make “music”, then the elephant one she loved to chew on the ears they are softer plastic or rubber and have bumps on them for texture that she loved. Great set of toys I still have mine backed up for my next child and it was throw around a lot and still survived.

Lakesha Lewiston, MI

chew toy that’s not chewy

the plastic on these toys are hard-plastic, not the kind that has a give. unfortunately had to return, but it’s a good value for money if you are looking for additional colorful toys for your baby.

Alexis Orleans, VT

Just OK, novelty wore off quickly

I bought this set for $9.43 and thought it was a great deal. That is, until the novelty of it wore off after the first day. My 9 month old will now only occasionally reach for this toy, and when she does, she only plays with it for 30 seconds. The small rattles come in handy to stash in the diaper bag, but they too only distract her for a short time. FYI, if anyone cares about color, the ones I received were primarily orange, not blue as pictured.

Kristie Clearview City, KS

Decent for the price

I bought these for my baby as a Christmas gift. She seems to enjoy them periodically for short periods of time. The ball is very heavy and I could see a baby hitting themselves and potentially hurting themselves if not being supervised.

Florine Keene, NY

Very cute toys for a good price!

Overall, I think these toys are great. My son loves him – he is 4.5 months old and he seems to be really attracted to the lil worm toy with the beads on the back.The little elephant toy didn’t excite him at all really, it’s really hard to grasp with the spinning toys going through the middle of the toy. And it’s not really a noise maker like the worm, it’s head rocks back and forth and not very entertaining.The ball is very cool, and lots of older children that come over play with it also. It’s a little smaller then a volleyball, and the rods are made out of some type of rubber, that bends easily. Inside the clear bulbs on each end are small balls which make lots of noise. Reminds me of a rain stick. 🙂 Very nice sound.I give this product a 2/3 because my child absolutely enjoys of these 3 toys. 🙂

Nichole Orion, IL

Oodles of fun

My 7 month old loves this toy so much that we have 2 of them, one for our main home and one for holidays.

Lindsey Coden, AL

Great developmental toy for babies

Great toy for babies. This was originally urchased for my son when he was 10 months old and now he has passed it on to his little sister. super durable and keeps there attention which is must for toys.

Ilene Stony Creek, VA

Nice toys

They are great toys, but my daughter doesn’t really show much interest in them yet except the elephant teether; she’s not exactly teething yet though!. She is 3 and a half months so maybe she’ll show more interest later.

Florence Kurten, TX

A little expensive, but worth it

I bought these for my 2 month old and love them. Much better quality than alot of cheaper ones i found online.

Laurel Hopwood, PA


My baby who is currently teething love his new toys. Love the colors and the design and it was totally inexpensive

Helga North Salt Lake, UT

my son loves this

My 3 month old son loves this its a tummy time fix, and meal time fun. With all the textures and sizes of these three toys he has a blast the ball itself is a must have the other 2 teethers/rattles are a bonus.

Wilda Sheridan, MT

My baby loved this toy

These toys were a huge hit for my son. Especially the handheld worm and elephant which are great to give to your baby to play with and keep them occupied while changing diapers. I have given them as baby shower gifts also.

Brianna Shingleton, MI


I was surprised at how nice this toy set was when I received it. This is an excellent buy for a young infant. Colors are not the same as shown in the picture, but they are still bright and interesting.The two smaller rattle toys that are shaped like animals are nice. The baby can chew on the soft elephant ears and both are easy for babies to hold. Both are very strong and have interesting rattles.The big rattle was much bigger and better than I expected. It is very strong and there are all sorts of rattles and things to grab and chew on.

Charlotte Stella, NE

Five Stars

great and bright little toys for my great niece and nephew.

Eleanor West Valley, NY

Great Value Gift Set!

Bought for 4+ months old baby nephew. I don’t think he knows how to seek out specific toys yet, but when we hold any of these toys in front of him, he will reach out to grab the toy and play with it (plus chew on them) for a while, and they do work to distract him when he’s being a little fussy.My favorite is the ball due to the noise it creates and size+colours are eye-catching, thus good to use to get baby’s attention. He didn’t have the strength to hold the ball himself at 4+ months, but he’s nearly 6 months now and is starting to hold and ‘wave’ the ball around by himself.My nephew seems to like to chew on the ears of the elephant, I’ve seen him stick almost the entire smaller ear into his mouth (glad that the elephant head is too big to be stuck further into his mouth, as it prevents him from choking).The snail (or worm?) rattle is ok, my nephew does reach out to play with it as well, but I don’t pass him this toy often – he likes to chew on the top portion and I get a little worried about whether the edges of the top portion of the toy are too sharp & hard for him to chew. The toy does seem safe, but my nephew chews pretty hard at his toys, thus I’ll prefer that he chew on softer rounded items like the elephant ears or ball’s wires.I received the orange set instead of the blue set in the picture – only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 stars rating is that the picture is misleading in terms of actual toys colour, and will prefer that that the top portion of snail (worm) toy has more rounded edges.Highly recommend as gift set for babies.

Odessa Hancock, MD