Infantino Activity Triangle

Infantino Activity Triangle

Brightly colored activity toy has 5 sides of play with over 10 fun activities.

Main features

  • Age grade 6 month plus
  • Fun activities from every side!
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Rattle beads, spinning knobs, texture wheels and more
  • Age grade 6m+
  • Fun activities from every side!
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Rattle beads, spinning knobs, texture wheels and more

Verified reviews


for 3mo. baby might work well

i dont know….somebody said smth about “step-stool” for 13mo. baby? you r kiddin!?!?!?! this is MADE IN CHINA and really cheap quality. Alice is 8mo. old and i just got it – she likes all of her toys (pyramids, cups, zippers, buttons, rattles, plush toys etc) but this on. does not get her attention for more then 1 minute. it seems like this toys has lots of things goin on, but not really. they dont do much. big construction but you can move anything around (up/down/sides). you just touch it, thats all. it doesnt make any noise…there are some tiny beads but again – its ok for the baby that is limited to movements and grabbing, touching…IF your BABY is over 6mo. – DO NOT GET IT!

Rhea Wellsburg, IA

Too heavy and bulky for my baby to really enjoy

My baby needs to be entertained all times of the day and his mind is like a sponge the size of a house. I thought this was a perfect toy because of how many dimensions it has and various activities would keep him entertained and interested. Im afraid to say that I love this toy more than he does.Toys are personal from baby to baby. what they are captivated with ranges from their personal preferences, so to keep this review nuetral, because it isnt the toys fault, its a great toy, here are my issues.This toy is HUGE and HEAVY. My baby, being a large baby at 7 months and 24 lbs, loves to manipulate the world around him. when he grabs this toy and tries to pick it up to explore it he cant hold it very long and sort of thrashes it all around. BEWARE! this is not a great toy to get smacked with it is hard. most of the time i take it away from him because he ends up hitting his own legs repeatedly or his face.I only use this toy when it comes to tummy time or when he is in his highchair and cant pick it up and hurt himself.Most of the toys have spinning elements, and while thats great there isnt a whole lot else going on. I wish he liked it better because the colors are great and the idea is amazing.I wouldnt recommend this for a baby thats 6 months or even 7. maybe he will enjoy this in his 8th or 9th month and i will revise my review!

Monique Metamora, OH

Lots of different things to do – holds attention

I purchased this product for my grandbaby. He immediately was drawn to all of the different things that can be done with this toy. It is brightly colored and had different feels to different parts. I purchased this with 3 other toys, and he seemed to be drawn to this the most. It’s a little big to take out to dinner, but it’s super cute to have at home.

Denice Challis, ID

very entertaining … and QUIET

My five month old loves this toy. There is lots to push, pull andspin. This toy is great for improving dexterity (for hands and feet) and teaching cause and effect. The activities require various levels of dexterity so although my baby hasn’t figured out two of the activities yet, it just means there will be more to discover in the future.The best thing about this toy , however, is that it is QUIET play. There are no lights, music or weird sounds. The silence is BLISS.

Ines Dale, SC

Great Toy – But very age specific

Pros:- lots of simple activities to do, holds attention well- keeps my 7 month old busy – if you show them how to play with it.- quality is great – so far no problems with it being broken or whatnot- it’s not a noisy toyCons:- it’s very age specific. if you buy it for a 1 year old, it might be too boring for them. if you get it for a 3 month old, it might be too heavy for them to hold (it’s rather big, the size of my 7 month old’s head maybe). For 5-8month old, they might try to sit on it to use it as stool or use it to help him/her stand up, which can be dangerous without supervision.- baby has to be able to sit up in order to play with the toy (if you let him/her hold it on a bouncer, they will constantly drop it since it’s heavy)- again, this is a toy where you cannot just throw in their play yard or gated play area with the baby. you must supervise with this toy- cannot be taken on the go, since it takes up too much space in the diaper bagnote:i think the picture on amazon looks brighter, cuter and prettier. when the toy arrived the colours were more muted and dark. I would say the pic online is edited to be more saturated in colour and high contrasted. Google image this toy to check out it’s real colours. Not that it’s so important – but if I were to see this at the store instead of amazon, I wouldn’t of brought it (based on it’s looks alone).

Hollie Palm Coast, FL

1-2 years old kids toys look good

1-2 years old kids toys look good, which is currently playing with my baby is well, and after 1 year nolgeot not have that same item. It is seen by many eyes moving like a good product.

Tammi Stinnett, KY

Our baby loves this

This toy has been great. Our 5 month old has used it to help her sit. It’s the perfect size for her to straddle and play with. It’s been one of our favorite toys.

Freida Frenchglen, OR

I love it but my son does not

I loved the concept of this toy but my son never really took to it. I got it for him when he was around 7 months old and at 12 months, he still has never really played with it for more than a minute or two. I think it has more to do with his personality – he never sits still and loves to throw things around, so balls and small stacking cups are more his speed – than with a defect of the toy. The only downsides I see is that it is a bulky toy (so it hurts if it is thrown at you!) and the activities on it are not that varied.

Irma Howell, UT

Mildly Engaging

Edited Review: Now that my daughter is 8 and a half months old, I’ve tried getting this out again. She can sit unassisted and now seems stronger and slightly more interested in this toy. It’s also a welcome respite from all the other toys that seem to require noise. It holds her attention for maybe 15 or 20 minutes, which isn’t too bad considering how easily distracted she is.Original Review: I bought this about a month ago for my now almost 7 month old daughter. I have a few other toys by this company and my daughter loves them. Because all the reviews were so glowing, I thought it would be money well spent. I was sadly mistaken. I’m not sure what all these other kids like so much. There is very little to engage. One side has two flippy panels that have raised textures. Another side has two rows of beads that are the same all the way around. There is one side that requires some dexterity and is definitely for older kids. The beads in the three corners are supposed to act like a sand timer, but the beads used are very low quality and light and often get hung up with static. And, the little whirlygig device in the center of the corner tubes could turn independently, but it doesn’t. The “bent wire” with beads on one end is poorly designed. You can move the beads, but they always slide back down because whatever way you turn it, the plastic “wire” is always at an angle. And, the toy is heavy for what it is, so when it is inevitably thrown or dropped from table height, it is loud and potentially dangerous to unsuspecting toes. And, when she’s sitting or lying down, she either has trouble moving it, or runs the risk of pulling it straight at her face. Maybe she’ll grow into it, but in the meantime, I’ll stick with the obnoxious noisy toys she loves and the free found toys around the house. The only things this toy has right are the mix of stimulating colors, the rounded edges, and the lack of batteries and noise.

Marcella Winston, MT


My baby LOVES this toy. It keeps her busy for 10-15 minutes at a time. If I go anywhere, all I have to pack to keep her entertained is this toy. There are so many activities to play with. The toy has 5 sides. On one side there are two rows of 4 spinning toys of different shapes. On another side there are two big rectangular spinning shapes with fun textures. On the 3rd side, there are two toys that come zigzagging and spinning down every time you turn the toy over. On the top there is another spinning toy with a picture of a cute red dog on one side and bars on the other so when you spin it, it looks like the dog is in a cage. On the bottom there are two groups of beads that the baby can push along a squiggly path. the colors are also very engaging. would definitely recommend this toy.

Florine Lake Linden, MI

Great toy and size

My kiddo loves this triangle. Its big enough that if he’s sitting he can play without bending all the way down. He can’t completely pick it up so I come around and move it for him from time to time and serves me that I check on him or get sucked into playing with him. Makes noise and not to loud or annoying. Keeps his attention for 20mins long enough to do laundry lol.This item is hard plastic, and since it’s got some weight on it be-careful not to drop it cause it may break and there’s tons of little balls in it- in other words huge mess to clean.PS. got mine used and in new condition for $7

Cleo Melville, MT

5 month old loves this toy, will probably enjoy it for months to come

Our 5 month old loves this toy. He cannot yet manipulate all of the pieces (the two circles that go back and forth on a track), and is not yet interested much in the three balls, but he loves the two spinning rectangles and the spinning circle with the dog picture on it. He also loves to put the corners in his mouth. I was afraid it would be too big for him before he was sitting up, but he really enjoys it during tummy time, and I wish I had brought it out a couple of weeks earlier – he probably would have enjoyed it as soon as he could lift his head way up and manipulate things with his hands while holding his head up. He also currently enjoys it while sitting up, which he just recently learned how to do. He is currently 5 months and 19 days old. I think he will enjoy this toy for many months to come. Overall, definitely a good investment.

Janna Sevierville, TN

fun toy!

This is a fun toy that my baby enjoys very much! It is engaging and sturdy. It is brightly colored and hours of fun!

Jill Portage, ME

Not the same as in pictures!

This triangle is such a great idea! If only the “activities” were more varied and interesting. First of all it is not the same as in the pictures! The picture shows two tracks with beads on one end…but there is only one and it is angled badly, so the beads just slide to the center all the time. My baby has never touched these beads. Also, the puppy on the spinner on the opposite end is just a sticker, which has started peeling off. The beads in the rain sticks in the corners do not spiral down easily…they are all hung up with static. Also the large beads are assembled wrong with all the round beads together and all the other shapes together instead of mixed like in the pics. So the round beads are tight and have no space to move! Lastly, one of the spinning knobs is great, possible for a baby to spin, but the other one is difficult to move, requiring a kind of dexterity that a young baby just doesn’t have (its a little difficult for me!). My baby is semi-interested in the thing as a whole. She likes to turn it around and to spin the green and pink flippers, and likes to shake it (although it is a bit big for her to pick up). But most of the activities either don’t work properly or seem boring. I love the idea…but the execution leaves something to be desired.Update: With reluctance I have to up my rating to 4 stars… (wish i could give 3.5). For some reason my baby actually likes this toy…the older she gets the more she plays with it! And her favourite side is the one with the spinning knobs…which I originally thought was too advanced for her. She is still pretty uninterested in the beads, but overall she likes it (although I still feel more or less ambivalent toward it!) But its her toy…so I guess if she likes it that’s all that matters! 🙂

Lakesha Ashburnham, MA

My daughter loved it at 3 months, and still likes it at 9 months.

My daughter like this. She’s had it since she was about 3 months old or so. She used to just lay next to it and play with it, then she learned how to sit up and learned how to pick it up. (Beware and pay attention- there are a few lessons to be learned here, and they’re all painful.) Now, at 9 months, she can flip it, toss it, push it, kick it, and curl up next to it as she fights sleep.If you find your child grows bored with toys easity, I suggest you rotate the toys so that they aren’t all out all the time.

Willie South Walpole, MA

Great toy for a 7 month old

My son loves this toy! He is 7 months old and I’ve noticed that lately he enjoys turning toys over to see what’s on the other side. No matter which way he turns this toy, he finds something that his little hands can manipulate. It is light enough so that he can pick it up and turn it from side to side. Just took it out of the box and he has been sitting with it happily for 30 minutes and still going strong. Certainly worth the price.

Carole Knox, PA

Nice toy

My daughter is 12 months old and she has had a lot of fun with this over the months. When I first bought it for her, you could see her brain working while she played with it. Little by little she began to figure out how to move each piece. She thinks it’s fun to shake around, too, because it makes a rattling sound. It’s a nice developmental toy. She’s had it since she was four months old and she has always been interested in it. Even now, she gets excited when I take it down from the shelf.

Dianna Caballo, NM

Good buy

This toy is very well made and many interesting details for the baby to be occupied. Even after months of having it, baby is still interested in the toy.

Imelda Crystal Springs, FL

Great toy for a super price

My 7 month old daughter loves this toy. No matter what side it is on, there is an activity to entertain her. I bought one for my niece too! It’s not too big or bulky and is light enough that my daughter can pick it up and move it around. I think the price is super reasonable for how much she has enjoyed it.

Lana Hogansburg, NY

Daughter loves this toy

My daughter is 6 months old and loves this toy. It keeps her occupied for quite a while and is easy to clean. Great baby toy.

Louella Fisher, WV

Toy without sound yippee!

Out of the box it’s ready to go. It caught the attention of my then eight month old grandson. It is exactly as it looks with it’s variety of activities. Over the past two months ma grandson has played and I have seen the changes in fine motor activities. It’s sturdy he has thrown it from time to time. The greatest things reported by his parents it doesn’t have sound and doesn’t need batteries. I guess Grandma did good with this pick.

Jan Alamo, TX

Great item

I have a 7 month old, and recently purchased this toy for him. He loves it! I only wish I had purchased it sooner. He loves just picking it up and tinkering with the little gadgets that go up and down. I’m very pleased with this toy.

Tiffany Trapper Creek, AK

Lots to do.

We know the scenario with an almost crawler. They tear through the toys in reach and then root around bored. This has enough activity to eekp the toy at hand and it’s center of gravity keeps it nearby. Great toy.

Margery Lodi, OH

Ok toy–outgrew it quickly

We bought this toy for our infant daughter and while she found it interesting, I think her father and I were more entertained by it. She liked when we flipped it over and the little wheels would spin down. She also liked to spin the dog on the top. The other features she didn’t care for too much. She used it the most around 9-11 months, but hasn’t really played with it since then. I wouldn’t purchase it again as I don’t think it has much lasting value, but it was fun to use for a little while.(One other drawback is that it’s all hard plastic and a little bit awkward in size. We had to be careful that she didn’t shake it around too much and bop her head with it.)

Lou Waverly, FL

Great toy

We bought this for our daughter for Christmas when she was 7 months old. She really likes it although I can’t say it’s her favorite. She likes to touch and spin and explore each side. I think it just depends on what interests your baby, she is interested in this for a little while and then reaches for other things, then comes back.

Katharine Goose Lake, IA

Fabulous Toy

This toy has so many sides and options for play, that it’s easy for my 5 month old to really get into – whether he’s being held in a lap or laying on a blanket. I’d highly recommend this.

Maria Dixie, WV

not that great

my 1-year old seemed to like it, but there really isn’t much to do with it. She likes to carry it around.

Noemi Watauga, TN

So so

Baby was very interested in this for the first couple days but now could care less about it. One day, he picked it up and hit himself in the face with it. It is made of hard surfaces so he was not a happy camper. I also did not like all the toys on all the sides- they do not really provide a lot of stimulation for a baby. My baby only really likes two of the sides (the coin flip and the green/pink turns). It is also not stable enough for him to lean on when he was learning to sit.

Jade Macungie, PA

wonderfully entertaining!

This toy is great. It has so many different “activities” to keep babies busy. My baby loves it and it is one of the few toys we don’t need to rotate out. It makes noise when it moves at all, which definitely keeps his interest. There are pieces to swat at, twist, move up and down, back and forth, everything! It’s not too heavy, my son’s only 6 months and can move it around pretty easily. I recommend this toy to everyone! It’s one of our favorites.

Nora Canyon Country, CA

My daughter still uses it a year and a half later

We got this for our daughter at 6 months old. She still uses it at over 2 years old! She carries it around and has loved it for a long time. Great toy! It’s large and entertains her a lot.

Leta Washington, MO