Infantino Activity Triangle

Infantino Activity Triangle

Keep little hands busy with this fun activity triangle that flips, zips, rattles and spins.

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  • Infantino Activity Triangle (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Not Many Activities Here

This is supposed to be an “activity” triangle, but it really only has one activity on it. That is spinning. You spin the mirror and some shapes. The only other thing you can do is rattle it, but it is too cumbersome for a baby to pick it up for that. I didn’t like this toy at all and my child thought it was boring as well.

Doreen Bleiblerville, TX

Nice toy but the mirror fell off right after opening it

I was really excited about this toy. I love making my baby happy. But the little mirror on the top fell off while I was taking it out of the package! This kinda upset me. It’s no huge deal. However, it should not be falling apart right out of the box!!! Imaging if it would of fell off while my baby was playing with it??other than that problem, my baby does enjoy this toy very much. It is very entertaining for her since there is so much to look at (other than the mirror that is). I would not recommend this to anyone because the mirror fell off so soon.

Laverne Massillon, OH

Really disappointed

My daughter is 6 1/2 months old and pretty easily entertained. I read all the glowing reviews, and thought this would be a hit. So far, this hasn’t been the case. The toy itself is bright, cheerful, and very very durable. I also like the fact that it doesn’t need batteries. However, apart from a few things to spin, and a few shapes to fiddle with, there really isn’t anything to sustain her interest. At first I was pleased to find a toy that wasn’t at all noisy, but, given the lack of visual stimulation, I don’t even think that that’s a bonus. Also, the picture on Amazon of the toy shows a mirror at one end – the one I received had a boring spinner with a dog and a bone on one side, and a kind of “cage” design on the other. I think it’s supposed to be an optical illusion when it’s spun, but it doesn’t work at all. Hopefully she’ll find it more interesting as she gets older.

Dixie Lykens, PA

Wow, a huge home run.

I bought this for my baby when he was somewhere between 4 and 5 months old. He took to it immediately. There are a total of five sides on this very sturdy, nice-looking toy. The side that kept him busy most at first is the side with the pink and green flaps (you can see it in the pic they have up here). He liked just flipping the flaps and touching the textures. More recently he’s explored all of the sides except for the one with the beads laced onto twisty posts. Which is weird, cause I know that’d be my favorite side if this were my toy.I am not generally a huge huge fan of lots of plastic junk laying around but this one continues to be of interest to Eddie who is now 7 mos old. It’s like a portable Exersaucer, with all it has to do and for how well it keeps the baby interested. Hugely recommended.

Lakeisha Verona, KY

Ahhh a toy she likes that doesn’t make much noise

This toy is a hit! I bought this for my daughter when she was 6mos old. She really enjoys playing with it. There are gadgets you can push, spin, twist, twirl and shake. There is activity on each side, minimal noise and even a mirror. It seems pretty durable and holds your childs interest.What more could you ask for?

Ronda Drummond, OK

Great Activity Station!

I got this for a baby shower I was going to and the mother to be was thrilled. Since the baby got to be old enough he’s loved it too! The variety of activities is wonderful. The colors and stimulation of sight, sound and touch are great. I would recommend this.I had no problem with the shipping or getting the correct product. For the record when someone has a problem with a particular seller that feedback is supposed to go in the seller feedback section, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad product.

Traci Pottersville, MO

Hit or miss

I bought this for my first child and this triangle has been passed on to two of his siblings. So far, I’m 0 for 3! I thought I couldn’t go wrong with such good ratings but my kids never played with this. I have one more baby on the way so hopefully he/she will play make use of it.That said, I can see how this could be fun for young ones. To date, I’ve spent more time playing with this than all of my kids combined.My only safety concern with this toy is that it’s relatively heavy. Be careful if handing to a baby who is laying on his back.

Kaitlin Norwood, VA

My 1-2 year old son couldn’t / didn’t use it.

On the surface this looks like a perfect toy for a baby or early toddler. However, my son never liked to play with it for the time we had it near him from when he was 1 until just before he was 2. It was too heavy to be comfortable for him to pick up, and many of the gadgets – such as the gears you twist back and forth to move down their tracks – were too complex for him to work.He enjoyed watching me play with the toy – to a point – but it never really grabbed his attention.Pro:+ neat looking toy. Heck, I had some fun playing with it.+ good variety of spinning / manipulation toys for your child to play with, if you can engage your child to do so.+ good build quality, and nice colorsCon:- while variety is good, many of the mini-toys attached were too difficult for my son to use, so he just gave up.- too heavy to be picked up easily in one hand for weaker babies / toddlers.- the tiny balls in the clear edge tubes got statically charged, didn’t flow well after a whileI wouldn’t buy this again, nor would I recommend it for a friend. It feels too advanced and heavy for a baby / young toddler, not advanced enough for an older toddler.

Vilma Tipton, MI

Doesn’t Require Batteries!!

As a first-time mom to a now 6 month old boy, I have run the gamut in terms of baby toys. This is one of the best I have come across so far. It’s durable and educational. I love that it doesn’t matter what end you set it on. There is no upside-down to this toy. My son can pick it up and move it around with one hand, so it isn’t too heavy, which is definitely a bonus. He likes hearing the sand/rattle sound when I turn it over for him. He likes to spin the little pieces and/or watch me spin them. There is so much to see and do with this toy, and I love that the creators of it didn’t feel the need to design it with all kinds of flashing lights, silly songs, and other bells and whistles. If you want a good, basic, entertaining, educational (and I might even venture old-fashioned in some ways) toy, you should definitely get this one. My son has to actually do something with this toy rather than listen to it and watch some lights flash. I’m a little tired of all the toys that I’ve come across that don’t really do anything except drain batteries. I like the more classic purpose behind this toy.

Delores Endwell, NY

8-mo-old likes!

This toy keeps my 8-month-old daughter entertained. She seems to like all the sides, as she flips it around and plays with each one. It’s portable and quiet enough. I wish there were more toys of this variety.

Irma Paullina, IA