Infantino Add on Funnel

Infantino Add on Funnel

Help minimize the mess with the add on Funnel. Makes filling your Squeeze Pouches even easier.

Main features

  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free
  • Helps minimize mess

Verified reviews


It’s a funnel! Still…more useful than I had expected it to be.

Bought this to use with the filling station. It performs exactly as advertised in that manner. I have also found it useful for many other things. I use it to fill Resqueeze Reusable Food Pouches. It fits perfectly in the open bottom of them and holds them open for filling. The shape/slope aspect of it is PERFECT for funneling things the consistency of baby food into containers. The food slides down into the container instead of getting stuck above a narrow spout are like would happen with a more rounded shape of the funnel walls. I use it to do things like fill widemouth bottles with powdered formula for trips away from home. Overall it’s a useful item, good quality, and very easy to clean. If I lost it or managed to break it, I’d buy another.

Bessie Fountain City, IN

must have with fresh squeeze station

makes filling the packets so easy. fits snuggly onto press tube so there is no need to hold onto the funnel.

Latisha Algona, IA

Nice to have but don’t need it.

Do you NEED this? No. Sometimes I see it as just another thing to wash. Though it’s simple design makes cleaning it a breeze. However, it does make things easier; I find I "need" it with some blends but not others. Not sure why that is. Either way, It’s 4 bucks, so it really doesn’t hurt to have on hand. If it cost more, I might only give it 3 stars, but considering the value I would say it’s worth buying.

Young Pavilion, NY

Handy- but should come with the Squeeze Station

This fits nicely and helps to make filling pouches easier and less messy. The only downside is that this should be included in the Squeeze Station and not be sold separately.

Faith Faith, NC

Great with Nourish food pouches

I don’t have the infantino system but just bought two sets of the Nourish reusable food pouches. I really really love the pouches but I was having trouble filling them without getting food into the ziploc part. This covers that part up and helps me gauge how full the pouch is so I don’t overfill it. Well worth the 4 bucks I spent on it.

Aimee Cumbola, PA

Fits little green pouch

This fits the little green pouch with a little stretch, I find that it stays on better when I fold down the two flaps. Mine came in all white, not purple at the bottom like the picture (but I don’t care about the color). Easy clean up and pouring food into the pouches are effortless.

Tanisha Morrowville, KS

loved this!

Loved this funnel. It worded great with the food squeeze system. To me, this is a necessary item to buy with the food squeeze system.

Harriet Groveland, NY

Makes all the difference

This is worth every penny – it really helps get the food where you need it to go, minimizing spillage and waste.

Bridget Granite Quarry, NC

Not needed

Purchased this with the squeeze station and pouches. This item is not needed and actually made things more difficult. The pouches are great but skip the funnel

Marva Charleston, SC

I haven’t had a chance to use it..

Honestly I can’t remember why I bought this funnel…Maybe I thought I could use somehow.. but I haven’t got a chance to use it.

Adrian Mc Alisterville, PA


Purchased with filling station and this misplaced for a few weeks. Definitely easier using the funnel to fill versus spooning puree into the tube.

Courtney West Ossipee, NH

Should come with the set – you need this!

This really should come with the set as it’s pretty essential. This is a messy process and this funnel certainly helps

Augusta Grenora, ND

Nifty gadget to use with squeeze station

Makes using the infantino squeeze station much easier. Have made 3 different foods using this funnel to put food into squeeze station and it would be much more difficult to do without funnel.

Madeleine Silsbee, TX

Easy to use

This makes using food filling station so much easier. I don’t have to worry about spilling and clean up is easy

Jeanie Loretto, VA

Must order!

Love it. It would be a mess with out it! Must get it!

Rosalia Ghent, NY

Should be included with the Squeeze Station

I’m disappointed that Infantino didn’t include this funnel with the Squeeze Station. The Squeeze Station is very messy without the funnel and it seems ridiculous to make customers pay an additional $4 (plus the environmental waste of extra packaging and shipping) for something that Infantino should have included.We purchased this funnel after using the Squeeze Station twice without it and just creating a huge mess. I’d tried to use a turkey baster to transfer food and then just settled with using an ice cream scoop. Then I did a little search on Amazon and saw that Infantino makes a funnel that you can purchase separately and I was totally disappointed in the company for not including it. I know it’s extra revenue for them to make customers purchase it separately, but as a new mom who is developing my product loyalties, I was totally all about Infantino until this.Bummer.However, the funnel works well and helps to keep my workspace clean while I’m making babyfood!

Eloise Springdale, MT

You must have this if you buy the Fresh Squeezed kit

As another reviewer said, I don’t know why this wasn’t part of the original kit. You have to have a funnel to get the food into the filling tubes and standard funnels are too narrow.

Young Merrifield, MN

Works great!

It really did help cut down on the mess. Easy to wash (dishwasher safe) and fits great inside the Infantino tubes.

Jacqueline Buckland, AK

Can use with other pouches

I use this with the brand "resqueeze" reuseable pouches. Works great. I use a big/tall cup to hold/stand the pouch up and the funnel holds it open perfectly with no mess.

Kristina Kearsarge, MI

Very helpful

I got this because I had read reviews that it was somewhat difficult to put the purée in the containers. Boy am I glad I got it. It makes things so much easier!

Elda Litchfield, OH