Infantino Animal Park Shape Sorter

Infantino Animal Park Shape Sorter

Infantino Animal Park Shape Sorter

Main features

  • Helps develop hand eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Convenient grab and go handle, great for travel
  • Teaches shapes, colors and animal names

Verified reviews


Great Toy

My son is 10mo and loves it. He does not know what shapes are but he loves to take all the shapes out and chew on them. Also likes to shake them when they are inside the barn.

Leslie Lagro, IN

Great Shape Sorter

This shape sorter is simple and fun for little ones. The shapes are sized right for small hands, and it’s not too confusing. They also have cute animals on them to make it more interesting. The shapes can be put around the base in their places or through the top and the doors.

Josie White Sands Missile Range, NM


I got this for my daughter when she was about 9 months old. Within a few days she realized she could just open the barn door and throw the pieces in. No need to fuss with fitting triangles in the hole. Totally useless. It went to Goodwill.I ended up buying a more expensive sorter that is more difficult to open. She’s 18 months old and still plays with that one.

Joyce Upperco, MD

Awesome for the price

I bought this for my niece for her 1st bday. She loves it and so does her 3 yr old sister. Sure it doesn’t have some of the fancy bells and whistles as some of the other shape sorters. But, sometimes simple is best. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and serves its educational purpose.

Candace Fall City, WA

Mixed feelings about this shape sorter.

My son seems to like it but he’s more interested in opening the gates and dumping the pieces in and taking them out. After a few months, the gates seem are a little bent. I doubt they’ll last very long since he’s going to keep up with opening and closing the gates.

Vilma Valentine, TX


My daughter turned one just two days ago. She weighs 19 pounds. She’s in the 50th percentile for her weight and very small in stature. I took this birthday toy out of the box today and gave it to her to play with. Within the first three minutes I heard her screaming and crying. I ran over to see that her hand was STUCK in the triangular door. I tried to remove her hand but it was very, very hard. Ultimately I had to crush her fingers together and just pull, with the door scratching her skin as I yanked it out. I will not give this toy to my child to play with again and I suggest you don’t get drawn in by the cheap price. They have probably gotten a lot of complaints about this and that’s why it’s so cheap now and Amazon has run down its stock. STAY AWAY FROM IT!

Miranda Midland, IN

Great start for even a 7 month old

Bought this shape sorter for a friend’s little girl and she absolutely loved to play with it. You may think at such a young age, the kid would not be able to really appreciate this but we are wrong. After a few demos by the mum and dad, the kid totally caught the technique and slot the shapes into the sorter after several attempts.

Robert Buck Hill Falls, PA