Infantino Baby Bugs

Infantino Baby Bugs

Infantino Baby Bugs

Main features

  • The varied textures and sounds encourage sensory exploration through touch and sound.
  • Each bug has two teether pieces.
  • Butterfly has a clip-o-link for easy attachment for car seat or stroller.
  • Easy to grasp for little hands
  • 3 months +

Verified reviews


Easy way to captivate a young baby

My son loved these as a baby. The packaging says they are spot clean only, but I tossed them in the washing machine and the dryer with no problems. I attached them to those little link toys you can buy in bulk and clipped them on his highchair, carseat, Merry Muscles jumper (love that thing), and pack n play. Kept him occupied for…well, as long as you can occupy a four month old between feedings! 🙂 He especially loved the crinkly wings.

Patti Oconomowoc, WI

Great Gift!

I got these as a present for a friend’s child and she loves them! They’re very versatile and can keep babies amused for hours! She especially likes the crinkly wings and rattle noises two of them make. Does anyone else think the one with purple antennae looks like it has a cat face?

Candace Yorktown, IA

Great Item, Amazing Value – My Nephew Loves Them

I purchased this for my nephew when he was 5 months old and started teething. As I write this review, he is 6 months old now. I initially purchased this item because the description says it has a “teething” section on the toy that helps babies who are teething.I’m giving this item a 5-star review because not only does he like these toys, but the fact that you get 3 of them for the price. So what that means is for you finicky parents, you can just give your child one at a time and toss them away as they get dirty or what not.My nephew likes them I assume because because they crinkle, rattle, are visually stimulating, and help him teeth.Again, given the price on Amazon and the amount you get for that price, I can give this 5 stars.

Carmen Davisville, WV

Love the Bee!

My son is three months old and we got these little bugs as a gift. He loves the bee with the orange face the best. The wings make a crinkle noise and my son loves grabbing them. He also picks up the little bee and waves it around in the air to make the rattle noise. This one little bee gives him hours of entertainment. I can see that maybe these toys would be too boring for older babies, but for a three month old they are perfect.

Lara Oneida, IL

Good, but not for a long time

I gave these bees to my baby when she was 3 month old, They are light enough for her to practice lifting, plus the bright color and rattle sounds keep her interested. I also love that these are teether toys although my baby didn’t use them much. But at 7-8 month old, She will have nothing to do with them.

Mildred Upper Sandusky, OH

Great for little hands

They are great stroller toys or car toys. My daughter has been playing with them since she became aware of their existence, she’s now 1 and still enjoys them.You’re not supposed to put them in the washing machine,so they can get dirty easily. I still washed one and it came out just fine.

Erin Millersburg, IN