Infantino Barn Shape Sorter

Infantino Barn Shape Sorter

Infantino Barn Shape Sorter

Main features

  • Easy to grasp letters and farm friends help baby match shapes and learn colors
  • Clock has a movable hand that clicks and clacks to make learning numbers fun
  • Fun rooster beads spin and slide
  • Includes cute cow and happy horse tumbler

Verified reviews



I hate this toy. My daughter received it as a gift when she was 1, and she and my nephew would constantly fight to play with it. But they couldn’t use the ABC shape sorter by themselves… they always needed help. So if I didn’t always have time to sit and play with them for 20 mins it was a complete disaster. But again, the kids did love it, and now we’ve had it for about 2 years. My daughter still plays with it, and now she helps my 1yr old son use they toy. But I almost tossed this toy out on more than one occasion.

Abigail Side Lake, MN

Perfect for Infants & Toddlers!

My son loved this toy as infant and still enjoys it as a toddler. As an infant her enjoyed opening the door and placing the pieces in. As a toddler he likes to put the puzzle together and work on putting the letters through the sorter. This toy is great for hand eye coordination, fine and gross motor skill refinement, and challenges them to sort out while working through a small puzzle. It teaches them shapes, colors and animals as well. I love the price tag for all the educational quality that this toy has. It is also well made good quality toy. The handle is also great for toting it around. This is a fun and educational toy.

Noelle Kirklin, IN

Enjoyable enough

My daughter got this when she was 6 months old, so she was a little young to truly appreciate it for what you’re supposed to actually do with it. That being said, she really did enjoy crawling over to it, pulling out the animals and either crawling away with them or sucking on them, and they are large enough that I didn’t have to worry about her choking or getting them stuck in throat. Now that she’s older, she really enjoys the clock, chickens and spinning thing on the sides. She’s not so crazy about the letters-they are difficult to get into the holes unless you line them up just right AND push them in-she doesn’t really have the patience for that. She does still enjoy the animals, although most of the time she pulls them off, opens the barn door and plays farm. As a sorting toy, it’s lacking, but if you have a child who is creative, like most kids, they will surprise you and end up using it for something other than what it was intended-in this case, playing farm, not learning shapes. Either way, the bright colors are fun and it provides some good entertainment. I LOVE it because it makes NO NOISE!!! So that gives me a break from all the songs, voices, and funny instructions that many of her other toys have.

Lucinda Otho, IA

Not great

To get to the letters after you place them in the barn you must remove all the animals to open the barn door. My son gets frustrated with having to remove them. The letters seam really cheap on the toy. They are super light weight but also had bits of plastic sticking up. The toy just doesn’t hold his interest. He has several other shape sorters that he loves. This one just isn’t a hit. He likes animals and barns but this toy just doesn’t hold the ‘it’ factor for him.

Estelle Grabill, IN

Cute and Simple Sorter

This shape sorter is simple, takes no batteries, and kept my duaghter occupied for a long time. I like that it has both letters and shapes. As for the letters being hard to sort, we had no trouble at all.

Elnora Pawling, NY

Immediately beloved by 1 year old

This was a Christmas gift for my 13 month old niece. She immediately took to it and loves taking the pieces out of the barn. She is still working on getting them back in. It definitely holds her attention.

Silvia Fort Huachuca, AZ

My Son Still loves this farm house

This is one of my almost two year old son’s favourite toys. I got it for him just after he was one and he still loves it and plays with it daily. Great purchase.

Allyson Howard, GA

Big hit

This was a big hit with both my boys (4&1) they were fighting over it when it arrived and still love it

Patricia Sylvester, TX

Great sorter!

My little guy mastered all of it in about 6 months. He only occasionally plays with it now (Hes 20 months old). The only thing I do not like is that the animal shapes are in front of the barn door that opens so you have to take them out and to get the letters out. It would have been nice of they were on the back or sides instead of the front.

Hilda Hardin, IL

Great starter toy but door is flimsy

The toy was a hit with my 6month old son right away. He likes to put the animal in the mouth but now at 9months he has learnt to match the shapes and colors. Only complain is that the door broke within less than a month.

Pauline Mebane, NC