Infantino Bop and Pop Animal Pals Development Toy

Infantino Bop and Pop Animal Pals Development Toy

Surprise your little explorer with every twist, flip and bop. Four fun animal friends appear with a pop. The perfect activity for busy little hands.

Main features

  • 4 pop-up pals encourage discovery and exploration
  • Helps baby develop fine motor skills and
  • Teaches cause and effect

Verified reviews


Baby loves it, but has some faults.

My baby loves this but it does have some faults that are worth noting.1. The yellow (4) pop-up character does not close easily. You must hold it down then turn the yellow triangle to lock it back in place. This is practically impossible for a baby to do.2. Our blue (3) popup has an orange mark on it. This is completely cosmetic but quite annoying that the company does not have better quality standards in place.A bonus- this is an easy pop-up toy for a baby to open and close in my opinion. The cons have not kept me from returning it. For the price, I would actually recommend it, but I felt it is important for buyers to know there may be some issues.

Debra Arlington, CO

So-so quality

The latches don’t always catch when my little one is trying to snap these shut. It’s light and feels like pretty cheap quality. Taking it out of the packaging leaves some really nasty little sharp plastic bits sticking out of the bottom that need some attention. But on the plus side, it has a handle, which makes it great for carrying all over the place to play with.

Dora Clay, NY

Baby likes to push down the animals.

My 7 month old likes playing with this toy. But we have to continuously watch him while he plays with it though, it tips forward easily and the hard plastic can hurt if it bops him in the head. Usually I have to hold on to this toy whenever he plays with it, so it doesn’t move or tip forward and hit him.He does like closing the lids on the animals whenever they pop up. He unintentionally makes the orange sheep pop up and as soon as it pops up he is trying to close it again. So, it really helps his motor skills. The blue cow, you press down on the switch. The yellow horse, which is the hardest for him, you have to twist for the horse to pop open. It looks like you are supposed to press it, but it won’t open unless you twist. The orange button presses down for the sheep to pop up and the green one has a key to turn to get the dog.The bright colors attract his attention and he loves to play with the animals and push them back down. This toy is for 6months+ and it is a great toy for a baby to play with during tummy time.

Noemi Matthews, NC

7 month old baby LOVES this

This is perfect for our baby at this stage. He loves buttons of all kinds and these actually work for him. He knows how to close the tops down, too and this toy keeps him entertained repeatedly throughout the day.

Eloise Iota, LA

Bought it for the price…

I try to stay away from plastic toys but I really couldn’t find anything similar in wood so I purchased this when my daughter was around 7 months. The buttons are easy for small infants to push and close again and she is entertained just opening and closing.

Chris Cusick, WA

Very entertaining for a 12 month old

Purchased this item as a gift for my niece. It has quickly become one of her "go to" toys. She is 12 months old and just starting to learn the "open" "close" concepts.

Liz West Rushville, OH

Easy to use, bright, and cute

The only reason that I gave this four stars is because three of the buttons can be activated by push. The yellow is supposed to be a turn to open, but if it’s at the right spot, you can just push on the yellow button and it will pop up. Someone had reviewed this and cautioned parents about their child getting hurt. I read the review and wondered how that could possibly happen, it sounds impossible? When when I got the item I started feeling around inside and realised what must have happened.While the pop-up is opening there is a space between the bottom of the animal and the white area of the toy on the top. If you feel around in there, there are a couple of sharp corners (that serve what purpose I couldn’t tell you). So, if a kid opened this toy, then started to depress the animal to close it and got their finger inside on accident, but then didn’t close it all the way, their finger could get stuck in between the bottom of the animal and the white part of the toy as it popped back up again, and as it’s sharp, yeah it’s definitely possible for an injury to occur.Overall, it’s a great toy, just keep in mind that younger babies probably need to be supervised while using this.

Evangeline Anatone, WA

My babies Love it

My kids love to play with this toy. The product works good, no issues. I am happy with the purchase.

Beth Rolfe, IA