Infantino Breathe Vented Carrier, Grey

Infantino Breathe Vented Carrier, Grey

A sporty and soft structured baby carrier that fits into your active lifestyle. Only Infantino has added BreatheMesh fabric for a cooler babywearing experience.

Main features

  • 8-25 pounds or 3.6 to 11.3 kgs
  • 2 carrying positions face-in and face-out
  • Side openings for easy access
  • Washable and wipeable
  • Padded straps keep you comfy
  • 8-25 lbs / 3.6-11.3 kgs
  • 2 carrying positions: face-in and face-out

Verified reviews


What a bargain!

I love this carrier. I tried a sling but it tweaked my baby’s head and looked uncomfy, not to mention it was hard to get her in. I also have the ergo carrier but she is too little to straddle my body and the infant carry position is awkward for it, it will be great when she gets a little older. For the meantime this is the carrier to get when they are tiny!! Wish I would have gotten it sooner so I could have been more productive around the house earlier on! The black version is cheaper but I went with this one because its supposed to “breathe” better, I think you could go either way and save 5 bucks if you need to or if you like black better, this is actually more of a charcoal than light grey, very nice. I can see how it could hurt your back after a while but I just use it around the house and shes only 12lbs right now. Its not exactly a breeze to get on but its not bad and if your baby is not screaming, you can unclip it in many places to slip it on otherwise you’ve got to kinda wiggle this over your head

Ursula Burtonsville, MD

It is hard on the shoulder but could be ok for short periods

I was wondering how good this product could really be for less than $20 and well I can see why it is under $20. Its not horrible but it does feel very heavy on your shoulders after about 20 minutes. I am in my 30’s and a female..not small by any means. Maybe it would be better for a man with stronger shoulders.

Lakeisha Castleton, IL

Life Saver

I use this awesome item excessively ,my baby loves to be carried and so I must attach and carry her and this does just that no problems out of it so far. I do not carry her for long periods of time though. This is only a more affordable alternative if you plan to wear your baby for long periods or into toddler years your going to have to bust out the big bucks. I recommend it to any new mommies that just need something quick and for the 1st few months.

Rachelle Rainbow, TX

Does the job

My 6 month old and I like it. I will use it if we are going to be in a crowded place for awhile – I like to keep my baby closer in crowds, and I get aggravated trying to manuever the stroller in crowds. It is especially useful if I am doing something, like looking around in a flea market and I want to use my hands to check stuff out. It does get uncomfortable for my neck after awhile but I don’t wear it for hours. If I am out and about for hours I use the stroller. If I expect to be in crowded areas for hours I throw the carrier in the stroller’s storage basket so I have the option to park the stroller somewhere and carry the baby in the carrier instead.

Bethany Longdale, OK

Great carrier for the price

Took a few days for my daughter to get used to, but she loves it now. She always wanted to be held and move around the house. The carrier is great quality and comfortable for me and my husband both to wear. She can sit in it two ways and enjoys both positions.My daughter was about 6.5 pounds when she was born. We didn’t use this until she was 8 pounds and could hold her head up on her own.The only downside is that there are a lot of buckles and adjusting straps. Once you get it all adjusted, it’s fine. But both my husband and I use it so we have to keep changing it.

Haley Michie, TN

It’s good for the price

We love this carrier. I can easily snap the baby in it by myself. She has been using if for about 2 months and at 5 months now (about 18 lbs) will be able to continue using it for awhile.EDIT….I loved this carrier until I recently used a baby bjorn. HUGE difference. With the baby bjorn my daughter was MUCH better supported. I didn’t realize how much she flopped around in this carrier until I used the baby bjorn. The baby bjorn is also considerably more comfortable for me.I would say that for the price this is a great carrier but if you’re going to be using it a lot, splurge for the baby bjorn!

Candace Yazoo City, MS

Good Carrier

I purchased the Infantino Breathe Carrier, the Ergo, and a fabric wrap. (The baby wanted to be carried constantly, and I just couldn’t find something that he liked.)Infantino ProsWorked well from age 3-5 monthsBaby LOVED facing outward and seeing the worldAllows the baby to be removed with a few bucklesHusband liked the Infantino and found it comfortable and funWashed well, removable burp cloth was nice.Infantino ConsBefore 3 months old, baby did not like legs out, so this carrier did not work for usAt 6 months old, baby was too big to be comfortably carried in the InfantinoDespite the short time we used it, for the money this carrier is still worth it.As an aside, the Ergo is my favorite carrier(though really expensive!). We started using it at 6 months and are still using it at 18 months.

Verna Assumption, IL

Great for the money, but not super supportive

We bought this for my husband to use to take our 7 month old son to stores, etc. My son doesn’t fuss when he’s in it, and enjoys being able to look out at the world. The reason why I gave it four stars, is like other reviewers have mentioned, it’s not the most comfortable to wear- that is for a day at a fair or Disneyland. It’s fine for running errands. If you want a carrier that will be used for short increments of time, then I recommend this carrier.***Updated March 2013- I stated that we bought this carrier for my husband, but it turns out that I used it more than he so I’m updating this review from experience. I would not recommend this carrier for a baby more than 15 lbs if you’re wearing it more than 30-45 minutes at a time. Because it’s not supportive like a Bjorn or Ergo, the weight of the baby pulls at your neck and shoulders and causes pain. We also have an Ergo and when I put my son in that, I said “Ah, now this is comfortable to wear.”

Kristie Mohegan Lake, NY

Back Pain

I got this from a friend and the few times I tried this my back and neck killed afterward. My mom also said these are really bad for baby. Causes hip displasia in children b/c the way the legs hang down straight (google crotch dangler). The knees on baby should be bent (like when you carry baby on your hip). I think the ergo is suppose to be really good at getting baby in safe position, but they are expensive.

Angelica Harrisburg, NC

Great deal

My baby tolerates this carrier over the sleepy wrap (too confining). And at around $20 it is not a bad deal. Considering that it can be used for a few months only, the product’s quality was designed good enough for that.I find it good for going out shopping, and for housework. My baby has fallen asleep on it a few times.

Erin Marcus, WA

Neck and back killer

I got this baby carrier to put my son to sleep without carrying him with my arms. The straps were very uncomfortable and it puts a lot of weight on my neck when using this carrier. My son was 3 months old back then and I feel that it wasn’t too comfortable for him to sit in. After taking this off, my whole back would hurt from the uneven distribution of straps and weight from this carrier. I don’t recommend this product.

Louise Harned, KY

good buy

this is nice and it gives great support for your baby, it takes the strain off your back which is a good thing! as soon as i put my baby in she go to sleep within 10-15 minutes later while i walk the mall and shop and do other things and she stays asleep until i take her out! how great is that??? lol

Vicki Montville, CT

reliable product

The product is reliable, fabric is soft. I love the price too. Adjustable; I would recommend this baby carrier for infants and older kids.

Nina Staffordsville, VA

Easy to use and comfortable

I used this until my daughter was about 7 months old. I found this to be so easy to use and put her in, and she loved being carried in it. I also had a Snugli, but it was more difficult to use in the beginning. This one is much lighter and kept me cooler while carrying her. Highly recommend this one if you just need a cheap, comfortable baby carrier. Made doing things around the house easier by being able to carry her!

Selena Huntington, TX

Right buy for the right price.

This carrier is so sturdy and soft I can’t see anyone complaining about it. No issues with it and everything works as indicated.

Janet Middletown, PA

Cheap Carrier

This baby carrier has a nice price, but it’s not very supportive, and it generally hurts my back when I carry my baby in it.

Colette Brandon, MN


Price is great, really lightweight, very comfy, the baby seems to like it, both rear and front facing. Once on it feel like the baby is held safe.

Jami Portville, NY

We couldn’t get by without this.

I love my carrier. We use it all the time. Baby loves to sit facing forward and backward in this. I don’t get sweaty and only had minimal shoulder pain when I carried her in this for 6 hours (I did let her out once every hour for 10 minutes or so). But she is very happy to be up at adult level as opposed to being down in a stroller. I would order this again as a gift in the future.

Nona Wysox, PA

You get what you pay for!

I bought this when I had my first child. It served its purpose, but was the most uncomfortable baby carrier that I have ever worn. My husband also hated it and complained about it. He is a bodybuilder and I am of athletic build. It doesn’t distribute the wait well and pulls your back oddly as well as putting all of the weight in the shoulder straps. It rubbed against our skin no matter what adjustment that we used. It is the worst, but as I said: You get what you pay for!This time around we opted for a nice Beco.

Estella Pleasant Hill, LA

Great for the price

Useful for getting things done around the house in the first couple of months.Wouldn’t be comfortable for long walks or with a heavy baby.

Pansy Mercer, MO

i like the color

i like the color at first i see it. its my first time using baby carrier. Im little worried that whether it can suffer my son’s weight. when i use it, it sinks a lot, i dont dare to release my hand holding him.

Marion Barnett, MO

Easy to use

Great carrier, excellent value. Very easy to use, love the easy in/easy out clips. It is starting to hurt my shoulders now that my daughter is almost 17 lbs. However now that she can sit up in a shopping cart, I don’t need to use it as much.

Marci Church Creek, MD

Secure, light, & easy to use!

Right now we have our newborn in it. She fits comfortably & snugly in the carrier without getting overheated. The material is breathable & easy to clean. It’s also very easy to adjust even when she’s in it. I also have a 2 yr old, so we’ve had 2 other brands/types of chest/back carriers & so far for the style/price this is a winner!!

Araceli Goodells, MI

Good value

My daughter is three months old and we just started using a carrier a few weeks ago. I was wearing her in a wrap when she was younger, but I never fully got the hang of it. I like carriers better. We bought the Ergobaby with the infant insert. After buying this Infantino carrier, I can see why the Ergo is so expensive. This Infantino carrier is pretty bare-bones, but that is what I was looking for. For $20, it’s perfect. I wanted one that my daughter can face out. She loves looking around and being able to see more than the in the Ergo. I read other reviewers say that this can be uncomfortable once the baby gets heavier and I can see why. My daughter is only twelve pounds right now and I can already feel the weight dragging my shoulders down. I wouldn’t wear this on a long trip, but it’s great for around the house or running to the grocery store real quick.

Naomi Spirit Lake, ID


I bought this carrier b/c it completely unhooks making getting baby out super easy…especially while sleeping. That part is fantastic. However, it is crazy thick! It says breathable but it is so hot! It was fine for wearing in the house but not outside during the summer.

Gilda Indianola, WA

Why didn’t I get this sooner

I have other carriers that were much more expensive and are a pain in the ass. This thing is wonderful. Easy to get on, easy to put kid in and feels great.

Loraine Liguori, MO

Excellent price point, but doesn’t last very long as your baby grows

This baby carrier is at such a great price it’s hard to resist! It seems to do everything that other carriers do but at a fraction of the cost! But you have to keep in mind that you may want your carrier to last at least a year or more and you want to be comfortable carrying your baby for at least 30 minutes straight. With those considerations you might want to get a better carrier even if it costs more.If you’d like a full review of the best baby carriers, and what to look for, visit the website, in the Baby Gear section you’ll find a stroller shopping guide, what you must have on your registry vs what you really can live without, and the best toys and games for baby stimulation by age range.

Effie Jerusalem, AR

A great baby carrier for the cash!

Alright, straight up why I like this carrier is the cost. Secondly, this carrier fits my large frame (6’5", 300lbs) which the baby bejourn can’t say. My wife bought a $100 carrier and it required an extra strap for my shoulders due to my girth. This thing costs a fifth of the one my wife found, plus it’s durable and breathable. A mega-recommend from a father of two!

Sherrie Ashville, PA

Nice carrier

I love this carrier. It has a nice price and doesnt feel hot for carrying baby in the summer. I have used it only a couple of times but my baby seems to like it. I like the fact that it is practical and you dont have to tie any straps like another one i bought that has a lot of straps.

Mable Emerson, KY

Good baby carrier for the price

I use this carrier for my 3-4 months old son and he just loves being in it.I like the side opening to put the baby in and out, its light weighted and feels secure.Only few concerns about it:- A bit of a hassle to wear it- You need another person to help you out- You must watch baby’s chin while he’s inside, I put comforters under his chin

Mindy Hagaman, NY