Infantino Car Seat Buddies

Infantino Car Seat Buddies

Infantino Car Seat Buddies

Main features

  • Entertains baby with fun sounds and bright colors
  • Helps develop hand eye coordination
  • Easily attaches to infant car seats

Verified reviews


Cute but annoying.

This thing is cute and plays songs and thing for the baby, but to me it made it so much harder to put the carrier arm down and to get by baby out. She didnt really seem amused with it in general either.

Kristina Brandon, VT

my son loves it!

this is very entertaining for my seven month old. as soon as i put him in his car seat, he immediately tries to play with it. it keeps him occupied and happy which is extremely beneficial because it allows me to concentrate on driving. i would highly recommend to this any parent!!

Jeanette Belle Plaine, MN

Fits carseat great

This fits the car seat easily. It’s got a nice song and the dog’s cheeks light up. My baby seems to be interested in it so far. I wish it had something else besides things that spin, like perhaps something hanging down to play with other than spinning, but it’s a good thing to keep baby interested in car, and it attached in seconds and stays put.

Maritza Ashland, NE

Keeps the baby entertained

My son use to cry in the car I purchased this to keep him calm it worked it kelp him busy the dogs nose lights up and plays music when you press it but it’s does not play very long that’s the over thing. But this toy is good.

Imelda Poestenkill, NY

Great inexpensive entertainment for baby!

This is WONDERFUL! Once my baby hit about 3 months, he needed something to keep him occupied in the car/stroller. This was much less expensive than some other similar type things I’ve seen, so I gave it a shot. He’s 11 months now, and this thing still keeps him entertained in the car. He loves pushing the doggy’s nose to hear music, moving the parts around, and hearing the fish rattle. I like that it has the soft, elastic bands on the side to allow it to fit with different devices, to have some give when pulled and yanked by baby, and to slide pretty easily up the handle to get baby in the car seat without having to remove it.

Hannah Bedford, MI

Cute car seat toy!

My baby loves this toy! Very easy to install onto your car seat. The only problem is if you want to put the handle back this obstructs the handle from sliding back easily.

Addie Marble Canyon, AZ

Great and Safe Product!

My 6 months old loves playing with this toy. It is versatile, the dog plays a simple pleasant music when pressed,and foremost, it is 100% SAFE. All Infantino baby toyes are PBA-free as well as PVC/pthalates-free, unlike Fisher Price and Bright Starts, where only some of their baby products are PBA-free at most, but all still may contain PVC).

Sadie Ten Mile, TN

Bought for long car trip with 7 month olds – hit or miss

We bought this to help entertain our kids on a car trip. It was okay – they didn’t really seem that interested in it on their own. At one point they were both crying and we were an hour away from our destination, so I sat with them and kept playing the annoying dog’s song over and over (trying to get it synced up, but failing) until they passed out. So there was that. Ruff ruff. I was singing the song over and over in my head that night.

Helen Rockaway Park, NY


our infant loves this toy. We have used it on his car seat, and stroller. i would buy it for a friend as a gift.

Susie Miles City, MT

Works great on a mamas and papas stroller!

I bought this to put on my mamas and papas stroller to go across the lap bar. It fits perfect and my baby likes it. Good product for the money!

Brittany Newton, NH

Very cute

My child hate the car seat. Keeps her attention and the middle dog thing plays music when you touch the nose. It’s a button…didn’t know. My 2 year old zoomed right to it and pushed it before I could even get it out of the box. So apparently 2 year olds like it too.

Sharlene Holcomb, MO

Great While it Worked

I revceived this item as a baby shower gift. My baby used it for about a month and seemed to really enjoy it. After one month of use the portion that lights up and makes music quit working. The ends still spin, but she is no longer interested. I emailed the company re: my problem and am waiting to hear back. I will update my review if they respond.I rated this item three stars because I really enjoyed the product but it didn’t work for very long.January 11, 2013 – Two months later and absolutely no response from the company. Buy at your own risk.

Kara Eaton, IN

Saves our sanity

Our 10 month old child gets bored in his carseat and this thing is a lifesaver. It’s annoying, but a crying baby every time you go into the car is much more annoying!

Katharine Compton, CA

Nice baby toy

I bought this for my granddaughter. It is very well made and easy to attach to the baby carrier. Would have pay more at Walmart for it.

Carmella Fairacres, NM