Infantino Cloud Cart Cover, Numbers

Infantino Cloud Cart Cover, Numbers

This super plush cover goes from cart to highchair, giving your co pilot a comfy place to chill and play – wherever your day takes you. Keep your baby clear of germs with this plush and stylish cover. Its ready to conquer any shopping cart.Cushioned cover stretches over entire seatSoft, machine washable fabric stretches over entire seatComes with 2 toy loops for baby’s favorite toys and an adjustable safety harness.

Main features

  • Filling: 100% Polyester; Body Surface: Polyester 65%/Cotton 35%
  • Imported
  • 2 in 1 extra plush cover for shopping carts and high chairs
  • Folds up quickly for easy storage
  • Wrap around coverage keeps baby clean and comfy
  • Washable and wipeable fabric
  • Cushioned cover stretches to cover entire seat

Verified reviews


Not Practical

Product is nice and fluffy. Doesn’t provide any support for baby and the color is not practical especially if you are going to use it to cover resturaunt high chairs. White just doesn’t work!

Iva Simpsonville, MD

Love this cart cover!

I was looking for a reasonably priced and padded cart cover that I could keep in the trunk of my car for running errands. I have no intention of using it in restaurant high chairs because I already have a clamp on high chair (an Inglesina fast chair) that I love. I really like this cart cover, and here is why:1) It isn’t too high end. I looked at other covers that cost up to $65, and I thought I would actually feel BAD when I had to strap them on a dirty grocery cart and potentially snag the fabric. I like this cover, but I won’t think twice about putting some miles on it.2) It seems to have good coverage and a reasonable amount of padding. I think my little one is comfortable and protected – particularly from the pointy edges on metal carts.3) The Numbers pattern is adorable. The colors seem slightly less vivid in person than they were on my computer screen, but I’m not disappointed. People with boys who are pink sensitive should take note that some of the numbers are pink. (I personally think that it still looks gender neutral, but I’m not as sensitive about pink as some.) One thing that does not show in the photo is that the underside and the belt are brown. (It matches the brown numbers on the front.) It should hide any dirt it could accumulate from a cart/high chair itself.4) When I pulled it out of the packaging and held it up it was obvious how to attach it to a cart or high chair. It’s quick and easy to use. . . But I appreciate another reviewer’s suggestion to park next to a cart return! I can leave my baby in the car seat and have my hands free to put it on.The downside: It’s true that the white of the pattern will likely become stained if you use it for feeding. Since we don’t intend to use it in high chairs, that didn’t matter to us. But for anyone who is curious: the fabric blend is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It shouldn’t be a stain magnet like other fabrics with more cotton in the blend. . . but I suspect you will get a few stains.I hope this helps!

Lacey Atglen, PA

so awkward

This things is so awkward to use, that I gave up after 2 times. My life doesn’t have time for stuff that over-complicates it. My kid has been in shopping carts without a fabric barrier for a year and a half without illnesses or injuries.

Justine Saint Michael, PA

Easy to use

I love this product. It is great for a supported or regular sitter at the store. My baby loves the comfort and it allows him to see everything in store easily. It is easy to use especially on errands when we’re by ourselves. It is also easy to put back into the plastic bag to store in the car.

Rosanna Flinthill, MO

Fits all carts!

In addition to all the positives the other reviewers covered, it also fits even the big carts from Costco and Target. I only use it to go in shopping carts, not high chairs, but imagine that it might get stained if its main purpose is for feeding. I’ve washed it a lot already and it comes out of the dryer just fine.

Concetta Osteen, FL

Works better on the old carts.

I bought this for my 6 month old for grocery shopping. Around the time it arrived, our local Target switched to all plastic carts and this cover just isn’t working as good. It isn’t tall enough to fit over the back of the seat and not keep falling down. Our baby keeps slumping down when we use it there since the fit isn’t quite right. When we go to our local grocery store with the older metal carts, this fits great!

Mandy Ware Neck, VA

works as advertised

We like this cart/high chair cover because it is a nice germ barrier and cushion for our baby as he has just started siting up. I think it’s one of those products that you only use for a few months but it’s pretty handy (if you can remember to take it with you). Easy to wash.

Ollie Seymour, IA

Works as advertised

I did a lot of research before buying this cover. It fits Market Basket, Trader Joes, Target and Walmart (those are the ones I tried so far). It does cover everything, so that is a plus, and it does have cushioning. Someone mentioned it’s like having a comforter over the seat. I would say, it’s like having a very thin comforter. It does the trick, my daughter seems comfortable enough. My 2 pet peeves: The hooks for the toys are tiny, so it’s hard to thread anything in them. Also, the padding is minimal, I would like to see more padding. For $25, I think it’s the best on the market.

Leticia Gray, IA

Great product

I have a 9-month baby girl. I bought this roduct for couple months, as other reviewer said, this product fit for most super market’s cart and it does provide enought cushion and protection for babies. Costco cart is too huge, so me and my wife never expected this product will fit for it, but if don’t mind too much, this product can also be used on that cart too. You can put diper bag beside the baby. Anyway, me and my wife are very glad to have this product.

Queen Tar Heel, NC

Great product! I love it!

This cart cover is awesome. I can put it on pretty much any cart and it will fit. I’ve yet to find a cart that is too big for this cover. It is exactly what I wanted. I love the disign and it is very soft. Probably not as "plush" as other reviewers might like, but hey, I only need it when I go to the store. And it’s not like I spend 5 hrs at any given time. So for me it’s perfect. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, and I have!

Lupe Latonia, KY

Awesome cart cover

At first I was concerned at how well-priced this cart cover was compared to some of the others out there. But it’s simply a great buy. Very soft, easy to use, fits every cart and highchair I’ve tried so far. Maybe white isn’t the best background color for a baby, but it’s washable! Also comes with a plastic container that the cover will fit back into even if you don’t fold it as tightly as it originally came. Highly recommend.

Louella Winchester, AR

Keeps the germs away

I’m really glad we got this for our daughter. She loves to lick everything all the time, and after hearing about how a child got salmonella from licking the shopping cart I was freaking out! This fits every shopping cart I’ve used so far (wal-mart, target, albertsons). The only thing I don’t use it for is high-chairs in restaurants. It’s way to big to fit on them. Overall I’m very happy with this purchase.

Patrica Clio, WV

Very cute and comfy

Love this – have used it for my son on carts large and small. (Target to Costco)Easily slips on. I was not concerned with the pink letters for a boy as others have mentioned. The cover in general does not look girly – pretty neutral. It is super cushy, which seems to make the cart seat nice and comfortable.One thing I don’t love is the safety strap is on the bottom of the seat, versus the back. So it really goes over baby’s legs. I would have preferred it went over baby’s belly to hold him against the back of the seat. However, I have to be right with him while he’s riding in a cart anyway, so I just keep a close eye to make sure he doesn’t try to wiggle out.

Minnie Center City, MN

Not the best if you want something you can also use on high chairs

Not the best if you want something you can also use on high chairs. Bulky. On the plus size, it is easy to wash.

Mai The Rock, GA

Definitely comfy.

My 6 month old cannot yet fully support himself sitting up so we purchased this for shopping and highchair cushioning. The first time I used it, I spent quite a few minutes getting it stretched over the edges of the Target cart. The straps of the cover had to be re-weaved though the cart, so it was sort of a pain, but once I had it situated it worked great. The loops made it easy to attach toys, however there are a few lower loops that I can’t figure out how to use. If I attached a toy, then it was really low by his thighs. Luckily there were 2 additional loops higher near the handle bar area where his hands held on. The white fabric makes it slightly harder to keep clean. It is pretty plush and seems comfy enough for my boy while we’re shopping. It’s a little overpriced, but compared to other seat covers, this seemed the best. I’m not disappointed.

Gale Dundalk, MD

it works

not much to say. it does what it’s supposed to: provide cover. washes/dries just fine, but wished the belt would be sown on, which I will do on my own.

May Evergreen Park, IL


We have used this cover for over a year. It has been on the shopping carts and Target, Walmart, Giant, BJs, and many other stores. We have yet to find a cart this won’t fit on. With the shopping carts that are made for two kiddos to sit in, the leg holes line on the cover line up with the inner leg holes on the cart (your kiddo is using one leg hole from each seat). This cover hides all of the shopping cart on the singles and most of the cart on the doubles.We have also used this as a highchair cover and have no complaints. It has been washed MANY times! We have not had any problems with it coming apart. I leave the buckles on, wash on a cold hand wash cycle and hang up to dry.My daughter has grown out of needing it anymore, but it is in perfect condition for a second child.

Mia Cache, OK

shopping with a big baby becomes easy!

It can be used on shopping cart from Toys r us, Target, Ralph, etc. We also used it on high chair in restaurant some time. It has 4 places for you to hook some toy or bottles for the baby.

Sasha Pickens, WV

PERFECT!!! Soft, BIG ENOUGH and cute!

This works so well- better than I could have imagined- and on every shopping cart shape and size! My husband and I are both really pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who uses a shopping cart. Our daughter now sits in carts (she didn’t for very long before- maybe they weren’t comfy enough with the blankets we tried to use and her toys got lost in her lap and those blankets). There are four loops to connect toys to with those plastic ring connectors and it is well- padded. Our daughter is strong and she doesn’t pull off the cart cover because it is so well elasticized and shaped. The best choice from all the ones I’ve seen out there!

Sheila Davidsonville, MD

Best Design

I bought this for the great price and the best design of all the cart covers. It is pretty fluffy to give the baby padding and it has loops to hook on toys. And it helps keep away germs!

Jasmine Pierson, FL

Better than I expected

After purchasing a different Infantino cart cover that litterally fell apart the first week, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with this one. First thing I did was wash it to make sure the stitching wouldn’t fall apart, and it turned out just fine! Don’t be fooled by the “soft” description they put in there, because it really isn’t….. But it works and does it’s job and it isn’t girly. It covers everything, including Sam’s Club carts which are large. It has decent padding. I wish it came with a baggie to store it in, but that is not something that really matters in the long run. It comes in a plastic pouch (a little big, but not bad) so I just roll it up and store it in that for in the car. I also purchased toy straps since it doesn’t come with any. It has the loops, but no straps, and I want to be able to hook on some toys and sippy cups.Overall, I am happy with this item and would buy it again.

Jessie Preston, MO

Great cover

I love this cover! I read reviews before buying virtually anything and I really thought through which cover I wanted. We’ve been using this for a year now and it stills fits/works great. We did lose the strap at some point, but there is a plain strap just like it that can you buy at Wal-Mart for $2 or $3. We’ve had that since. Greta cover, love the pattern, so cute and its been great for us!

Lela Whittemore, IA

Great cover!

This is very nicely made, and washes well. The only complaint I have is that it’s difficult to figure out which way it goes – I always have to try it one way and then the other to see which way it goes – maybe I just don’t use it enough…?

Misty Kualapuu, HI

So cute!

This is a real easy to wash and good looking cover. The belt is a little small, so if your baby has a big belly, the belt might be too tight on him. My 8 month old gets in it easy but it is not as cushy as I wish it to be so I have to keep on scooting him over sometimes. However, I would def make the purchase, it will last you.

Dollie Wallowa, OR

Gets the job done!

This is great for both high chairs as well as grocery carts – it fully covers the yucky germy surfaces. It’s really soft and has shown to be durable. Also, there are loops that we are able to attach toys to (to keep them from ending up on the floor) which I really like. The fabric is gender neutral and really cute.

Blanche Michigan City, IN

Very cute!

The cart cover is very fluffy. Fits well over high chairs and shopping carts. Came with a buckle but was lost rather easily. Has held up great under washing too. Get it!

Milagros Dover, MO

Great cart cover

You get what you see. Good enough padding, and I like the velcro sides. It’s not the smallest thing to carry around, but we just keep it in our trunk until we go into a restaurant or get a shopping cart. It’s held up very well so far. And I love the colored numbers. I felt like it was a more educational choice than some of the other fabric options out there.

Miranda Clear Creek, IN

Nice padding, like the velcro!

We bought this cover because we like the fact it could be used in shopping carts as well as high chairs at restaurants. The cart cover is made of a really cute, padded fabric covered in colorful numbers. It is easy to wash and has been very useful. Here are the overall pros and cons for this item:Pros:1) Nice soft fabric and easy to machine wash2) Great velcro on the cover to keep it securely in place on a shopping cart3) Easy to use strap to keep baby securly in placeI am only giving 4 stars for these little cons:1) The bag the cover in is not great. I would have prerred a little drawstring bag that makes it easy to store in the car on at the bottom of the stroller.2) The material is very stretchy so it can be a little hard to get on a shopping cart one handed if you are holding your child.Overall, we are happy with our purchase and will definitely continue to use

Miriam Cedartown, GA

Highly recommend

I always see people sneezing into their hands and wiping it on their cart. Sometimes they are even a bit more gross with what they wipe on the cart handles. People get sick and go to the story for things to get better. I can’t fault them for that but I can protect my son as much as I can from their germs as kids will put their mouths on ANYTHING! I take it everywhere so I can always have it if needed. My son stays in the cart when we use it and he figits and wants out when we don’t. I always get a compliment or am asked where I got it whenever I use it.

Mariana Fruitvale, ID

Great cover

Great cover for the shopping cart. Fits all carts I have tried including Target and Costco. I like that it come with its own belt. I really love using this for high chairs at restaurants as some of those are REALLY gross. This cover washes and dries great. And I love the design.

Bernice Edinboro, PA