Infantino Couple a Spoons

Infantino Couple a Spoons

Attaches to the Squeeze Pouches for convenient and mess free feeding on the go. Includes 2 spoons, 1 case and travel clip. Comes with carrying case. Dishwasher safe. BPA, PVC and phthalate free.

Main features

  • Includes 2 spoons, 1 case and travel clip
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Clip to attach to any bag
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free

Verified reviews


not a necessity but was useful to have when my baby first started eating from …

not a necessity but was useful to have when my baby first started eating from the tubes so I could see how much was coming out.

Laura Kenosha, WI

Compatible with all pouches, good product

I have been using these with several different types of pouches. My two faves are the Infantino disposable pouches and the Resqueeze reusable pouches. They are often a little bit "wonky" (not straight) on the pouch when screwed on, but this in no way affects their usability. The hole is a bit small, so you may not be able to use level two or three purees that are a little chunkier, but they work beautifully for smooth purees. The carrying case would be better if it were two individual cases. It is a little bulky in an unnecessary way when you only need one spoon, but the case is oversized for two.

Ophelia Ryan, OK

Love this invention!

I have nothing but good things to say about these! Makes travel and on-the-go feeding much easier! Will buy again.

Marissa Cook, MN

Good product, definitely worth the purchase

The spoon is round and a little long, the food does come out at the base, which leaves a bit of room to get into the baby’s mouth. So they dont get 5 stars. My 5 month old can get to it just fine though. They are larger than rubber tipped spoons, but we have figured out techniques of getting it all in his mouth. It definitely makes for a cleaner feeding than using a regular baby spoon. We went for the attachment because we want him to learn to eat from a spoon and not suck from a pouch. When he is older, I’m sure convenience will win out, but for now… he uses the spoon.I like the small carry case also.The spoons also fit Ella’s kitchen pouches, and probably others as well.

Janet Page, WV

Have not starting use.

Looks good and clean ,good quality, but we have not use yet, mabe when travel, it’s good, I like it.

Letitia Lookout, CA

Super Convenient

LOVE that these are in a case for on-the-go meals. I somehow didn’t realize that they are for use with the Infantino baby food pouch system (they screw onto the pouches–big duh on my part), but they could be used without it, too, if you don’t mind the potential difficulty in holding them.

Maggie Central, SC

Handy, but not the best for a new eater

These spoons attach well to the disposable and reusable pouches from Infantino. The only problem with them is the round shape. This is not ideal for small mouths, so I find my son prefers using other spoons.

Dixie Akron, IN

Great idea!

Great for use with the plastic squeeze bottle. Use for infants. There is no mess with feeding out of a container!

Kendra Stockdale, PA

Infantino spoons

These spoons are great for families on the go or even just to have because the spout from the pouched baby food is a little rough so with the added spoon tip is great and you can teach baby to eat from a spoon rather than a straw because straws are for drinking:)

Celina Pittsburg, MO

Best pouch spoons on the market!

I tried two other brands before I bought these and wish I had these from the start. These are the best because the hole is bigger so food easily squeezes out of the pouch. Others I have the hole is so small that only really runny food works with them. I have used these on the Infantino pouches and reusable pouches I have and they fit well. Haven’t tried them on prepackaged food pouches but I’m guessing they fit them too.

Etta Hewlett, NY

hard for spoon

bit hard for a 6 month baby, i think better when older, though not know jet, but its bit hard for their gums

Rachelle Gansevoort, NY

good for big mouthed babies

Way too big for my babies mouth.its a good idea but I never ended up using it, my baby didn’t like it.

Catherine Watertown, NY

Useful for pouch feeding.

Works great with the Earth’s best pouches and the Infantino fillable pouches. Great for throwing in the diaper bag for feeding on the go.

Deidra Forest Dale, VT

Easy to use

These are great for on the go eating! I use with the infantino pooches but you can use in any brand of food pooch and that’s great

Felecia Nags Head, NC


I Use them daily, they so easy to use with the pouch – perfect size for babies mouth- would buy again

Ethel Bunker, MO

Great product

A great way to carry your spoons for your child’s food. Hygienic container that’s easy to clip on your bag

Gwen Jarrell, TX