Infantino Cozy Rider

Infantino Cozy Rider

Infantino’s Cozy Rider features a wraparound head support with adjustable Velcro straps. Even inward-facing infants get a secure, not squishy, fit. — From BabyTalk Editors

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It’s ok at best

I bought this because I wanted a carrier for short trips instead of always hauling a stroller. The price was good but it’s VERY uncomfortable to wear and never sits on the body right. My daughter screamed whenever she was in it or she made her body very stiff like she was scared beyond belief. I don’t feel that this carrier is very safe and it’s very difficult to get baby in and out. Spend your money on a better one. Yes it is soft but look at others.

Anne Myrtle Beach, SC

Wonderful for little babies, not so good if they grow!

To be honest, we loved our infantino soft carrier. We used it regularly when our babies were newborns … but by the time my babies hit 12-13 lbs, this carrier became uncomfortable for me, pulling on my shoulders and causing me to arch my lower back – not good! My husband still could use it till the babies hit about 15lbs, but this time around, we just went for the baby bjorn. So – if you are looking for something for the first 2-3 months, this is awsome – the baby is snuggled and cozy against mommy’s (or daddy’s) chest while leaving mommy’s hands free – it is great for the transition for newborns. Again, we really liked it when our babies were small – if that’s what you are looking for, this is the way to go… if you want to continue using the carrier past 3 months, I would suggest looking at the more expensive Baby Bjorn for comfort…

Patrica Poplar Grove, AR

not worth it

I had bought this for my son when he was a few months old. We lived in an apartment complex on the second floor, so it was crazy to drag him and teh stroller down stairs. I had bought this to make our daily walk to the mailboxes easy. It worked great at first. When he turned 4 months old I had problems. I was packing the car to go on a trip with him in it. IT was TOO tight around his stomach that he spit up in teh back of our SUV. With him in it I couldn’t even put two fingers between him and the carrier. Never used it since

Sherrie Canton, CT

A good carrier for its price!!

We got this carrier as a shower gift, and we really like it. I have to agree with the other reviews that it’s a little tricky to get baby in and out – but you get what you paid for. We thought about buying the Baby Bjorn, but I think it’s too expensive for a carrier that we won’t use that much anyways. So we have the Cozy Rider and also the EuroRider(also by Infantino), that is much similar with the Baby Bjorn and have a much better system for getting baby in and out – we can do it without waking the baby, and cost half of the Bjorn.So if you plan on having the carrier for occasional use only, I recommend the Cozy Rider. I used it in supermarkets, the mall, and at home too, when my baby was fussy and wanted to cuddle all the time. It does start hurting your back after a while(30-40 minutes or so), but it didn’t bother me that much. The EuroRider has more padding, which helps a lot, but cost twice as much as the CozyRider(we bought it gently used though!!)So, bottom line, this is a great carrier for its price – easy to adjust and our baby loves it. If you plan on hiking or wearing it for longer periods of time, you might want to look into a carrier with more padding(like the Euro Rider or Baby Bjorn). If not, this one will do just fine!!! I recomend it.

Adeline Pawhuska, OK

Not so hard to use

This is my 4th carrier. My son is 3 months old, 17 pounds. I have a sling, a hip sling and a snuggli-the stripped down model. I got this one because I needed something that I could wear for extended periods with my baby facing out that would not restrict my movement too much. I bought it used, without instructions. I had no trouble figuring out how to use it. There are a number of adjustments to be made, but you only have to do it once, until your baby grows enough to move to the next setting. I made all the adjustments myself, with my baby in the carrier. It is a lot easier to get him in and out of than the the regular inward facing snugli. there are little buckles and velcro on the sides that you can undo to get baby in and out. I like that I didn’t have to force my baby’s feet into the holes, there is plenty of room for even big chunky thighs. A lot of people have complained about how hard it was to get baby in and out, but I don’t know what they are comparing it to. I love that I could adjust everything to fit my baby perfectly. The carrier is soft and cozy. My baby felt safe and secure. My only complaint is that there is no waist strap, so I did feel a little strain in my back, and I felt a bit front heavy. Aside from that I think this is a really great carrier for the price. The only comparable brands cost more than 3 times as much. I think it’s a really good deal.

Lindsay Benton Harbor, MI

The best carrier on the market!

We tried several different brands of these carriers before going with the Infantino. I actually had my child with me in our huge "convertible" carrier, and saw a woman with her infant in the Infantino. I was sold on sight.Plus side: the carrier is well suited for infants from birth until about 6 months. They will not be lost in it, or too heavily restrained. It works nicely facing in or out, which is not true of most other brands. WIDE STRAPS THE WHOLE WAY AROUND! Most carriers pad the child, and then leave very thin, abrasive nylon straps to bite into your shoulders and sides. Not Infantino. The criss-cross straps on your back also do a better job of distributing the load than some carriers we tried. CHEAP! You could pay a fortune for one of those fancy oversized Scandanavian carriers with all the buckles, but why?Minus side: Small size. Excellent for 0-4 months, kind of pushing it from 4-6. They don’t make an identical but larger one, so the time factor is limited. Burp cloth is a joke, tiny and fastened on with small velcro dots. Rips off if the kid tugs on it. I tossed the one that came with ours, and started using a cloth diaper. Also, the head-hold straps are meant to be under the armpits on older babies, but they are not padded (no problem for the headrest) and poke into the baby’s sides if you’re not careful.I recommend this to all parents and all friends buying for parents.

Sasha Marksville, LA

Nice carrier

This is a nice carrier. Baby feels really comfortable in it and falls asleep. We noticed that when we take her for a walk in it she sleeps better that night. You need two people to get her in it- that’s the only downside. But once she’s in it, she’s super comfy!

Patricia Decatur, NE