Infantino Dansy Antsy

Infantino Dansy Antsy

Infantino Dansy Antsy

Main features

  • Delights baby’s senses
  • Textures, colors, and sounds stimulate baby
  • Dance and play the day away
  • Plays music for 15 seconds

Verified reviews


Great toy!

This is a great toy for 4mo+, my daughter loved to watch it dance and thought it was so funny. She learned how to push the button and would push it over and over. The colors are fun and stimulating for little ones, it is also easy for them grab. It goes through batteries pretty quickly but that is because my daughter loved this toy.

Maxine Trout Run, PA

Helped teach my child how to crawl

Great toy!It has an excellent volume for keeping parental sanity.It has lots of little handholds for little hands.The little dance that is does is super cute.Our baby loved it so much, that during tummy time she started scooting, then finally crawling towards it.The only minor drawback is because of where the on/off switch is sometimes it gets bumped into off position when getting pulled across the carpet by a wee one.

Marquita Brightwaters, NY

Baby loves Dansy Antsy!

Constance Orwell, OH

Music too short

Update 1/7/2014Well now i have a second child and this was useful for about a minute in entertaining her. I kept it (not like i have a choice now) incase I have a 3rd and want to entertain him/her for a few minutes too. :)This entertains my 6 month old because it plays a melody and the top half moves from side to side. Unfortunately it lasts only about 15 seconds so you have to constantly press the feet for the music to turn on again. We don’t use it much now because its annoying to constantly press it for the music to turn on, but perhaps later on down the road she’ll learn to press the feet herself to turn it on. Also, it only plays one melody (with giggling) and there is no adjustment in volume. I give it 3 stars for now and will update if my child plays with it more in the near future.

Darla Olney, TX

Child’s Favorite Toy

This toy dances and has great music, so my baby loves it! It’s one of the few toys that will actually hold her attention, although you have to keep pressing the button repeatedly to make it play music and dance. It’s really a cute toy!

Sybil Erie, KS

My Grandson’s Favorite Toy

I bought this my grandson (now almost 5 months old) and he has loved it since he was only 2 months old. There is something about the little toy moving and the music that just delights him. It changes his mood whenever he is a bit cranky and the different handles are great for chewing on. He is only 14 pounds and holds the Dansy Antsy easily and enjoys it sooo much. You have to buy this for your little one and you won’t be disappointed!

Rhonda Port Tobacco, MD

Very cute

My son likes the dansy antsy. The music is cute, and the little dancing back and forth is entertaining for the baby. It’s last nicely, he’s 18 months now. Would buy again.

Alta Orange Park, FL