Infantino Ecosash Baby Carrier, Bloomin Vines, 8-35 Pounds

Infantino Ecosash Baby Carrier, Bloomin Vines, 8-35 Pounds

The EcoSash’s unique design is naturally stylish and comfortable. It adjusts to fit you perfectly as baby grows and can be worn in three different positions.

Main features

  • 3 carrying positions: face in, face out, and backpack
  • Comes with a mesh bag for easy machine wash
  • Bucket seat creates natural seating position for baby

Verified reviews


A wonderful baby carrier

My husband and I are putting together a hope chest for the future little one and this was a perfect addition! We wanted a way to carry our child close to us. This product is eco friendly, has no buckles to irritate baby’s skin, and is soft. It is also stylish and neither masculine nor feminine. It is the perfect way to take your little one for a walk without a stroller. This would make a wonderful baby shower gift. Highest recommendations!

Daphne Carlisle, SC

Okay carrier and a bargain, but some flaws.

First of all, I should say that I have a very, very low opinion of Infantino because of their “bag sling” the slingrider, which they left on the market for years after moms in the babywearing community warned them repeatedly that it (as well as all bag slings) was dangerous. In fact, they never recalled it voluntarily, the CPSC had to issue a recall.That said, I actually liked some things about this carrier, although I don’t recommend it overall. It’s a mei tai (“may tie”), which is a very common and popular kind of baby carrier. I’ve owned a few of them, as well as ring slings, pouch slings, structured soft carriers (like the Ergo), and wraps of all kinds. Mei tais are my favorite for extended wearing, when the baby is not in and out of the carrier often, because they are difficult to get into.This carrier in particular has some pros and cons:Pros:- very supportive of a heavier, larger baby. My baby is almost at the max weight limit (35 lbs.) and we enjoyed it.- nice, neutral color- detachable hood – very helpful!- the PRICE! it’s super cheap- booklet that comes with it is somewhat informativeCons:- the method of tying is uncomfortable. See below.- the detachable/reversible panel is annoying. So much bulk and fuss for such an unimportant thing (to me) just got in the way.- there are “instruction” panels in a stiff satin fabric ALL OVER this thing. There are panels identifying which is the top, which is the waist, how to wear your baby, the weight limits, etc. It makes the carrier uncomfortable if the panels touch your skin or your baby’s, and it’s totally unnecessary, in my opinion.- very large and bulky for a small baby- no pocket! I really appreciate the pocket in all my baby carriers that have them.The shoulder straps are only long enough to tie around the body of the carrier, as seen in the picture. I am pretty petite in the ribcage and waist, so even with a big baby, I was able to tie it properly (see below) but not in a bow, only in a very unsafe double knot. A petite woman with a small baby MIGHT be able to tie it properly, but that’s clearly not how it’s meant to be tied.The instructions have you cross the straps over your shoulders and then bring them around under your arms and tie them there on the baby’s back (if you are carrying baby on the front, facing in). I find this method of tying uncomfortable for me and the baby.I’ve almost always seen mei tais tied around the back, with the straps going under baby’s legs for extra support. That is, if you’re wearing your baby on the front, you cross the straps over your back, bring them around under your arms and cross them over the front panel of the mei tai (where the picture above would have you tie them, instead you cross them or twist them), then tuck the straps under baby’s legs and tie them on the small of your back where the waist straps are tied.All in all, I would invest more money in a better mei tai, or find one used for a comparable price with better features. The annoying labels and the length of the straps really make it unusable for me. Maybe it be a good starter mei tai to learn, but I think YouTube videos and, combined with a quality WAHM-made carrier would be a much better and safer way to learn. Infantino is behind the curve on making baby carriers, and I would avoid buying from them in the future.note: I received this carrier for free with the Amazon Vine program.

Natalia South Rockwood, MI

Maybe for a Hippie, but not for me

I say that in the most loving way. I love the design and all-cloth feel of the carrier, but at the same time, it just didn’t overall work for this mom of three on the go.I have three small children and have been babywearing [my infants-3 years old’s] for almost 5 years. If there is a baby carrier out there, I’ve probably not only tried it, but own it. My favorite to date has been the Ergo, but this seems like a good backup, but only for a non-novice babywearer.Here’s why:Pros:1. Adorable patterned design2. Padded shoulders3. Versatility [you can wear on back, front, side [not suggested, but i liked it that way] and front facing out.4. Easy to wrap up and stick in a purse [all cloth]5. Baby liked it6. Well priced7. Similar to the Mei Tai8. Easy to wash & comes with washing bag9. Great for all types of body typesOne thing that does stick out to me is it’s ability to be worn so many different ways. That’s really genius. The bjorn is known for being able to front face out, but has not backpack option, the Ergo can be worn on front and back, but no front facing out option.Cons:1. The straps are nearly 6 feet long so putting on in public=straps touching nasty ground2. Doesn’t feel as secure to me as other carriers with snaps & belts to buckle3. Not easy for a new babywearer [large learning/adjusting curve]4. Harder to put on alone than other carriers5. Seems like it loosens & needs to be more often readjusted6. I have a 6 month old, but I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to put my newborn [like suggested] in it…too risky for me

Nelda Mendota, IL

Sturdy and attractive

The product itself is made very well and I really like the print on it and you can use it to put the child up front or in the back. It also comes with a hoodie that I also like for the colder days. I would definitely tell any mother to purchase this item. It’s good quality and comfortable!

Serena Oceanport, NJ

Unnecessarily complicated and too big

I tried this out on my two toddlers (Yes, I mean one at a time.) and I really didn’t like it at all.For a front carry, you first tie the bottom strap around your waist, then sit the baby in your lap facing you, then throw the top straps over your shoulders and somehow crisscross them behind you and bring them around and through loops on the sides of the front that are much smaller than the straps and then tie those shoulder straps behind the baby’s back. And you must do all that with one hand on the baby. It’s fairly tricky. Once I had my little guy inside, he did seem pretty secure, but I was a little annoyed by the strap ends hanging down the front because they were longer than necessary and I was afraid they’d be a hazard of some sort. There was easily two feet of cloth hanging down where I couldn’t see it because of the baby.I didn’t try the front carry facing out because it looked terribly uncomfortable for the little ones. The “seat” for the baby is really wide and even though it does have a tiny strap with a tiny velcro closure to gather the fabric, it still seemed like it would make the poor little one do the splits. And mine are about 25 lbs each, I don’t see how it would work with a small baby.We tried the backpack position next, which was what I was more interested in anyway. Mine are a little heavy in front now and I thought it might be nice to carry one on my back on occasion, but this carrier isn’t going to do it for me. When I put a little one behind me, the straps kept slipping off my shoulders because they were too wide and even though I think my kids were pretty secure (I had my husband keeping an eye on them back there), they just didn’t FEEL secure. I didn’t want to take my hand off and keeping your hands free is a big reason to use a carrier. And I still had those long straps dangling everywhere.A few words about some other “features:” It comes with a mesh bag for “easy washing,” but the bag is pretty small. You have to really wad up the carrier to make it fit and I’m not sure how clean it would get going through the wash in a ball. It also has a reversible front panel. This I really don’t get. It’s patterned on one side and plain black on the other. It’s like the designer thought, “People might think this is ugly, we should make it so they can hide it.” To turn this part around you have to mess with four sides of velcro. Plus, the whole carrier is so thick even without this extra piece of fabric that it’s really hot.I didn’t give it one star because it might work better for some people. Dads in particular, since they likely have broader shoulders than I, could find it a good fit as a backpack. But I used aBABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original – City Blackfor all four of my kids when they were smaller and I still consider that the gold standard in front carriers.

Bonnie Stafford, TX

Works well for me.

I read the other reviews and I was hesitant at first when I made the purchase. I did some research on similar products on Amazon and I decided to purchase this instead. For what I paid for under $50, I got my money’s value. I’m 5’2, for my body and height this is perfect for me. I have spinal issues and this carrier did not trouble me at all. I find it rather comfortable compare to the other carriers with snap ons buckles. I like that this hugs my body and when I tried it on with my daughter she was comfortable enough that she fell asleep. I tried this while we were at the Highland Games Festival, did about an hour of walking, standing and sitting at benches. She did not squirm and the entire time I had her facing in. I like the support for myself and for the baby. Just have to position the baby correctly above your waist for the baby’s legs to spread out and hugging your body. I don’t have issues with how long the sash are, when you get around tying it, it normally works itself out and shorten and if it’s dragging you can fold it in on your side, tuck it in. I considered this because it’s the only one I found that can be facing in and facing out and can still use like back pack. It works 3 ways. I wouldn’t recommend this for babies who are small. My daughter is 5 months and nearly 15 lbs. I bought this because I need it when I can’t take the stroller in certain places.Cons about this is, it takes a little time putting it on and taking it off. If you’re looking for something like a snap and go, this isn’t it. Removing it wasn’t a hassle, it’s the sash when they get on the floor or in the dirt.All in all I still would recommend the product. I had one lady come up to me asking me where I got it and how much it cost. She was looking for something she can give to her daughter to replace the one her daughter had. It didn’t support the neck very well and wasn’t very snugged. When she saw this, she wanted one for her daughter. She asked where I got it from and what’s the name of the product.

Natasha Galesburg, KS

Comfortable Carrier

I purchased this carrier with my 2nd child. I seem to wear him a lot more than my first! Since my 1st is almost 3 we are always going to the park and doing a lot of outings. I am able to wear my 2nd now 19lbs for several hours comfortably in this carrier and he loves it. I would recommend it to anyone who asks. It is a nice alternative to the ergo if you are not able to spend a lot of money on the carrier. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because when you tie it around your back it can be a pain to unknot after wearing your baby. But overall it is a wonderful carrier!!

Eileen Cerro Gordo, IL

Parent of twin infants

I own 4 different styles of baby carriers. Baby Bjorn Sport, Infantino standard, Evenflo, and this Infantino Ecosash. Except for this product, I can actually double up on the carriers and carry both my twin infants at once.Because this product, Infantino Ecosash featured the back carrying, I had been hoping to be able to carry one of my infants in the back and one in the front. However, it wasn’t quite possible w/ the way it’s positioned. For twin usage, it didn’t work either in the front of the back. With the positioning in front, the carrier and infant is in the center of your chest. From the back, the straps are in the way.On an individual basis, Baby Bjorn active sport remains the best of all the baby carriers I’ve used out there for it’s great back support and ease of use.This product was extremely cumbersome to install the infant whether it was back or front. My babies are roughly 14 lbs each, and their arms kept shifting inward and getting stuck. At home, you can sit down and handle the baby for the front and back. But if you were using this product on the go, it would be extremely difficult to get the baby in w/o another person helping. Not to mention the sash straps would drag all over the ground.While the front carry position was an ok load, it didn’t have the back support like the Baby Bjorn did. In addition, if carrying from the back, the straps kept slipping off my shoulders. To prevent the straps from slpping off my shoulders, I had to criss cross the sash straps like you would carry from the front. It prevented the straps from falling, but it was far from comortable having the straps positioned so. I actually don’t recommend using this product from the back, it seemed a little unsafe for the infants. Whether using the back or front option, the extra sash from the tie is quite long and you have to tie several times to prevent it dangling strangely on you.Overall, I can’t quite recommend this product.

Rachel Fieldon, IL


I find this carrier to be beautiful, and I actually don’t mind the long straps because this carrier fits a wide variety of body types. I, for example, am 5 feet tall and 115 pounds. My husband is 5 foot 10 and about 170 pounds. We liked the idea of being able to switch the baby back and forth between us without readjusting all the different clips found on other carriers.I was so excited to try this carrier, and I first used it when Em was about a month old. She curled into it, in a ball, and I didn’t bother making her put her legs in the legholes, because obviously they were way too wide for her.Fast forward to today-My daughter is 4 months old, and screams every time I try to put her in this carrier. The leg holes are WAY too far apart, and I can’t figure out how to make it more comfortable for her. She basically has to do the splits in order to ride in this carrier! I wish I had returned it and gotten something else.If anyone has any suggestions on alternate configurations for the leg holes, they would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, we will cut our losses and buy a new carrier to use. I strongly disagree with the 8-35 lb weight guideline, this is obviously a mistake. Unless, of course, I am missing something?

Florence Lacota, MI

I like this better than my other carriers

This feels to me like a cross between the slings and the carriers. I always like the concept of a baby sling (and I know some people swear by them) but I could never get one comfortable on me so I used the traditional backpacks and a Borjn front carrier. These were fine. What I like about this carrier is it feels so comfortable on. The material is very soft and the pattern is pretty. There are not all of the buckles and straps that need to be adjusted with each new wearer. You just tie it on and it actually stays tied. The best part is I need to have only one carrier for the front or the back. It has a great mesh sack to store it in and keep it handy for trips. Based on some of the other reviews this might be one of those products you should try on first (with your baby inside) to make sure it is right carrier for you.

Ida Farmer, OH

The good, the bad, and the ugly of carriers . . .

We have mixed feelings about this carrier. I have not tried it for any very long stretches, some opinions might change after doing that, but I don’t see this carrier as a haul your kids all day kind of carrier, or a strenuous activity carrier, which I think require a carrier geared to give the adult more support and proper weight distribution. That said, I think it has a good place in our arsenal of “Littles Transport”The ugly: the straps are ridiculously long and somewhat effeminate. I can deal, but I’m not thrilled about it (guys carry kids too!).The bad: it claims to be simple, but is actually difficult to figure out and not easy to use. The backside of the carrier is quite tall, presumably to allow for the carrying of bigger kids – but even our two-year old can barely see out. That may not be a problem for our infant (who is almost invisible in it, but two-year olds like to see, and don’t like to be squished. If your kids like to get in and out, it’s a hassle and time consuming. The shoulder straps just don’t feel all that secure – maybe it is the way I have adjusted it, but I feel like they are always about to slip off my shoulders.The good: I’m a pretty big guy and the use of tie-able straps is a huge plus. Most carriers seem to be geared for small women and I simply cannot use them because they don’t have enough slack in the straps. So, it’s a huge plus that I can actually use the carrier at all. Also, you can carry a big kid in this – it may not be the best for them or you, but you can get the job done. Moreover when you have a sleepy kid, the close-to-you / squishy nature is more of a benefit, and the “can’t see out” gives them a good place to knock off for a few hours.And so, four stars. Good be better, but it does things I can’t get elsewhere.

Wilma Cedar Grove, NJ

An OK mei tai carrier at a reasonable price

This review is part of a round of reviews of baby carriers my wife wrote, including her takes on theBABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original – City Black, the Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining, theInfantino Balance Baby Carrier, Spindles, 8-35 Pounds, and theBoba Classic Baby Carrier, Glacier. Here’s her general intro:”I’m 5’5″ and around 130 lbs. Husband is 6′ and around 170 lbs. Our children seem to grow quickly, both over 15 lbs by 3 months of age, so a good carrier is vital to the health of our backs! There are many features to each carrier that I will try to touch on, and most of them have both pros and cons associated, so I might say one feature is a benefit, but I may also mention its drawbacks, or vice versa. We all have differently tempered and built babes and toddlers, differently shaped bodies, and different needs, so please take these reviews for what they’re worth: my humble opinions.And here’s her take on the Ecosash:”Overall, I think this is a really cute mei tai carrier and at a great price. Infantino impressed me with the thought, design, and quality they put into it. If they do a redesign (are you reading this, Infantino?) they should re-think the velcro tie for the face-out position and use snaps or something more secure and less less bunchy.PROS:
• Great packaging, well designed, comes with a mesh bag for washing.
• Fabric and quality are great.
• I love the versatility. You can face them forward, toward you, or wear them on your back.
• There is a small strap to wrap around the bottom of the carrier in order to cinch it so baby’s legs are more comfortable in the face-out position (not in a constant split).
• The loops to feed the straps through are nice in that they help keep a consistent tension preventing the knot from slipping up and loosening the shoulder straps.
• The head rest is great and supports my baby’s head well when facing me. I like the fact that you can make the baby nice and close to your chest or let them hang a little away from you (a function of its being a mei tai).
• There is a hood/flap that can snap to the head rest to protect baby from a light drizzle or the hot sun.
• It’s also pretty fancy that you can change the panel from patterned to black, though not necessary for simple moms like myself.
• May be more supportive for baby than a Bjorn since it holds them in a seated position.
• And finally, I find it very comfortable. I can carry my 16 lb baby for a couple of hours and feel only a little sore.CONS:
• I personally find the long lengths of fabric somewhat cumbersome, as opposed to a buckle-type carrier. It is not a snap-and-go device, so takes a little more finesse, especially when trying to feed the straps through the loops.
• The decorative panel is fastened with velcro running its border, which makes that part of the carrier somewhat stiff.
• While it’s rated for 8-pound babes, you will need to strap that baby into you very tightly if you want to keep him somewhat upright. Even with a three month old, I find she tends to sink lower and lower. I compare this with the Bjorn, which by design keeps the baby upright and in a constant position.
• It takes some work to get the right combination of tension and hight in order to maintain a nice long carry.
• Also, I find that I have to re-tighten the wast strap several times during a long carry.
• When transitioning from facing in and out (or vice versa), you will have to put the baby down and take off the carrier to reconfigure the carrier and relace the straps, etc when putting back on.OTHER:
• Made in China, designed in California.
• Instructions for wearing are printed on the carrier itself.

Tanisha Friendship, TN

Difficult to adjust

First let me say that I love the material of this baby carrier. It is very attractive. It is understated, modern and stylish.I was disappointed with the ease of use and adjustment. If you’re going to use this you should carve out some time when you’re not in a hurry and practice with it. It is not like the Baby Bjorn carrier which is very easy to work with when adjusting and putting it on. I also had a hard time making the leg adjustment work. Ultimately this will not work for my life style. I need something that is easy on and easy off for the pace of my day.Just because this didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. But I advise you give it a test run before purchasing. So check with a friend who owns one and uses it all the time.

Lina Ash, NC

Good but not great

The Infantino Ecosash baby carrier is slightly different from most of the carriers you see in the market today – it has the mei tai straps, which means you adjust them to fit your body. The majority of baby carriers have buckles and straps where you can pull the ends to fit your body. The Ecosash has to be tied and untied every time you use it.Pros:
• Comfortable straps.
• Can position baby on the front facing in; front, facing out; or rear
• I found it easier to put baby in behind me than I have with other carriers
• The straps allow more leeway in adult body size than carriers with straps and buckles
• Comfortable even with the top of the weight range
• Affordable priceCons:
• If you are a smaller framed adult, the straps will be long, and you’ll probably need to double-tie them around your body.
• It takes more time to assemble and prep the carrier. It may be that if you use it a lot, that it becomes second nature. But because I’m pretty risk-averse, I like to make sure everything is tied secure, so it takes me much longer to put on this carrier than it does with one that has buckles and straps that can be adjusted while wearing the carrier. This is my biggest complaint for the carrier.
• The fabric feels thick. In a super warm or humid climate, it might get uncomfortable for the baby.Neutral:
• Front panel is reversible: the pattern can be turned around for a solid black. This was not a very appealing or interesting feature for me. I don’t know if it’s to hide dirt (or spit-up), or because they thought it would be more gender-neutral if you could use the black for men and patterned one for women. I’d rather have a pouch to store extra diapers/wipes in.Overall, it is a decent carrier, especially for the price. However, there were enough drawbacks (the time element) for me to rate it as good, but not great.

Rhea Plain, WI

Convenient & Versatile

Pros: I use this carrier when I want to get some chores done and I don"t have anyone to watch the baby. I really like that I can wear my daughter on my back, so her busy little hands are out of the way. I think it’s fairly comfortable for me and her. She has fallen asleep in it several times. I do get a little tired after long periods of wearing it (like 45 mins. to an hour) but I think that is normal because I am carrying an extra 20-22 pounds. My daughter tries to wiggle out sometimes, but I have her so well tied up that I’m not that worried when she does.Cons: The suede-like material collects a lot of lint, but that doesn’t really bother me. The material is very thick and warm, and the dark color may make it uncomfortable to wear/be in during warm weather.Overall: A very good, affordable, and versatile baby carrier

Dorothy Oldtown, ID

Great Carrier.

This is an excellent carrier. It’s comfortable and the straps are well padded and well placed. I really like the design too, most carriers out there are either boring or just don’t look that great. This one is adjustable as well so kids won’t grow out of it as quickly.

Sheila Blair, OK

Great, but hot!

I love this carrier. I’ve tried a few and this is the most comfortable for me and baby. However, I live in southern New Mexico and it gets HOT here… Like 110 in the summer. This carrier doesn’t "breathe" too well. My baby and I get really sweaty if I wear it outside for too long. This is the only reason it gets 4/5 stars and not 5/5.

Angelia Millers Tavern, VA

Entirely dependent on Mom’s body type and child’s preferences

Three different Moms with four different sub-one year olds have used this, and it’s been one ok, one no way, one good, and one great. (The sling has held up well and seems stitched pretty solidly.) The no way said it didn’t fit her body right and hurt her back. The ok said it was comfy enough but the five month old was never happy in it. The good said it was comfy and the kiddo liked it, but she bought a more expensive version and liked it better. The great was throughly pleased in every way and bought her own and one for her sister.So I’d recommend buying this if it seems like your cup of tea, as the price is very fair, trying it, and if you or your kiddo doesn’t like it, return it and try another.One thing is for sure: holding your baby up against you, as in most “primitive” cultures, seems to promote a LOT more bonding than pushing it well away from Mom or Dad in a stroller. You can see it in the kids even a year or two later; less crying and moaning and tantrums, more love. So who’s primitive?

Lucille Elco, PA

Takes practice and patience

Whether or not your will like this type of carrier probably depends on your level of patience and if you have had any experience with these types of carriers before.For a first-time user it can be rather frustrating – it takes practice learning how to tie the straps and sit the baby snugly in the carrier – I highly recommend practicing with a doll before using a real infant. For a mom on-the-go like me who is always in a hurry, I think I prefer a carrier with buckles/belts and adjustable straps over this, but perhaps if I had more time to carry I would like this one better.While the detachable/reversible panel is a nice cosmetic feature it’s not really necessary – I could easily do without if it would bring the price of the carrier down a bit more – and the price actually is quite good compared to some other sling-type carriers out there.I like the variety of ways that you can carry your child in this – front facing in, front facing out, on the side or on the back – just be prepared to practice tying and arranging the straps for each different way.This is easy to clean – just toss in the washer with the little bag that is provided, and the nice dark color will help conceal any stains that might happen.Overall I think this is a great sling-carrier for the price – I recommend trying a sling carrier from a friend or in the store if possible before purchasing if you’ve not tried them before.

Bobbi Cowley, WY

Good compromise between wraps and padded carriers.

I like the sash series. They are a hybrid between the endless fabrics of the Moby Wrap and the sturdiness of the padded ErboBaby products. They’re lightweight and can be stored in a large diaper bag and are useful for plane trips or long walks in parks or museums. This one offers a better head support than the MeiTai Infantino offers and even has a hood like the Ergo Baby. It’s quite comfortable to wear even with a heavy baby facing in any of the directions. It does take extra work and even extra hands to put the baby on your back, but it’s doable and not much different than the other brands when it comes to easy of placing the child on your back.If you’d like a full review of the best baby carriers, and what to look for, visit the website, in the Baby Gear section you’ll find a stroller shopping guide, what you must have on your registry vs what you really can live without, and the best toys and games for baby stimulation by age range.

Elisabeth Argyle, TX

Still too big for my baby

I like this item, but it is still too high for my 8 month old to see facing out. It can get hot walking while the baby is up against you. It is a bit bulky/stiff and takes a bit to figure it out, but I love the idea of how this works.

Earlene Avon, IN

Reviewed the reviews

I bought an older model 2nd hand so it doesn’t have the front head support or the reversible panel but it’s pretty much the same thing. My 7 week old baby doesn’t have the leg length yet to actually sit in it but he can squat with his knees spread out around my stomach. I’m actually glad he can’t sit on his bottom because he’s too short for it as it is. I know he’ll grow into it and I know it can be modified for the shorter babies, so I’m not worried. My husband tried it out and gave up before he even had it on all the way, lol! He was pretty put off by the color scheme (the old one is black, purple, and teal) so I think he thought it was too girly. I’m going to get my mother in law to sew a sports logo or something on the front so he’ll be more inclined to use it. The main thing that I like about this carrier is that it doesn’t have any rigid parts; no velcro, buckles, or stiff materials, so I can shift it around to nurse my kiddo without having to take it all the way off (granted, I only do this in the privacy of my own home). And despite what everyone says about it’s comfort, I’ve found that when worn properly, it alleviates all the stress on your back. TIP: tuck the ends in your pockets if you put in on outside to avoid getting the ties dirty, and then tuck the ties back up into the carrier so that they aren’t hanging down or becoming a tripping hazard.

Peggy Strattanville, PA

Sturdy and reasonably priced

I have had several baby carriers in my 7 years as a mom. All seem to have a their cons in either comfort, quality or price. So far this carrier seems to be a nice middle of the road line carrier with a stylish design. Fits heavier babies which is a plus in my book as I never wore babies that could not support their own heads.It would be a good idea to see if a few friends have carriers they are willing to let you try out for the day just to see what works for you. If not possible then this one is a nice starter. Amazon’s return policy is also more than fair for this item so you risk little giving it a try.

Ernestine Chandler, OK