Infantino Firefly Soother

Infantino Firefly Soother

Soothing sounds and glowing bugs make this the perfect crib companion to help your little bug drift away to night-night.

Main features

  • Whimsical fireflies flutter and glow
  • Songs and sounds play soft and low
  • Make any crib into a relaxing retreat
  • Pick your mix of nature sounds, soothing music, lights and motion
  • Easy set-up

Verified reviews


High quality and cute crib toy

At first I thought the music was too loud, but then found the volume button and began to really like this toy. It has the option of setting the fireflies and catepillar in motion or not, plus adding a choice of music or not, plus setting the volume level. I would not name it a soother since it would only sooth with a low volume, and yet it can do that quite well — there are just so many options and the use of motions, that it is not merely a soother. I did not find the motion noise excessive. The toy installed easily and looks great on my daughter’s crib.What I really liked about the toy was having all the options available. I really think the toy will keep an infant interested for many months, but I am not sure of how interesting it will be for toddlers. They should continue to enjoy the music choices, but the motion of the caterpillar and fireflies may be too tame as babies age to toddlers. That is the only reason I did not give the rating as 5 stars. Other than not predicting its longevity, I really like the quality of the toy, the music, the ease of attaching it to the crib, its appearance, and its value for infant play. If you want a good infant toy, this would fill the bill.

Bonita Doniphan, NE

OK, but just barely

Third baby coming up in a few months, and since we gave away all our baby stuff after 2nd child was born (OOPS), thought I would order and try this “soother” since the Fisher Price Aquarium soother we had for previous kids was such a hit (but unfortunately started leaking after several years).Unfortunately, this model comes up short. It’s “OK”, but I personally would not pay more than $[…] for it.For one, the music quality is not good. I keep harping on this with various kid toy reviews, but there ARE manufacturers out there getting this right, so it’s certainly possible. Just no excuse for the lo-fi, highly compressed, hissing and garbled sound when in this day and age, you can easily fit higher quality recordings in the electronics. Will a baby know the difference or care? Probably not, but why introduce low fi (relatively) crappy sound quality as some of the first music that a kid hears? I have a list somewhere of similar kid or baby toys that have great sound quality, so as I said, no reason NOT to do this (especially at this price point – if this was selling for $[…], ok).I have no problem with the music itself, or the sound effects, both are OK.Volume control. It does have three settings, but what this kind of toy REALLY needs is an adjustable volume wheel. While three is better than two, inevitably, the options will not always fit into all situations, like a variable adjust wheel would.As mentioned by others, the (I assume) plastic gears make way too much noise, considering the small amount of movement the bugs make (in fact, I wasn’t sure if one of the bugs was broken or not, it moved so little).I could continue to pick nits, but the bottom line is there are better crib soothers out there on the market, and no compelling reason to get this OK one versus those. Generally I find the Fisher Price ones are good to very good (not sure if they make the Ocean Wonders aquarium anymore, but that thing was awesome! MUCH more interesting than this one IMO).Attachment to crib was ok, but I do prefer the way FP soothers attach.Here’s a link to the referenced FP one, but I think probably discontinued now (and looks like someone is taking advantage of that fact by overcharging big time!);=toys-and-games&qid;=1284650410&sr;=8-2We just received another soother as a baby shower present so I will post impressions of that as well (and compare with this Infantino model) once I set it up and check it out.Bottom line: Sorry, can’t recommend.

Lina Wayne, WV

Whimsical Fun

I like the whimsical design of this. The movement, lights, and sound are a good combination and you can chose what combo to use for whatever your baby likes. My favorite part is that once a child is older they can also just play with it themselves so it’s a good transition toy that you can keep around through the toddler period until your child gets bored with it.

Kitty Montvale, VA


This Infantino Firefly Soother did it’s job well in my house. It truly entertains my 1 1/2 year old cousin, Nickie. From what I can tell, she most enjoys it when the music is off and the characters are jumping about/lighting up. She loves pressing the button to change the scene.The device has music that you can play along with it that admittedly covers up some gear noise heard when the music is not playing. Tunes include music and ‘nature sounds’. The nature sounds are my favorite of the two choices.Overall, this Firefly Soother is a cute device that does its job well. Nickie seems to love it!

Malinda Marmarth, ND

Sooo mesmerizing to toddlers and infants!

Soother is certainly the correct name for this imaginative and entertaining firefly display! Besides my own little ones I sometimes have a friend’s fussy baby here in my home, and all of the babies have responded to this soothing display. I just place it out of reach in their line of sight and every time they become calmer, quiet, and soon fall asleep. Even if you just use it for little ones visiting your home, it’s worth having. Recommended!

Christa Downsville, WI

Soothing for babies, toddlers & mommies

Babies just love these cribside company-keepers. Learning to separate from mom or dad can be tough, and having some cute bugs singing to you can make it easier. I love that you can get bug sounds or music, movement or no movement. I’m tempted to keep this in my room to drown out the older kids’ noise when I want to take a nap. :)On the negative side, the bugs don’t really move much or change much.It’s not too loud for me, but baby might need to be placed on the opposite side of the crib if it bothers them.

Nikki South Rockwood, MI

I have a love hate relationship with it…

I have a 5 month old baby girl, who we call “love bug” so this was to perfect for her room… and let’s admit it, it’s adorable! It’s cute factor is also its strongest plus.I attached it to my daugther’s crib and initially was impressed with the clasp and strap, thinking how much easier it was for me to attach then her FP brand soother… what I realized about a week later is that it’s also not up to the kicks from my 5 month old daughter (so I can only imagine how it would work for a larger baby able to really grab at it) and it’s come loose and I have to keep tightening the strap daily… due to it coming lose when she kicks it it has also now left very noticeable marks on our dark wood crib (very not happy mama about that) from where it hits back and forth if she kicks it.The bugs are very cute but the mechanics to make them move are pretty loud, I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker (and you’d be surprised what can get your baby to fall asleep, mine doesn’t seem to mind the mechanical sounds at all… but I do). I also have issue with the volume, on low it’s nice and soothing (we really only use the lullaby sounding setting) but if you turn it up the speaker/recording quality is really bad… as in I can’t listen to this bad. So leave it on low!The lights are nice, I personally think it’s enough light, I don’t want my babies crib lite up like a Christmas tree at bedtime so I think the very soft dimming spots are nice and just enough to catch her attention.See that big green button, that’s how you activate it… looks super easy for a baby to press right, and it is… you’d think this is a good thing? Nope! Every single night, for days and days my baby would kick it in her sleep (she’s an active sleeper) and it would turn on, just loud enough to wake me up over the monitor… I’d go in and turn it off (she’d typically still be asleep) just to have it happen again a few mins later… I knew she enjoyed watching it to help her fall asleep but it was making me crazed so it’s been off for the past few days and I’m personally sleeping much better and she doesn’t seem any less happy. The other soother she has in her crib has an equally easy to press button but its a bit smaller and doesn’t stick out so far, so she hasn’t managed to get that one on by mistake yet in her sleep.I’m thinking this will likely become a cute outside of the crib toy, maybe secured some how in her pack n play.

Sherri Glenolden, PA

Baby Likes It

My baby is captivated by the moving wings on the bugs. Unfortunately, one of the bugs (the yellow one) is malfunctioning and barely moves its wings.The sounds on this loop, as most toys like this do, but the loop is very short and is easily discerned by an adult.It is a rather large toy and is about the size of a paint can. It can be strapped to a crib or used as a standalone sound machine.

Audra Penitas, TX

Soothing and Entertaining

The Infantino Firefly Soother is a mutlipurpose electronic tableau that springs to life or lulls your baby to sleep (hopefully). There are basically three settings. One of the settings produces no sound and only very slight movements and occasional dull lights from the fireflies. The other two settings are more impressive: the fireflies, frog and caterpillar move about while lights turn on-and off. The soothing mode produces sounds of nature like crickets chirping, while the entertaining mode produces music. There is a control for low or high volume.I found the soother to work well for entertaining my baby, but she seems to fall asleep on her own best without distractions. Some parents like mobiles and stuffed animals, etc. in their children’s crib or soothing to sleep…so I can see a good market for this toy. The nature sounds are quite soothing for my baby girl…and for me. The straps on the back make it pretty easy to setup. One negative is the unit is pretty bulky, so it will take up some real estate in-crib. Also, I would have liked more songs for entertainment as it isn’t worth getting just for use as a toy. Basically, it works really well for what it is designed for, but could be more versatile.Overall, the Infantino Firefly Soother is well-designed with no noisy gears or other issues. It’s very easy to set up and use. It even comes with batteries already put in. The colors, sound and motion were all very attention-grabbing for my baby and she seemed to instantly like this toy. I’m not sure parents need a device like this to help their child fall asleep and it could be a potential distraction. I would recommend this for any parent interested in trying out a soothing electronic device (perhaps after tiring of cranking up those hand-wound mobiles for the fiftieth tie in a row).

Eugenia Woodsboro, MD

It’s cute, but that’s about it.

I want to start off this review by saying that I really wanted to like this product. It’s cute and the overall concept of this crib toy is appealing. Unfortunately, beyond it’s cute appearance, there isn’t much about it that’s noteworthy.Let’s start with the ease of attaching the toy to the side of a crib. This is a snap and is probably the most impressive feature on the toy. Considering this is a toy I’d have to say that it’s pretty sad that this is the best feature.The lights on this toy are incredibly dim. If you put this on in a dark room you’ll only see very dim blobs of color that fade and slowly light back up to their very dim “bright” setting. I suppose if you want to bore your baby to sleep this product might work.The music is ok. It’s nothing spectacular. I didn’t like the nature setting with the cricket sounds. Perhaps that will appeal to some people, but it didn’t win me over in the least.When the toy is on the motion setting it is very loud. The minimal motion inside the bug jar isn’t very interesting.There are other crib toys that get the job done better. Fisher price makes crib toys that actually light up (and have different light settings) and are soothing. The motion in their crib toys is nice and quieter.The bottom line is Infantino tried to make a cute and functional crib toy and they failed. They should stick making rattles, which they do quite well. I would not recommend this product.

Lela Oran, IA

Nice, but give the 2 extra batteries!

I gave this to my younger brother, for his son, who has been using it from birth to now (7 months) Here is his review.============My baby loves this crib soother! One of the parenting books I use highly recommends developing a regular routine for putting my baby to sleep. We decided to incorporate this into our baby’s daily nap time and bedtime. Baby loves the lullibye that it plays, and it helps lull him to sleep almost every time. The accompanying flashing lights also help draw his attention before he falls asleep. This toy has become a fun part of baby’s daily life. I love that I can use it all the time and use it to help baby sleep. I also like that I can use it from baby’s birth through year 2. It is also very safe, all of the sides are rounded.The buttons are also well placed. The volume and light buttons are on top, where baby cannot reach. The button that turns on the music and lights is on the bottom and easy to access. Just press to turn it on. The thing I love most about this device is that it stays on for a limited duration; after that, it turns off by itself. That way, it stays on long enough to put baby to sleep. The music is also easy on the ears and gentle, not mechanical at all.The battery life on this thing is very good too. It lasts around a month to two before I need to change them. Unfortunately, his device comes with only two C batteries to allow you to test it. It takes four batteries to fully operate.==============I’ve personally looked at it, and it looks nice. I also noticed that the buttons and sliders were on top, so the kid can’t change the settings. The speaker was also separate enough that for babies who are very sensitive to noise, one can use the old clear-packing-tape-muffler trick to further lower the volume as needed, although I personally felt that the low volume was unobtrusive enough. The only thing I’d say, is to go ahead and give the 2 extra batteries, geez.Overall, highly recommended.

Jaclyn Tennyson, IN

So cute!!

My 1 year old still loves this! We have a house in the woods but no firefly’s! Has a great sound and it is nice that you have the option to turn it off. This is awesome!!!

Michele Summerhill, PA

Too Cute!

I don’t know how necessary these types to crib toys are but they sure are cute. This one has several things I really like about it. The first is that it has late night cricket noises. Sort of white noise for babies. There are all sorts of combinations to make just about any baby happy. Night noise, night noise with fireflies lit up or add to that moving bugs and a frog to those. There are also two different songs to choose from. The moving frog, inch worm and firefly wings make sort of a humming noise that is useful if you have the sort of kids that like the sound of appliances running. I can’t tell you the number of times I ran the vacuum to get my kids to sleep!There is also a function that turns off all the noise and the baby is able to push the large green button and turn on and off different fireflies.

Annabelle Weare, NH

Cute, good size, nice music, but loud when set in motion!

This is the second bedtime soother we have owned. The first one wasFisher-Price Rainforest Waterfall Peek-a-Boo Soother.The Firefly soother is a nice viewing size (10 ” tall) and made to look like a jar full of bugs like fireflies, frogs, and a caterpillar; very cute! There is a setting for two different music, and one nature sound (very relaxing). The nightlight feature is very calming, constantly dimming and brightening in a nice soothing fashion. You can switch the soother to just music, lights, or music lights and motion (with the little wings of the firefly moving and the caterpillar walking). You can also adjust the volume.That being said, I’m very disappointed with this soother. Could the thing be any louder?! It’s fine in all of the settings except motion; you can hear the gears grinding and moving and it’s NOT at all relaxing. My son’s Waterfall Soother is so quiet when it’s in motion, so I know they make these to be a lot more “soothing.” Maybe it’s just new and the gears need to run awhile.Unfortunately, I don’t recommend this soother because of the loud gears when set in motion… and seeing it in motion is what my son likes! This is unfortunate, because I really like it, and other than the motion setting being loud it’s very calming; I almost want to set it up next to my bed! My 1 year old son does like it though, so it’s got good kid appeal. But for 5 dollars more, I’d go with the Waterfall Soother.

Ola Lafayette, CA

Overall a disappoinment

This is our first experience with a crib soother.On a positive note, setup was extremely simple. There’s a strap that is fastened around the crib and a safety string of sorts that can be used as a backup (I think.) It is important to note that the plastic buckle is very secure since it requires both hands to attach and remove. No infant/toddler would be able to release the buckle.The soother has three different settings – a light show, music and nature sounds and movement. The light show consists of the firefly’s gently fading red, green, orange and red lights. There are two musical settings, one nature sound setting and four different insect motions (2 bugs flapping their wings, an inchworm inching and a frog hopping.) The light show and movements operate in conjunction with the music/soothing nature sounds. However, the motion will not work independent of the other 2 features (sound/lights).There are two major drawbacks that I can see. The first is the noise it makes while on the motion setting. The noise really isn’t soothing at all. I would call it more of a cranking sound than anything. We rarely use the setting. Matter of fact, the only time we have used it is when our 3 year old adjusts the settings for her own entertainment. Our baby, on the other hand, is a little startled by the noise. The second drawback is that the soother requires 4 C batteries. I haven’t used it enough to see how long they last, but it’s still a lot of battery power for the little you get from the machine. My guess is it requires so much juice to crank the motors which “move” the fireflies around the night sky.Pros:Cute, whimsical designBrightly colored bugs that catch your child’s attentionDifferent settings to allow for combinations of motion, lights and sound3 sound settings (low, medium and silent)Cons:Cost – too much for what you get, but it looks like many have gotten the hint and dropped their pricesBattery requirementsMotion setting makes noise that is not soothing at all, which means that it’s really just a sound and lights machine.Less than desired music qualityOverall, I would say that we are disappointed with this product. While the promise of creating a relaxing baby retreat sounds great, the product fell short of delivering on that promise.

Juliette Ballengee, WV

Gears are too loud, but my baby loves it.

We own two bedtime soothers. The other one I have is the Fisher-Price Oceans Wonders Aquarium, which I believe has been discontinued.The Infantino Firefly Soother is super cute to look at. The lights seem to fascinate my 4 1/2 month old daughter. The music is much less annoying than most baby products. I particularly like the nature sounds myself. We use a monitor at night, so the nature sounds lull me to sleep as well as my baby. There are options for just lights, just sound, or you can combine lights, sounds, and motion. There is also a volume adjuster.My only complaint is that the sounds of the gears is quite loud when the motion option is on. I would compare it to a white noise, sort of like a loud refrigerator. It actually seems to put my baby to sleep, but it is annoying to me.

Elnora Worcester, VT

Love crib toys!

This crib toy does a lot and looks cute for a boy or girl. The only negative is that any lighted toy is a real battery eater!

Constance Gravel Switch, KY