Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier, Black

Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier, Black

The Flip does it all and will delight you with its comfort. Crafted for moms, yet cool enough for dads, it’s flippable, flexible, breathable wonder that will keep your compass pointed towards go.

Main features

  • 3 Carrying positions grow with baby: 1- facing-in cozy time 2- facing-out cruising, 3- backpack exploring
  • BreatheMesh carrier body allows for greater airflow
  • Adjustable lumbar support helps relieve shoulder pressure
  • Extra padded straps easily adjust for all-day comfort
  • Includes Wonder cover bib to protect your carrier and your clothes

Verified reviews


Really disappointed in this cheap product

I liked this at first. I admit I bought it because it was cheap. I did tons of research on baby carriers. I wanted something that did front carry (facing in and facing out) and back carry. I added the Beco Baby Gemini to my Amazon baby registry, but no one bought it. So try to save money, I bought this thinking it would be comparable. It is not.I’ve only used it as front carry, facing in. You have to wait until your baby has head/neck control before you can switch him/her to facing out. My baby has been at that point for a while now, but I barely use the Infantino Flip because it is painful to me and seems uncomfortable to my daughter. The padding near the top clip actually rubs/digs into her cheek. If I make the straps on that clip looser, she seems insecure. After wearing it for 10 minutes, my shoulder is killing me. The padding leaves a lot to be desired.I found I could easily put this on though; clip the back piece then “dive” into the carrier (put your head in, then put each arm in). It was much faster than the Moby Wrap a friend gave me. It beats lugging the carseat into stores. My baby plus my carseat (Graco snug ride 35) is just too heavy now that she’s getting older (and she’s only 14 lbs).I broke down and bought the Beco Baby Gemini. I tried a Ergo Baby (original) on in the baby box store. The straps on it were amazing, but I really want to be able to have the option to wear my baby facing outward (the Ergo baby carriers do not allow for this). I can always bring her back facing inward if she is overwhelmed, tired, wants to nurse, etc.You really do get what you pay for. If you don’t plan on babywearing, or don’t plan on baby wearing very long, this will do. If you want to wear your baby often, spend the money on something better; don’t waste it on this.

Susie Pine Bluffs, WY

Great affordable baby carrier

My baby boy is a chunk so a baby carrier is a must. This carrier is really comfortable and for someone with back/neck problems that’s saying something. The strap that goes around your waist makes all the difference. I was not uncomfortable walking around with my son strapped in compared to how I am when I wear him in my Balboa Baby sling. It’s well made, secure and affordable. Can’t argue with that! I have yet to find a single bad thing about this carrier. Skip the more expensive versions and go with this one, you won’t regret it!

Keisha Colusa, IL

Cheap price, cheap product

I bought this carrier in hopes it was a more affordable option instead of shelling out $100+ for an Ergo/Beco type baby carrier. Unfortunately, it is far inferior to those! The shoulder straps are so uncomfortable and dug into my shoulders painfully with my 22 lb son in a back carry. Spend some more money and get a comfortable carrier!

Antionette Lyons, KS

very painful

I was originally going to buy this on Amazon. I had read the reviews, and knew that some people were very displeased with it, but was going to buy it anyway. Well I was going Christmas shopping, and our stroller is rather big (BOB stroller) and I didnt have my trunk cleaned out to put it in which meant I was going to have to carry my daughter, diaper bag and whatever I bought through the mall which didnt sound like fun. So i decided to just pick this up at Target. It took me 20 minutes to figure everything out and adjust and get her into it in the mall parking lot. I didnt even make two feet inside before I was looking for a fitting room to re adjust. And my daughter did not feel secure in it at all, she was floppin all over the place. So another 20 minutes of adjusting later in the fitting room we emerge. She is a little more snug in it but not really, still having to hold her against me. I dont even make it out of JC Penny before I turn around to leave. It was hurting me a lot. The straps were digging in painfully, the little strap that goes across the “middle” of your back was digging into the top part of my neck, I had scratches on my shoulders and neck from the shoulder straps. This product was horrible. It says it goes to 32 pounds, and I cant even imagine how uncomfortable that would be. My daughter is 20 pounds. I took it straight back to target. I thought I could make it work, my main intention for it was to use when I fly with her to get through the airport while carrying her diaper bag and car seat. There is no way I could do it. DO NOT BUY!!!! I wouldnt even give this a star.

Marcie Van Horne, IA



Fran Dyer, IN

great for the price

My husband and I used this carrier while we were on vacation, and thought it was pretty great. My eight-month-old (18 pound) baby fits in it very well and enjoys the ride quite a bit. It is fairly easy to figure out and adjust the straps to the right lengths. I like the versatility of the carrying positions; different positions for different situations. My baby fell asleep in it at the airport while we were traveling and slept just fine forward facing as well as when he was on my back. I find the carrier comfortable to wear both front and back for about an hour or so (which is really long for a carrier of this type).My complaint with the carrier is that it seems like it is better suited for smaller people. I am barely 5’1” and it fits me great, but my husband does not find it very comfortable to wear because the lap strap is too high so it doesn’t rest on his hips (he’s 5’11”).Overall, it’s a great, inexpensive carrier that my baby loves, but it is probably better for shorter people.

Kristin West Topsham, VT

a painful disaster

I have never been more dissapointed with a baby product! It is worth it’s cheap price.My son was so uncomfortable in it – every time I put hi in this carrier, he would scream! It is incredible complicated to put the baby in and out. It is not very sturdy and the belts came lose after I put my baby in. It is not adjustable to fit babies different sizes. My son is now 18 lbs and on the taller side, and I had to put his arms and shoulders over the top, or else he was squeezed inside and the harnessess were cutting down on his shoulders. The list goes on… I will say I am truly dissapointed in this product. It is better to shell out $100 for a product that will be worth the investment, instead of trying to go cheap with this one.

Madelyn Liberty, NC

Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier

This carrier really comes in handy when out and about with my little one. I research before buying this item and Amazon had it the least expensive.

Deloris Sulphur, LA

Great deal for the price

I love this carrier. I was originally gifted a second-hand one that I used every once in awhile. However, I forgot it at home when I took baby boy on a weekend trip to Houston. After a rough day trying to manage without it, I purchased another one out of desperation from a local store. After using it, I realized the huge difference between this model and the second-hand one I received. The second-hand one was ok, but it became uncomfortable after 10-15 minutes. This carrier’s straps are much more comfortable, but baby boy does not get overheated in it. I can wear this carrier for much longer without my back getting achy, as well. Overall, for the price, it cannot be beat.

Kasey Kennedy, AL

Retuned it

It’s cheap, fits poor, and we sent it back. Spend the money on an ergo or baby bjorn. This was one of our most disappointing purchases.

Caryn Enfield, NH

So convenient.

I purchased this at the store because it was the cheapest and it was on sale and needed one for the convenience. I didn’t want to get a double stroller because my son is already turning 3 and didn’t want to get a double stroller to only use it for a couple times before my son grew out of it. I bought this so i can go on walks because the baby weight stopped coming off and my boobs are always so engorged and huge that it hurts to run and do strenuous exercises. The first time i used this it was uncomfortable and was in pain after just 5 minutes. i took it off wanting to return back to the store but decided to try it again. This time i adjusted it so that it fit me snuggly and my daughter also. This time, i did not feel any discomfort so i decided to keep it. the next morning i decided to walk to the drs instead of take the car cuz this momma needs some kind of exercise. The walk was 20 minutes there and another 20 back. I was so comfortable and my daughter fell asleep both ways. She loves it. Perfect price and comfortable! I’d recommend it. Advice, if it is uncomfortable is to adjust it snuggly to both you and baby. ive only used it while my daughter faced me and shes about 13 pounds so maybe thats why it was so comfortable for me idk.shes only 2 months so she cant hold her head all that well yet especially if shes bobbin around while i walk.

Mellisa Appleton, WA

Great Carrier

This is a great baby carrier. I got it for a friend’s baby shower and she and her husband have found it very handy. You can carry the baby in front of on your back. The straps are well padded and positioned so parents wont tire out too quickly.

Elba Annville, PA

My back is killing me!!!

I am not new to baby carriers… since my daughter was born in July I have owned 2 Moby wraps (which are GREAT), 2 slings and 2 different Infantino’s. I got this one at Babies R Us when my daughter was about 4 or 5 months old. I loved it. I only used it in the front and it was fine for a while. However, she was too tall for it from the beginning and her arms had to go over the straps. Not very safe, but since she was facing me and didn’t move too much, it was fine.My daughter is now 8 months old and just under 20lbs and I think my back is going to break. She also pushes to see all around which worries me that her arms don’t fit in the straps. I have to make sure to keep a hand on her. Yesterday I tried to wear her on my back, thinking it would take some of the pressure off, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. You really need a partner to help you. I even put her on like I normally do and tried to slide her to my back and it worked, but took a lot of time. Once there, I didn’t feel like she was secure enough. I watched a few videos on YouTube on how to do it and it just wasn’t working. I just ordered an Ergo and I’m really hoping for better results.

Flossie Plainfield, WI

Great for the price!

Really, you can’t beat this carrier for the price. I was deciding between this and splurging on something like the Ergo which is a lot more expensive. I really wasn’t sure why there was such a price difference but I’m sure you get what you pay for with items like these. For my 4 month old baby this is perfect. He will fit in it for a while and it’s comfortable for both of us. I am 5’2″ 120lbs and it fits great even with my small size and big baby! I have a Moby wrap which is great but this is much more practical for things like trips to the zoo or a grocery store run.. especially once your baby can control their head. It’s also much easier to get on and off. I would recommend this for sure! If you’re more interested in baby wearing more frequently and with a newborn, maybe splurge on the expensive brands but otherwise this will do the job.

Caroline Eskridge, KS

Solid construction and lots of positions you can use, but support isn’t all there

When it comes to baby carrying you’ll want to get the most durable and comfortable product available since you’ll want it to grow with your baby. It’s also super important that both parent and baby are comfortable for more than 15 minutes otherwise you won’t be carrying your baby in the carrier much.Because of these factors I spent a lot of time testing and researching baby carriers. This one is definitely not a contender. It looks cool and is affordable and lightweight, but just doesn’t offer the support you’ll need for yourself and baby to use long term. I ended up getting the Moby Wrap, the Infantino Tie Sash, the Baby Bjorn and the Ergo Baby (mostly as gifts). Out of these, the Ergo Baby is my all time favorite.If you want a more comprehensive review, check out the baby carrier shopping guide on the website Just look under baby gear essentials and you’ll find a full baby registry suggestion list (what you really need versus what you don’t), a stroller shopping guide, and even what to expect postpartum, in the delivery room, and how to sleep train your child.

Sherrie Peacham, VT

Definitely was not comfy for our 5 month old

We will be returning – went with the Baby Bjorn original instead. This was so stiff and uncomfortable both for her and us.

Krystal Baton Rouge, LA

excellent customer service

I received this as a baby shower gift. When I received it, it turns out a couple parts were missing from the package. As soon as I contacted Infantino, they were great about sending me the missing parts without even charging me. They were friendly and quick in their response, which is rare these days.As far as the carrier itself, it is pretty comfortable with my 15 lb. baby for a walk around the park. The straps didn’t dig into my shoulder/sides as much as I thought based on reviews. My biggest complaint is that the lumbar support will slip a little or get twisted when you move a lot. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting much use out of it as my baby absolutely hates being put in it.

Lynne Greenville, SC


I bought this for my husband to carry our 4 month old around in. Needless to say the both of them love it. I have used it a few times and it adjust just fine. My husband is 6 Ft. 3 in. and about 160 lbs, and I am 5 ft. 8 in. and 130 lbs. We are both pretty small framed and the shoulder pads are large enough that if we were a little bigger it would probably fit even better.

Valarie East Liverpool, OH

usable but not great

A bit too many buckles to attach I guess. Putting the baby on it by myself has proven hard. Also back/shoulder support is so so, so I usually would feel a sore back after 20-30 minutes of use. our baby seems to like it when sitting in it though, especially when facing out.

Verna Gregory, SD

Awesome carrier for a great price.

I have been using this for about 2 months since my baby was born and it has been a great buy. I was about to purchase one of those expensive ones for about $100 but decided to give this one a try and it has been worth it.

Myrna Cochranville, PA

You Get What You Pay For

This item is a nice product, but you do get what you pay for. It’s not exceptional. I am a pretty small gal so I have trouble with the straps not tightening enough for the backpack to be securely fastened. However on the plus side, the material is soft and seems like it will wear well. I personally got tired of the backache and not being able to tighten it. I spent the extra $ and bought an Ergo. But this is something I use on a daily basis so it is a must that I love it. If you are not a frequent user, this may work fine. 🙂

Shauna Conde, SD

Great carrier !

I should have bought this earlier !!! I use it everywhere: crowded places, like county fairs, in the house, gardens, beach. The baby seems very comfortable in it, and often falls asleep.

Stella Jenkins, KY

Nice for the price

I like it a lot, Baby Bjorn was my pick, but the price on this carrier is so much more appealing. Also it is NOT as bulky as Baby Bjorn. Very light weight, simple to use, super soft too. Overall very pleased.

Merle Barrackville, WV

A life saver

our son loved this he would just fall asleep in it and we could still walk around the house and do things that we needed to do, it is sturdy and works well.

Maritza Stafford Springs, CT


nce carrier, easy to use, easy to put baby in and out, durable, easy to clean as well. Reasonable price.

Angelita Walhalla, SC

Is what you pay for

There is a reason this carrier is way cheaper than others. The comfort and quality just isn’t there. It can work fine, but gets very uncomfortable fast. If you’re only planning on wearing it for 10 minute stretches then you’re fine. And for what ever reason, the waist belt is not attached to the carrier making you have to thread it through the every time (it always comes out when you’re taking off or putting it on). The padding on the waist belt also isn’t attached to the belt itself and will come off which is even more of a pain. These two features are bad enough it deal with but are exacerbated when also having to deal with a baby at the same time. Then the quality of the rest of the carrier is just way lower than the more expensive carriers. I ended up putting this in the closet, sucking it up and making the more expensive purchase of the Ergobaby. I wish I had just done that to begin with instead of wasting more money trying to take the cheaper route in the beginning.

Tracy Vulcan, WV

Good for the price

ProsMachine washableBaby may face you or face out when in frontBaby may be carried on your backGood priceVery adjustable– I am 4’11” and just over 100 pounds, while my husband is 6’1″ and about 175 pounds.Easily adjustableEasy to get baby in and out once you get the hang of itComfier than most around this priceConsI can’t find a height restriction for this product– My six month old seems too tall for itMy back always hurts after carrying my daughter in this and she doesn’t even weigh 14 poundsIt rides up in the back and doesn’t stay where it should

Rosalyn Ivan, AR

Not that sturdy

Would not waste money on this brand again. Does not provide adequate support to your back and shoulders like other brands.

Denice Canton, MN

Pretty good

For the price, it was pretty good. It does pull down on the shoulders quite a bit. So good for short term wears. I made a video review of it if you would like to see how it works

Jenifer Tignall, GA


The Infantino Flip was one of the best acquisitions we made​​. Is very comfortable for baby and parents. The cost is great.

Joy Bronston, KY