Infantino Fold and Go Bouncer, Metro

Infantino Fold and Go Bouncer, Metro

Bouncing action occurs with baby’s natural movements, easy-to-fold and folds flat, padded head support, waist harness, machine washable seat cover, 3 melodies and 3 rhythmic sounds, volume control or switch to vibration mode, and requires 3 “AA” batteries (not incl.). Measures 16″ x 22 1/2″ x 21″ H. For newborns up to 25 lbs.

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Unique, easy to fold, space saving design
  • Just press, pull and fold
  • Comforting bouncing action occurs with baby’s natural movement
  • Soothing vibrations, heart beat, nature sounds and 3 melodies
  • Includes two detachable, sensory stimulating toys

Verified reviews


Totally love this!

I’m sad because my girl is about to grow out of it, it is the BESt little chair for a baby in small spaces and travel!

Jeanie Rock Island, TN

Pretty and convenient for travel

This bouncer is good for people that travel or live in a small home easy to fold, the features this bouncer have are great music, heartbeat, sounds of the sea two types of volume or mute and vibration mode, and the toy are pretty, is a very nice bouncer and you can buy this for a baby boy or a girl.

Isabel Jetson, KY

Folds up nice for travel

This is a really nice looking bouncer. Although this is much like many bouncer chairs on the market, it is different as that it folds up small. It is great for travel. It is also padded well.

Sydney Gilbert, AZ

An Excellent “Bouncy Chair” for the Money

New to parenting? This is one device that is a must for at least, say, eight months of your baby’s first year, probably more. This is a very portable, easy to store, commendably-built bouncer. It is comfy, easy to clean, and great for napping. I wish I had an adult-sized one.The vibration-mode works like a charm, and there are different sounds of nature and music to softly lull the baby to sleep. Semi serious here; note that this bouncer doesn’t have a pogo-stick in it and will bounce your baby all over the place by itself (LOL)… it is a kinetic engine and uses your baby’s movements to bounce him/her gently about.It requires a couple of AA batteries; if I recall, there were a couple that came with the seat/chair/bouncer, but they didn’t live long compared to the good batteries available in stores.We just bought one of these for our friend who is expecting her first very soon, so we highly recommend it! :^)

Cassandra Leander, KY


This bouncer folds up nicely and I’m able to bring it anywhere I go. It is sturdy and attractive and my baby seems pretty comfy in it, which is the most important aspect of this product. The bouncer is also pretty unisex so boy or girl-it doesn’t matter! The melodies it plays are soothing and the vibration is nice too, though I’m pretty sure most bouncers come with that anyway. I don’t know of many(if any) foldable bouncers, so if you travel from place to place alot with your baby, this may be the perfect item to get.

Jackie Mc Gregor, IA

Perfect and high quality for kids under 2 years of age

I have a Fisher Price “Soothe ‘n Play Safari” bouncerSoothe ‘N Play Safari Bouncerfor my 2+ year old that was terrific but not convenient for trips. The Infantino one appears more “complicated” and bulkier, but actually can easily fold into a compact shape more appropriate for travel. Both bouncers are terrific, but in completely different ways.The Infantino bouncer is of very high quality construction with music, vibration mode, and hanging toys that are a bit better than my Fisher Price. The Infantino also has better padding and seems much more high tech and full featured. It looks like a “luxury” bouncer. While it makes the Fisher Price look “cheap”, the Fisher Price Safari has the edge though in simplicity and comfort with its springy legs which give a very natural rocking or bouncing motion. I would say that the Fisher Price is a no frills model that just excels in having the right contoured shape with a great bouncy feel from its simple bent metal frame.I think if you have a kid under 25 lbs, either the Fisher Price Safari or the Infantino would be wonderful bouncers. I like the Fischer Price model a little bit better for its “bouncy” springy metal legs, but if you travel or seek a bouncer with better sounds/music, vibration mode, and padding this Infantino is a better choice.

Kathleen Ratcliff, TX

Not a bouncer, a good vibrating chair

I like the Fold n Go Bouncer and so does my now 7 week old baby – she has been using it since two weeks of age. It doesn’t bounce unless I push on it for her, but she likes the vibration option. I didn’t give it five stars because it doesn’t bounce! It’s easy to set up and fold down. So far, the construction seems good. I don’t use the music options because they are obnoxious.

Saundra Jonesville, LA

Overall a good chair with a few drawbacks

Overall, I liked this chair, and frankly, found it to be more effective than other, more stylish, chairs. I would buy it again and plan to save it for our next baby.Positives:- It has strong vibrations, and because of this my baby preferred this chair over some of the other bouncy chairs which had less intense vibrations.- The vibrations are a little noisy (yes, this could be viewed as a negative, but the noise helped calm and soothe my child).- I did not have any problems using this with a newborn as some of the other reviewers have mentioned. It lays back pretty far and my daughter’s head never flopped because the pillow held it in place.- The pillow is Velcro-ed on so you can raise it or lower it as your child grows.- It calmed my colicky baby and put her to sleep.- I didn’t have any problem with the strap positioning as some of the other reviewers have mentioned.- SUPER easy to clean. We had a few diaper mishaps and they all wiped up with no hassle.Negatives:- It is a little shallow so at about 6.5 months my daughter has just about outgrown this chair. This is fine since she is not really entertained by these anymore anyway.- At about 5.5 months my daughters legs hung over the edge just enough so she sometimes kicks button which makes the vibrations turn off on her own (she’s 75th percentile height).- It has an internal timer so after about 20 minutes, the vibrations stop on their own. For most babies I think this would be fine but my daughter tended to wake up when the vibrations stopped.- The toy bar is not held firmly in place. I ended up just taking it off because if you knock it a bit (or baby pulls on the toy) it falls off.

Stephanie East Marion, NY

Great Bouncer

This is fantastic for lulling baby to sleep. It’s comfortable for them and has several settings. It vibrates, plays soothing music, and even has a heartbeat setting, all designed to sooth babies and help them get to sleep. The hanging toys are great for entertaining baby as well. Plus it encourages little ones to reach for them.

Jasmin Melfa, VA

Pretty great chair, but not really a bouncer

As a self-proclaimed “minimalist” parent, I appreciated the Fold and Go’s simplistic and stylish design. It really does fold nicely, and I’ve put the cover through the wash several times (not through the dryer!) and it still looks brand new. It’s true that it doesn’t actually bounce (at least not for little ones), but the vibration is nice. I rarely use the nature sounds (wind, rushing water, and a heartbeat) and I have only heard the music option by accident. My finicky daughter dislikes her swing, but loves this vibrating chair and cries when it turns off after 20 minutes. Recommended for any parent who has an easily overstimulated little one.Edit: I wanted to add that I couldn’t put my little one down for the first month of her life, so we never used this when she was just born. I would agree with other reviewers that this is probably not the greatest seat for undeveloped necks. When my little one fell asleep, I often leaned the seat back a bit by propping the front edge on a folded blanket so she could recline a bit more (as many reviewers have noted, there is only one position on this seat). I’m sure that doing this is not recommended by the manufacturer, but I found the position to be stable enough as she dozed next to me.

Jerri Castleton, VA

Good idea, so so execution

It didnt work for nither the new born nor older kid. It doesnt lean properly, the position is too vertical for younger kids. For older kids, the bucket is not deep enough to hold them comfortably. Some how it never worked, looked nice after assembling but it was a big miss. If you have hard wood floors, the vibrating metal frame could be a big annoyance. But should not have any issues in carpet. Wish they had put in a little bit more thought and field study before releasing the product. Going back to fisher price bouncers.

Lynnette Thomasboro, IL

My son LOVED it. Then it broke 1 week later

My son absolutely loved this chair when we brought him home from the hospital. At times, the vibration was the only thing that made him happy. Because of that, starting from day one we were indebted to this chair. Then on day 7 or 8, the chair broke! It wouldn’t turn off except when you removed the batteries, and then it stopped turning on, it was a big mess and definitely not something you want to deal with when you have a new born. Since the whole family loved the chair and it looks nice and has a great footprint, I wanted to replace it. I called the company and they were absolutely less then helpful and said that the item had been discontinued, they had no other vibrating objects, and I was essentially out of luck. I returned the item and bought a carters bouncer.

Tricia Graysville, AL