Infantino Freezer Sleeve

Infantino Freezer Sleeve

A convenient way to keep your baby’s food organized and easily accessible in the fridge or freezer.

Main features

  • Holds up to 12 squeeze pouches
  • Keeps baby food organized and easily accessible in fridge or freezer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free

Verified reviews


Exactly as described

I purchased two of these to store my Infantino pouches. They are exactly as described and arrived quickly and in good condition. They can be nestled/stacked in one another when not in use. Easy to wipe clean or wash in the sink. Holds 9-14 pouches depending on how full they are. I would like them a bit more if they didn’t have such a large ‘lip’ around them since they would take up less space in the freezer. Overall they are a rather boring, but somewhat useful, product.

Sondra Van Buren, ME

I need another one!

This is one of those things you get because "it would be nice to have" but ends up being more valuable than you would think. I LOVE how this keeps her pouches organized in the freezer! I need another one, I think! It only holds maybe 8-10 pouches, which isn’t bad, but sometimes I would like to make more pouches in one go to have on hand. The price is right. Quality product that makes life easier and more organized.

Camilla Helen, WV

Not the most efficient, but gets the job done

This has helped organize my freezer, but I am disappointed that it does not hold the number of pouches it claims to. I can only fit 8 pouches comfortably, though it says it should hold 12. Maybe I just have overly filled pouches? Either way, I wish it held more, but it does help to keep things more organized.

Esperanza Hallwood, VA

wouldn’t buy again

You don’t need this. Save your money and use a ziploc bag. Fits less packages filled up than shown in the picture.

Doretha Cresskill, NJ

great for storage

This does make a nice storage for the food sleeves, although when you process a lot at one time, you could use more than one.

Harriet Colby, WI


If you’re Ansley & want everything to match- get this. It’s cute & it helps keep my freezer organized 🙂

Bobby Panama, NE

Perfect Set!

This works great with the infantino pouches! The whole set is amazing. I wish I would have purchased it sooner!

Valeria Allegan, MI

Great storage!

This is not only great for the homemade or storebought squeezies but also for frozen breastmilk. I will be purchasing more of these to store milk in my freezer.

Deana Marshallville, OH

Perfect fit to help organize

This is a great size to keep the squeeze pouches in order. I purchased one for the fridge and one for the freezer.

Bobby Pleasantville, NY

Nice fit

My freezer is not very big but this takes up such a small amount of space. It’s great for keeping food organized

Dominique South Pekin, IL

Five Stars

Nice quality. Does a good job

Kelley Oswego, IL

Great for Organizing

Fits great in freezer space. Works wonderful for freezing baby food and breast milk storage bags. Helps make tracking the dates the item was stored.

Rae Leesburg, GA

Great product

Fantastic product that easy to use. I can cook a whole lot of food and store away to leave more time in my day to spend with my child

Ernestine Erhard, MN