Infantino Jumbo Patchwork Play Space

Infantino Jumbo Patchwork Play Space

Soft, comfy play mat with plenty of room to grow. Includes over 20 play features. Sounds, textures and colors surround baby and encourage rolling, scooting and crawling. Clacker rings for endless fun. High contrast patterns for cognitive development. Musical flower delights. Mat measures 47″ x 47″.

Main features

  • Lots of bright colors, sounds and textures with this activity play mat
  • Includes over 20 play features
  • Encourages rolling, scooting and crawling
  • Mat measures 47″ x 47″
  • Musical flower delights

Verified reviews


Cute playmat with good features for the price.

This mat is attractive and colorful without being overpowering … bright enough to stimulate my baby, but not blindingly so. And it’s 2-3 times larger than your average tummy-time mat or infant play mat. Very useful when you have a mobile infant/toddler who’s liable to roll, crawl or cruise off the smaller mats. This mat has lots of little features to keep my little-one interested. The “flower” in the middle plays a cheerful melody when pressed (great for teaching cause-and-effect), and the animal ears and “little bee” are all made of crinkly paper that grabs her attention. There are also a few rings (for pulling, etc.) and a couple of teethers. You really do get a lot for the price. The mat has enough padding to provide sufficient protection from most falls, bumps, etc., when on our carpeted floor. However, it probably won’t provide sufficient cushion if placed on a tile, marble or hardwood floor.All in all, a solid mat and good value for money.

Ma Dassel, MN

Excellent mat!

My baby loves her playmat. I give her the bee to hold when I change her nappy. She plays with the music flower too and she loves the mirror. The only thing that would have been nice on this mat is overhead stimulation for younger babies. When my baby was younger we borrowed a mat that had items hanging so she could bat at them. Now that she can roll over, she is discovering the crinkly ears of the monkey and lion’s mane and pulling on the teether and rings.All in all a great buy which she will be using for a long time.

Saundra Kent, OR

A hit in our house– colors even better in person

My 5 month old baby and I both love this mat. Because tummy time/time on the floor is so important for growing babies, we use it every single day. The colors are beautiful (even my sister who’s an artist and tends to like handmade items remarked on how nice it is) and he loves looking at it, has been starting to crawl on it, and likes the attachable toys and mirror. Definitely a hit in our house!

Lottie Ghent, MN

Excellent baby mat

Nice sized play mat for an infant. It is cute and colorful and has a variety of fun sensory items on this mat that keeps my baby entertained!

Katy Larslan, MT

Economical for the size

My son loved this the day we got it and still enjoys it 6 weeks later. Great for tummy time and for use with the boppy. Easy to travel with as it folds up nicely. And because he’s an infant, it gets washed pretty frequently. I have never put in in the dryer so I haven’t had any issues with it shrinking.

Bette Harwood, TX

Bright and playful

The size of this item is great at 1.2m x 1.2m.I didn’t purchase it until my daughter was a year old however she enjoyed playing with the different items right away. She removed all the velcroed items to carry them around the house! This is definitely worth buying earlier on when your child is less mobile and would spend more time on the mat. All the attachments can be removed so the mat can be washed in cold water. It folds up very easily, making it good for travel- which is specifically why we bought it.

Angie Van Buren, MO

Great mat

Good sturdy qualityCute toysBaby has lots of visual stimulationOnly prob is – it doesnt fit into our joovy playard

Roslyn Sodus, NY

Cute and interesting playmat.

Baby likes it. I’d like it better if it were washable and if the plastic were safer. But considering he doesn’t spend too much time on it, it’s just fine.

Miriam Richmond, KS

She loves it!

My little girl enjoys playing on this quilt. She rolled over for the first time trying to get to one of the teethers! I could not be more pleased with that!!! I highly recommend it.

Natalie Gunpowder, MD

Patchwork Play Space Right for the Money

For my new grandson….just a perfect size and you can just use it as a blanket to play on with other toys. Is a perfect size to pack up and take with you, too. Awesome bright colors for baby and fun little toys attached.

Susan Mathews, VA

Gorgeous and fun

This rug is colorful and very creative. The animals and shapes and the velcroed pieces (a bee, a flower that sings “you are my sunshine, a mirror) and the sewed in parts (rings and other shapes) make it have it all. My daughter has it since she was 5 months and now she is almost a year old. Even though she already walks, she loves sitting on the rug and “talking” to the monkey and the lion. She also loves to throw herself on it, lying down on her back to be funny. I love that it is washable. She spills juice and chocolate milk on it all the time, and I wash it and put it in the dryer, it comes out just fine, as good as new.

Lorraine South Amana, IA

Great play mat for baby

I loved this playmat when my son was younger. It is a nice large size and he loved the crinkly bee and the singing flower. Not too much cushion though if you dont have carpet underneath. Would not recommend for wood floor if you have a small infant. Otherwise this is a great mat!

Winifred Irasburg, VT