Infantino Jumbo Shape Sorter

Infantino Jumbo Shape Sorter

A new twist on the classic shape sorter. Press on his ears to release the shapes so the sorting can begin again. Helps babies develop hand eye coordination. Jumbo Shape Sorter encourages the early development of very important skills by promoting sensory exploration through sight, touch and sound.

Main features

  • Teaches cause and effect relationships
  • Develops hand dexterity and coordination
  • Encourages sensory exploration
  • Easy to grasp for little hands
  • Explores sight, sound and touch

Verified reviews


temperamental sorter

This sorter has shapes that are a precise fit making it more difficult to line up with their respective holes. The shapes have to be put in from the top of the drum because the internal parts are in the way when you try to put shapes through holes at the sides. When you push down on the trunk the shapes are supposed to empty out but they sometimes get stuck. A fun concept but frustrating for my 11 month old.

Bridget Salem, IA

Great toy!

I just bought this toy for my 9-month old. It is so neat. Wind the tail to turn the body, put the shapes in, then pull on the ears or push the trunk to empty the pieces out. My 9-month-old can not put the shapes in by herself yet, but she loves to turn the body of the elephant and dump the shapes out of his trunk. Very cute toy.

Olga Villamont, VA

Something different

I was excited to get a shape sorter that was not a circle or a square and to top it off the elephant also had some cool tricks. We opened it and played with it as soon as it came in the mail. It is super cute and my daughter likes to spin the middle but some of the shapes are hard to get in if they are not placed directly in the hole. That makes this toy very frustrating for my 18 month old who is still perfecting her fine motor skills. I actually first noticed the issue myself. I was also disappointed by the trunk which lowers to let the shapes out when the ears are pressed. The trunk lets the shapes escape regardless of the ears being pressed, so you can never truly put the toy away and the shapes go everywhere while carrying it. This means my daughter will pick up the toy and take it across the room to play with it but when she gets there all the shapes are gone. Even with the "bad" I would still recommend it because it really is the most unique shape sorter out there and the features are fun and different for the little ones.

Christie Stanaford, WV

A hit with my grandson

The shape sorter was a gift for my 10-month-old grandson. Though he’s a little young for shape sorting, he loves cranking the tail and chewing on the shapes. This is a toy that he’ll continue to enjoy as he develops. Appealing for a variety of ages, it’s well made and colorful. I’ll keep this one in mind for baby gifts.

Marie Albany, OK

Super cute and fun!

Our daughter loves this. She especially enjoys spinning the body around because it makes a clicking noise.To get the shapes out, you just have to tilt the trunk down! Fun and cute!

Samantha Barnegat, NJ

Cute and functional

Pros:1. Five stackable shapes – awesome because I’m not hunting for multiple pieces. I can click them all together and I quickly know if I’m missing a piece.2. Kids love elephants3. Colors are bright4. The three year old likes to keep her hot wheel cars inside it.Cons:1. Other reviewers have mentioned the pinching between the wheel and the belly. That is a definite possibility, but it isn’t going to cut them and all you need to do is turn the wheel in the other direction to release their finger. I think this would happen with the younger babies. Mine is two months shy of her 3rd birthday.2. Child will need adult help to remove packed in hot wheel cars.3. You can store the shapes inside the elephant, but you need to make sure that his trunk is lifted up or they will slip right out. Best to click them all together and slip it through the trunk.Summary: My kid plays with it every day. We all have fun with it.

Phyllis Mc Roberts, KY

Cute, but others are better

We bought this shape sorter for our 5 month old son for Christmas last year. It is adorable and has a good selection of shapes, but my son, who is now 15 months, prefers "bucket style" shape sorters, so he can do the fill and spill thing. This seemed to irritate him because he had to make it spin to find the shape. We ended up with a Plan Toys wooden shape sorter and he likes playing with the box that the shapes go in as well as the shapes themselves.

Antionette Chapman Ranch, TX

Great toy!

My 9 month old loves this toy! She may not like trying to get the shapes in yet, but she loves to spin the sorter and turn the tail. She likes for me to put the shapes in and watch them spill out…

Martha South Glens Falls, NY


Its an interesting idea, but it simply isn’t capturing my child’s interest. It is cute and well made, but our daughter just isn’t interested

Robert Manilla, IN

Five Stars

this is the cutest shape sorter I’ve ever seen. My nephew loves it!

Millicent Adger, AL