Infantino Matching Colors and Textures Puzzles

Infantino Matching Colors and Textures Puzzles

Little ones will “feel” their way to improved sensory skills and hand-eye coordination.

Main features

  • Matching colors and textures helps young children learn first words and sensory skills
  • 20 two-piece puzzles match familiar objects to colors and textures using pictures and names
  • Sturdy pieces are fun to hold and handle; Helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Helps increase matching and early problem-solving skills
  • Children 1 to 3 years old

Verified reviews



I had high hopes for these, but have yet to find a kid who will play with them! Both of our kids find them boring, and older ones as well. Great concept, but probably too complex for the age group advertised.

Herminia Ward Cove, AK

Incredible toy, educational and fun

I bought this set for my two year old, so we could work on matching and begin introducing colors and textures. He loves these cards, and they really have helped him learn both his colors as well as some additional vocabulary. Fitting the two pieces together makes it a little more interactive for him than plain flash cards or matching games. While this is not an everyday toy, it does keep him fascinated for some time when we pull it out. I also like that some of the cards use textures and patterns, as these concepts are more difficult to introduce to a toddler. I have a six month old and she already enjoys looking at the pictures while he works-I look forward to her turn to match!

Carissa Elida, NM

Amazed with the product. Better than I anticipated!

I thougt this was going to be a basic package to mix and match textures and colors. But, you have to see it to believe it. Awesome and such a bargain for the money. I would have spent much more for this one.

Celia Clune, PA

These are fantastic

Big, very sturdy, bright colors, clear pictures, and lots of educational fun for my 2-year-old. At first, he just liked looking at the pieces but didn’t quite get the concept of matching; now, he can match them and put them all together. A great teaching tool, surprisingly good quality considering the price. Highly recommended.

Irma Sheridan, ME

Use a few at a time

I bought this for my 17 month old granddaughter. ALthough I really like the concept, there are way too may pairs for her right now and some of the pairs have the same colored background. For example the yellow sun matches up with a yellow colored piece that says "yellow" while a fluffy chick matches up to a yellow colored piece that says "fluffy." (It does have a square of the fluffy material on it too) I took out 8 of the pairs to give to her and she is matching them almost all the time (pink and purple still confuse). She doesn’t quite put them together yet, but that will come. I wish there were a few more textures, but when I think about it I guess I wouldn’t want "rough" or "scratchy." Overall, I would recommend just don’t overwhelm a one-year-old with all of the pairs at once.

Imogene Milladore, WI

I like them

My son isn’t old enough to play with these and understand them yet, but I like them. When he can actually realize what they are I’m sure he will enjoy them a little more as well.

Clarice Como, NC

Apparently I have the old version

When I clicked on the link to provide a review, I saw something completely different than what is in my son’s room right now. I can only review the pieces that are white with the image centered in the middle. My son loves these pieces and they are very durable. He has figured out how to match the sides and has turned into a game with my husband. The colors are eye catching and the pictures are cute. Again, I believe they may have changed this product.

Yolanda Boothville, LA

will grow with her

i bought these hoping to use them fairly soon but for the most part she just likes to carry the box around and take everything out of it and put it all back in! which is fine she’s only 16 months old. They are very durable they have had juice and formula spilled on them and they didn’t even peel away from the backing. the colors are good the pictures and words are very clear and when she gets older im sure these will be great for her!

Loraine Spring City, PA

Great toy to last across a wide age range

Love the colors and textures in these puzzle pieces. Originally bought for my 1 year old to learn names and colors, etc., my dad said it would be great for my niece, almost 3 who loves to do puzzles. Now we both have a set.

Kelsey Hopewell Junction, NY


Great quality and concept. My 2 year osld loves these cards. My only complaint is that I wish there were more cards included!

Kara Oakesdale, WA

Great find

My daughter loves these puzzle pieces. She’s only a year old, but she is identifying which pieces go together within 2 weeks of playing with them. They have colors on them that match with the animals and the names of the colors. They are a great size as well. It’s amazing to see how playtime with these puzzles can be so much fun and educational. I would approve this to any one getting a gift for a little one = ).

Cherry Mount Tremper, NY


This is a great puzzle and it comes with A LOT of different 2-piece puzzles. My 12 month old is a bit young for them because she wants to eat them, but when she grows a little, she will have lots of fun, I’m sure. There are enough puzzles in this set to divide them up for rotation from week to week to week! I’m happy I got this item.

Carrie Mooresville, MO

Good product

This product is pretty good quality. It’s made of heavy cardboard and the puzzle pieces fit together well. My daughter, who turns 1 in a couple of weeks, has fun staring at the pictures and tossing the pieces around. Her favorite is actually the box that the pieces are supposed to be stored in. She carries the empty box all over the house. She likes the yarn that makes up the box handle. I’m sure we’ll get more use out of the puzzle pieces once she’s older.One thing I felt was misleading- there are not many “texture” pieces. The title of this product is “matching colors and textures”, but out of 20 pairs, only 4 have texture. For the child, though, this will not matter– it’s just that I expected there to be more (at least 10 out of 20) textures.

Francis Rolette, ND

my kids love puzzles

This has a little more pieces than I expected and the texture ones sometimes confuse my kids as they try and match the textures to the color pictures, but we sometimes just separate them beforehand so they don’t get confused. They love matching them up though and my younger daughter really gets great practice with her colors this way!

Alexandra Blue Mountain Lake, NY

My son loves it

My son is 20 months old and he loves the Infantino puzzles. We bought him 4 of diff types of puzzles since they were a very good price. He loves all.For this puzzle, he still doesnt put the colors together yet. Every kid is diffrent. My friend’s child of the same age can name the colors and put them together. My son however does match the texture puzzles in this set. Its amazing to me how he was able to find the furry, bumpy, scales, leathery ones together. He can also piece together the rainbow colors and the butterfly colors because they are more vivid, bright and colorfull. The solid pink, orange, green, blue, black, yellow etc is really not his ‘thing’ yet. But all in all its great. Maybe those solid colors are not interesting yet for him :)I see comments on how the textures puzzles are fewer than expected and I think its not so true. I believe I saw a crocodile, a fish, a lizard, a rabbit, a mouse and couple more. Thats a lot and its good enough for the prize.The quality itself is pretty sturdy. Lot for my kid to learn and its a fun activity to get down on the floor and play with kids. We have other kids over and they sit down and all group together. Execellent for playdates too. Kids are encouraged to play as a TEAM to put together things.All in all excellent purchase.

Eliza Tunbridge, VT