Infantino Ocean Teethers

Infantino Ocean Teethers

The Infantino Ocean Teethers are a 4 pack of water teethers to soothe tender gums with our easy to grab fun shapes. Refrigerate to provide baby with cool relief from teething pain.

Main features

  • Must have basic at a great value
  • Cool relief for tender gums
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


My grandson loves!!

I bought these because my grandson started to teeth at a young age and the bigger teethers seemed to be to big for him. These he can hold on his own and they fit well into his mouth. The only thing I don’t like is the hole isn’t very big so he has a hard time getting his hand in there to hold onto them. As I said he is young, only 3 months, so his fine motor skills aren’t that great yet.

Sarah Cement City, MI

My daughter loves it!

My 7 months old loves this teether. It is fun and easy to put into mouth. She also likes suck on it when frozen. All Infantino baby toys are PBA-free as well as PVC/pthalates-free, as stated on the company’s website (unlike Fisher Price and Bright Starts).

Kelli Wolcott, CO


I bought these teethers for our nonprofit. The animals are darling, just as pictured, good quality, colors were great, and they arrived timely. I felt the price was competitive. They are not really big, more medium sized, but fit perfectly for what we use them for. I would definitely recommend seller and product and I’ll be buying more of them.

Elda Dixon, CA

Our son’s favorite teethers

I discovered these at my son’s daycare one day. He’d been teething and refused to let go of the purple teether when it was time to leave. His teacher let us take it home and wash it to go back to daycare the next. I tried to give him the other small teethers we had in our freezer and he wouldn’t take them. For some reason he loves these above all others. So, I hunted for them, found them on Amazon, and purchased them. Within 2 days, he was back to biting on his favorite teethers. He loves the purple and orange ones, and will tolerate the others.

Brandi Greenfield, MO

Stays cold for like 1 second

I do not recommend as they do not stay cold for long enough. Baby gets over it after a few minutes and they are kind of small. Waste of money…

Lillian Loco Hills, NM

Just Ok

I bought these because my little guy loves his frozen teether keys we bought at Walmart and wanted to have a few options. These freeze nice and I love that he can hold onto them however they’re really thick and he has a hard time getting them into his mouth. Maybe when he’s a little older they’ll be good to go but for now they’re too big.

Nanette Succasunna, NJ

loved by our little one

Our little guy loves these. They are easy for him to hold himself and stay cold after being frozen just long enough for him to lose interest in them. We go through several of them throughout the day.

Claudia Fults, IL

Not soothing

These toys are extremely hard and do not allow comfort for my teething baby. There’s no give when you squeeze the toy. The plastic material is just really tough.

Danielle Platte City, MO

Okay teether

I think the main draw of these teethers is that they get cold. There isn’t anything notable to chew on. The cold doesn’t last very long though. They are pretty easy to clean and with four, its easy to always have one ready in the fridge.

Germaine Peru, KS

The best refrigerable infant teethers.

This is the best set of small teethers that we’ve yet encountered.They’re easy for even a young infant to hold and offer good teething surfaces (they can hold and/or chew on the protrusions). They don’t seem to hold the chill for very long after they come out of the refrigerator. But that’s okay, because the cold seems to be less important for teething relief than the shape of the teether. And these have good shapes.We have a whole bunch of this type of water-filled teether in the refrigerator, ready to go, for our eight-month-old. We did the same for our now-toddler when he was young. Please note that these teethers are best for front teeth. By the time your toddler is cutting molars, she’ll need a harder teether to get relief–and it’ll have the be shaped differently (with long “fingers”) than these so it can reach the back teeth.If you’re looking for other sets of easily-manipulated cool teethers, try the flower teether fromthisBright Starts set or any fromthis set. The favorite (unrefrigerated solid soft plastic) teether in my house, by far, is the Discovery ToysSuper Yummy Teether.Bottom line: The best basic set of cold teethers for an infant we’ve yet seen.

Kari Wilcox, PA

Cute but small

These teething rings are cute and colorful to look at but there are definitely better teething toys available. The rings are small and difficult for baby to get a good grip leading to either frustration or disinterest. Additionally, they don’t have varied surfaces–most babies like to have different textures to chomp into and these particular rings do not provide that. Again, they are cute, but not the best choice.

Jan Richland, WA

good texture, coould be bigger.

good product for a great price. They have different grips/ textures making it easy for baby to hold/teeth on. They are a little smaller then i would like so baby has to grip it in the right location or it ends up "holding" a little akward.

Dessie Harleyville, SC

Just the right size

My 3 month old can hold these in his hands an the extending pieces fit in his mouth. I think he’ll get more use out of them as he gets older. Simple and useful.

Meghan Richton, MS

Perfect for infants

I had bought different kinds of teethers. But most of them are too huge for my 4-month baby tiny hands to grab. This one, he can hold while biting it. He just enjoy them especially after storing these teethers in the refrigator.

Lindsey Greens Fork, IN

Great toy for little ones

Having the hole in the middle is very helpful for little hands. They grasp and turn the creatures until the surface they want to chew on is exposed. These have been a great success at our home.

Sierra Decatur, IA

They are fine..

Wish I could put them in the freezer to stay colder longer. Other than that they keep her happy for 5-10 mins and then she’s done with it. Not that great…

Margery Wauzeka, WI

Good size and stay chilled for a decent amount of time

these are great for sitting in the fridge, chillin’ out until my son needs them. He has one tooth so far, these have helped because they fit nicely in his mouth with the bumps and appendages. They stay chilled for about 15-20 minutes when in the fridge. When I am going to be away from the house I throw them in the freezer so when I grab them out they are melted but nice and cold when needed. He likes them so I have no complaints.

Alyssa Avon, IL

Dependent on age

I bought those when my son was 5 months old and he did not enjoy them and dropped all the time, so I hid them away. When I gave them to him at 6.5 months, he loves them can play with them for 10-15 minutes even when other toys are around and even has one in his stroller that he can hold and play with for the whole evening walk. I use them warm (just wash with water before use) or chill in the fridge overnight

Chandra Elkhorn, WV

Kids enjoy!

My twins are at a stage where they chew on everything. Some things really shouldn’t be in their mouths. I put one of these in their bed and keep one out during the day. They do not protest when I take something out of their mouth and replace it with one of these teethers. They do occasionally protest when I take the one in their beds away after bedtime/naps.

Vicki Ashland, NH

Sweet relief

I got these because I only had one frozen teether for my son, which wasn’t enough because it would melt/get warm fairly quickly. Having to wait for it to refreeze sometimes meant a very unhappy baby. Getting the 4 of these was great for the price. They are perfect for his little hands and he really seems to enjoy them. I can easily just toss the melted one back in the freezer & grab a new one. They freeze pretty quickly, being smaller than the one I started with which took too long.

Lilly Hammondsport, NY

Cute shapes!

Cute shapes and colors, with "sticky-out" parts to chew on! Slightly heaver than some teethers, so not for a newborn, but by 5-6 months definitely favorites!

Bertha Dickerson Run, PA

cute and easy to handle

These are cute, colorful, and easy for my 6 month old son to handle himself. He really likes gumming them. We gave them to him cold from the fridge at first, but he would throw a temper tantrum once they weren’t cold anymore. They work just as well at room temperature!

Cassandra Benton Ridge, OH

great product!

My son is three months old and already wanting to chew on everything he can grab onto. I bought these in hopes of him liking them. He loved them from the second I gave him one to chew on. His favorite is the turtle so the others are a bit lonely LOL.I would definitely recommend this product!!

Ana Occidental, CA